The Office: Lecture Circuit, Pt. 2, 5.17

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The Office Lecture Circuit

Writer: Mindy Kaling, Director: Ken Kwapis

Summary (NBC): Michael and Pam continue their tour of the branches with Michael taking a lesson from their visit to Utica. Dwight and Jim struggle to fulfill their new party planning duties with a grumpy staff. Second of two parts.

The Office Lecture Circuit Part 2 rating

In a poll conducted Feb. 12-16, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.14/10

The Office Lecture Circuit Part 2 quotes

Kevin: I didn’t eat lunch. I didn’t eat all my lunch.

Angela: This company still doesn’t recognize cat maternity.

Meredith: I had my second kid just for the vacation.

Dwight: Juvie … nile. Detention center.

Dwight: If she’s old enough to get married, she’s old enough to follow the law.

Kelly: Like Thelma and Louise, but with, like, a boat.

Jim: How do you hate it? It’s a cake.

Jim: Birthday.
Dwight: Frosting.
Kelly: Those aren’t themes. There’s always a theme.
Phyllis: There’s always a theme.

Kevin: That one ugly cat is humping Princess Lady!

Meredith: Yeah, I know fixed; that ain’t fixed.

Michael: Good morning, Viet … Nashua!

Pam: Sales is like a box of chocolates. You never know which vendor you’re gonna get.

Kevin: I was looking at pictures of food on my computer.

Oscar: The psychological issues that go behind licking a cat are not things I want to go into. Also I’m pretty sure she coughed up a hairball.

Michael: I stole a sleeve of her sweater.

Pam: What? I’m not in love with her.

Jim: I’m not writing “horse hunt.”

Jim: So far, our ideal party consists of beer, fights to the death, cupcakes, blood pudding, blood, touch football, mating, charades, and yes, horse hunting.

Jim: Okay, stop. Forever stop that story. That’s disgusting, and it doesn’t count.

Dwight: You know what’s even cooler than triceratops? Every other dinosaur that ever existed.

Kelly: You don’t hear a theme. You see it. Why is there a chiclet on my cake?

Creed: Bonnie Hunt is on.

Dwight: We’re going to be eating cake at our desks. Let’s go.

Kelly: I’m too excited to sleep.

Michael: We should go apologize to Roy or something.

Michael: Too fat. Big fat fatty.

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