The Office: Junior Salesman, 9.13

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The Office: Junior Salesman

Writer: Carrie Kemper, Director: David Rogers

Summary (NBC): Dwight brings back old friends — David Wallace tasks Dwight with finding a new part time salesman to fill in for Jim. Dwight assembles a super-team of his cronies, starting with Mose. Pam tries to figure out who will be her new desk mate. Erin tries to find her birth parents with Pete’s help.

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The Office Junior Salesman rating

In a poll conducted January 31-February 4, 2013, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.20/10

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The Office Junior Salesman quotes

Meredith: Hey, Boom Guy, when are you going to boom me?

Dwight: Finally, I’ll have someone in my desk clump who gets me. It’s like, really, Jim? You don’t understand the difference between a slaugterhouse and a rendering plant? Uh, remind me to not lend you any dead cows or horses!

Clark: I went above and beyond. And under.

Clark: I thought this was an office. Not the Thunderdome.

Dwight: No longer a Pam Jim alliance against Dwight. Now it is Dwight and a friend axis against Pam.

Clark: I’ve been working here 12 weeks. That’s a full season of Homeland.

Clark: That’s like Roald Dahl.
Rolf: Go to hell.

Rolf: I hope you like Norwegian black metal. Because I don’t do ear buds.

Dwight: Trevor’s next, and he’s a real professional. You say jump, and he says, on who.

Jim: Do people like sitting next to you? You’re clean, right?
Clark: Dove Men.
Jim: Nice.

Jim: I need you to breathe in my face right now.

Dwight: I can’t hire Clark. He looks like a Schrute, but he thinks like a Halpert, and he acts like a Beesly.

Clark: I’d Kobayashi Maru it.
Dwight: Damn it. Perfect answer.

Stanley: This… is not natural.

Dwight: I’ve got big expectations, Mose-wise.

Babysitter Melvina: He was a passionate lover and the sweetest little baby!

Babysitter Melvina: You went to X-Men School, too?

Angela: I don’t want to sit next to any of those people for the next 20 years.

Pam: I’m in a position where I’m rooting for Nate. And that just feels wrong.

Pam: I have some pointy trees that I need to round off.

Cousin Zeke: It’s dense. Like bread.

Dwight: Nate is a proven entity, but not without his handicaps — hearing, vision, basic cognition.

Melvina: Do you need to be changed?
Dwight: I do that myself now.

Jim: if I’m not looking south, I’m not living.

Dwight: I guess I just have higher standards for my work colleagues than for my friends.

Jim: I knew it! You designed a uniform for Dunder Mifflin.
Dwight: Summer, winter, jungle, formal.

Clark: I’m sorry. You gotta be this cool for coffee.

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  1. Sounds amazing! Can’t wait to see Mose in the office!

    But seriously, when is Andy returning??? He may as well have left the show for good. This is getting ridiculous.

  2. I don’t know why but for some reason I thought for a second Karen might be coming back. But then I realized that wouldn’t make much sense.

  3. Speaking of old friends, I’d like to see Packer back on the show for once (or a couple of times). He’s not seen since he lost his job last year.

  4. Remember when David Brent asked if there were any jobs available in Dunder Mifflin in season 7? Hint hint? :P

  5. Wait is there two episodes airing on the 31 or is that an accident?

    [from tanster: no accident, they’re airing TWO new episodes of The Office on Jan 31!]

  6. Andy will be back, but I don’t mind that he’s been gone, and I love that they have barely mentioned the lack of manager for 2-3 months now. If this were last season, they would have used the “WHO’S OUR MANAGER WE HAVE TO FIND A MANAGER!?!?!” storyline that we’ve seen too many times before. We don’t need anymore of that. It’s been done.

  7. NBC and other tv news sources are listing different episodes at different times. Most show Vandalism and Andy’s Return the first two weeks in February and next week being one episode one-hour long. Do you get your info directly from the producers? That would make sense though since this is the unofficial official source of Office info :o)

    [from tanster: i get the episode info straight from nbc. it’s always subject to change, though!]

  8. One of the things I am looking forward to this episode is the tension between Trevor & Oscar, could we see round two?

  9. Cold open starts back up with where the show ended last week. Brian got in trouble, Pam calls him “a good friend” and apparently Brian has either a gf or wife named Alyssa. But the most AWESOME part is that Rolf is back! Yay more Rolf!

  10. I miss the days when everyone would chat or comment during the airing of the show. I guess I’m all alone now. This episode is so funny! Dwight’s friends are all psychotic, weird, and scary in a funny way.

  11. What happened to the Erin and Pete scenes? I am intensely disappointed that they didn’t include that storyline.

  12. Question: Why are they only mentioning Brian? I mean there’s clearly a whole crew. What about everyone else?

    And in the back of my head, I know that I only need to be patient. But–C’MON, it’s the last season. I’ve lost the concept of patience. I NEED to know where this is going…. I’ve needed to know where this was going a season and a half ago, when Steve left.

  13. Dwight: “Absolutely I do.” — best moment of the night for me. Also thought this was the better of the two episodes tonight.

    This is starting to feel like ‘The Pam Show’. Love her, but hoping the other characters can get more than one line in upcoming episodes.

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