1. Yes! I hope Dwight’s right because I called this months ago and this is so exciting!

    Plus, Jenna’s finally back from maternity leave, so yay! Glad to see Pam and the baby.

  2. Wow!! The baby is a Schrute!! I don’t know why but I didn’t see that coming. The Angela-Dwight story had cooled off and I kinda forgot about the whole thing! It’s a terrific twist plot though! And YAY Pam’s back! I missed her so much!
    The line “unless someone taught Mose sex” killed me!!

  3. “Look everyone, Angela’s back with her baby.”
    Pam’s back, creed is making jokes, and Dwight might have had a baby with Angela, this is going to be a good episode.

  4. Yay, we get to see Cece!
    Yay, Pam’s back
    Yay, we get to meet Philip. Might make up for ignoring his birth,
    Yay, Creed
    Geez, Angela’s “baby” is huge (and so not a newborn)

  5. Sorry to post again but wouldn’t it be funny to see Dwight mark the baby with a marker?

  6. Yes! I so called that when she first announced it! YAY! And Pam’s back! So excited for this next episode!

  7. Heh – Dwight’s supposition does not surprise me in the least. I always wondered if that was the case – after how judgmental Angela was about Pam’s first pregnancy, she herself wouldn’t be caught dead as a single mother. And for her to go off and marry the Senator instead is a nice little piece of spite/revenge that would be right up her alley. Will be interesting to see how this all plays out!

    Heehee – and poor Pam. Apparently second babies just don’t rate any fanfare… especially when they don’t have potentially scandal-tinged origins!

  8. Here is what I took from the clip:

    The baby is huge, much bigger than a normal newborn. Dwight would have huge children, he has spoken about it before.

    The baby was born about a month early. That leads me to think that she was lying about the due date so it would look like she got pregnant after she got married. If the math adds up, she would’ve gotten pregnant when she was still sleeping with Dwight using the punch cards.

    Wow, I need a life. But I am very excited to see what happens!

  9. “Unless somebody taught Mose sex…” – Brilliant line! I am so excited for this episode; Pam’s back, we get to see the baby, and of course, we hopefully get to see some Dwangela action. Thursday needs to come sooner this week!

  10. ” If the math adds up, she would’ve gotten pregnant when she was still sleeping with Dwight using the punch cards.”

    She stopped sleeping with Dwight and started dating the Senator (state senator) in November 2010. So the math doesn’t add up.

  11. based on the end of the Pool party episode and the promos of Jim discussing the jury duty case, I think he got a DUI and is actually on trial. Not sure if this has been discussed yet

  12. So, another dose of DumbJim for us? He couldn’t come up with a cover story before going back to work?

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