The Office: Last Day In Florida, 8.18

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The Office: Last Day In Florida

Writer: Robert Padnick, Director: Matt Sohn

Summary (NBC): After Robert California reveals that he hates Nellie’s business plan, Jim tries to save Dwight from being fired. Meanwhile, Andy learns that Erin isn’t coming back to Scranton. Guest stars: James Spader, Catherine Tate.

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In a poll conducted March 8-12, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.71/10

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The Office Last Day In Florida quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster :)

Andy: I have terrible news. Dwight is no longer with us.

Andy: He had a massive stroke of good fortune and he is now in a better place.

Dwight: Don’t touch my treasure.

Oscar: Oh god, I’m Wallace Shawn in The Princess Bride!

Dwight: A dart? Are you kidding me?

Dwight: Well, Mr. Ball, it’s been a pleasure. Now give my regards to hell!

Nellie: Well swung, my VIP V.P.!

Nellie: We are a regular Archibald and his man George.

Nellie: I just made you look like the goat of Dover.

Dwight: You think you’re excited? You should feel my nipples.

Jim: What’s the word? It’s not bittersweet. It’s, uh… sweet.

Andy: Would if I could, and I can, so I will.

Toby: This is the only place I interact with people. Can’t you sell at your church or barbershop? Or chess club?

Darryl: Not a thin man, mind you. Relatively thin.

Erin: Hey, Lucy, I’m home! Babaloo!

Erin: Really good cheese samples. I had, like, a hundred.

Erin: Honestly, I don’t know how she survived without me.

Irene: When can I introduce you to my grandson? He’s a wonderful swimmer. Shallow end, deep end, he does it all.

Irene: What kind of tea is this?
Erin: Oh, I boiled some Gatorade.

Nellie: In England, they put the holes a little bit to the right, you see.

Kevin: Oh, the springtime thinks that it’s the best, and fall time thinks that it’s the best, cold time has kind of a strut, and Valentine’s thinks that it’s the best. But gather around, peeps I’ll tell you the truth, nothing beats the cookie season, that’s the truth!

Darryl: It’s not a scratch and sniff, Kev.

Darryl: You’re new to the game. You learned a lesson today.

Kevin: I actually do want you to fight over me. I want to be wined and dined and sixty-nined. Metaphorically sixty-nined. Perverts. No offense, Oscar.

Jim: Well, he’s Florida’s problem now.

Robert: The Sabre store would work if we adopted the carnival model of leaving town once everyone’s wise to us.

Gabe: I’m not just saying this. That was the best thing I’ve ever seen.

Dwight: What? Your stylist ran out of messy spray?

Packer: Hey, Halpert, anyone ever tell you you look like Wooly Willie?

Dwight: You look like the world’s tallest hobbit.

Irene: You don’t “make a video chat,” you “video chat.”

Pam: Did you actually try your hardest?
Jim: Yes. My pretty hardest.

Jim: It’s like he’s been bitten by a radioactive Dwight or something.

Jim: Stanley’s very upset that we’re leaving Florida, but he would back me up.

Darryl : You can’t trust him to understand the wants and needs of the thick man.

Darryl: Baby, if you’re watching this, you’re not chubby, you’re beautiful. Daddy’s just got to sell some cookies.

Meredith: Make them kiss me!

Andy: I want you looking totally puertorriqueña when I see you.

Kevin: Toby has that indescribable quality that makes a star.

Dwight: I keep throwing you away, you keep flying back. You’re like an Amish return stick.

Dwight: It’s going to take you a long time to get through security with all those beauty products.

Packer: Put me in, babe. I’ve got the info down backwards, forwards, and doggy-style. I’m your man.

Ryan: Thought you checked my Tumblr.
Andy: You never update it.
Ryan: Well, I updated it.

Dwight: I’m going to just have to run right through you.

Jim: Are you really revving up? You know that doesn’t work.

Dwight: Jackie Chan!

Darryl : Kevin can’t come to the phone right now, because he’s busy… with us.

Kevin: Who do I ride to the kitchen like a pony?

Toby: Don’t make me be your pony, Kevin.

Toby: I refuse to be another man’s horsey.

Dwight: Thunderslam!

Nellie: Fire the employee, yes. But not the man.

Packer: I can’t get fired. I’m an institution.

Andy: I’m going to Florida to get Erin.

Andy: Forgot to turn off my email.

Andy: “You’re about to close four tabs. Are you sure you want to continue?” Yes. I am sure. Ah… slow computer!

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  1. The VP will go to someone unexpected, much like the show has done to us for years. Maybe Ryan? Then he and Erin COULD stay in Florida realistically. Hopefully Dwight doesn’t get in trouble and it would be nice to see Jim and Dwight try to frame him..the last 6 or 7 episodes were much better than the slow start the show got off to..

  2. Sounds good, except for Robert California being back. Hopefully they keep him to a minimum. Maybe they will look at the reaction the past few episodes have gotten and take the hint that they don’t need him. The Jim/Dwight Dynamic has been awesome recently. The show should focus on that.

  3. I always love the Dwight/Jim frienemy episodes! This should be good, especially since the entire storyline so far has been ace.

  4. Yay…Robert is back! I have loved the last couple shows, but I missed RC’s weirdness. My favorite episodes were the four before the Tallahassee arc, but I have loved them all since December.

  5. I’d really hate to see Andy being sad after learning Erin is not coming back to Scranton anymore; if that happens, I’m gonna kill myself (in a joke, really).

  6. just saw a promo for this episode
    looks hilarious!! lots of physical comedy, and Jim/Dwight moments, always a sure sign of a win (:

  7. Phenomenal end to a phenomenal story arc. I loved Jim and Dwight throughout the entire Tallahassee storyline, and they wrapped it up perfectly. Also, the ending was really unexpected. Didn’t think we’d see Andy going down to Florida. I figured Erin would come back on her own after being fired by the old lady or something like that.

  8. Great episode. Dwight and Jim fighting was awesome. Also for some reason on Global they cut the last 30 seconds of the episode, Jim and Pam make out for the first time in over a year and Andy decides to go to Florida to get Erin.

  9. This was a good episode. The cookie story made me laugh because at work I had two people arguing over which of them I would buy cookies from! I’m glad they limited Robert and I laughed quite a bit. I LOVED the ending with Andy trying to close his computer. LOL

  10. I can get why Ryan didn’t want to tell Andy that Erin was staying in Florida, but seriously, ouch.

    Lots of hilarity tonight!

  11. Enjoyed it, good riddance Packer… Nellie is an idiot. RC makes an excellent business decision. I enjoy how he confides in Jim, hopefully to save Dwight.

  12. @Nick

    Well we don’t see Cathy leave with Dwight, Jim, and Stanley. And we don’t see her enter the Scranton office either.

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