The Office: Livin’ the Dream, 9.21

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The Office: Livin' the Dream

Writer: Niki Schwartz-Wright, Director: Jeffrey Blitz

Summary (NBC): Andy decides to pursue his dream — Andy tries to work up the nerve to quit his job and pursue his dreams of stardom. Dwight finally receives his karate black belt from his new sensei (Michael Imperioli) and has his best day ever at work. Jim returns to Scranton to spend more quality time with Pam. Guest star: Michael Imperioli. One-hour long, starting 8:30/7:30c.

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In a poll conducted May 2-5, 2013, Tallyheads rated this episode: 9.07/10

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The Office Livin’ the Dream quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster :)

Andy: Which tie makes me look like a guy who likes sofas?

Andy: Thin sliced tuna. Carpaccio. Go on.

Andy: Half the time, I don’t know if I’m wearing my stage makeup or my work makeup.

Jim: Go all in for what’s most important. That’s my new thing.

Angela: She’s this uptight, judgmental shrew. You know the type.
Kevin: I’ve never met anyone like that.

Angela: Without my cats, I am utterly and completely alone.

Dwight: There are four new deadly weapons in this office. Basher! Thrasher! Crasher! And…
Jim: Smasher!
Dwight: Smasher? No, where did you get that? Fireball!

Andy: David Walrus! In his native habitat.

David: At a certain point, the ice gets too thin. And you fall through. And that is when you get fired.

Andy: I am pursuing fame of any kind.

Creed: Andy, no, definitely not. Charisma black hole.

Clark: Are you trying to get a second second job here?

Clark: But be careful, it is very easy to get lost in Pete’s beautiful dead eyes.

Phyllis: There’s just something there you don’t want to look at.

Pete: I’m sure you and I will have our own thing.

Jim: You don’t watch baseball. I keep forgetting that.

Darryl: You’re meant for a job with lots and lots of slack.

Andy: Right back atcha, Darryl.

Stanley: What happened to the generation that knew you shut up, did your work, and died quietly from a heart attack.

Angela: He would strap me to his chest, in a Baby Bjorn made for fat children, and do lunges across the farm. I felt like I was flying.

Billy: I got to hand it to him, he’s one of the most tenacious and determined men I’ve ever met.

Jim: You’re going to want to invest in a lot more liability insurance.

Jim: If there’s someone who loves paper more than Dwight, I definitely don’t want to meet that person.

Kevin: Our question is… seems dumb.

Nellie: What if you were to stay here and… full-ass it?

Kevin: You’re too charactery to be a lead, and you’re not fat enough to be a great character actor.

Erin: Andy, honestly, I think you might become homeless. Or maybe even starve.

Dwight: I will never, ever let you down.

Meredith: I don’t want to see you in a porn next year.

Dwight: You might be a bullpen kid. Give it a couple of years. Scram!

Jim: Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely here for Pam. But this is an awesome added bonus.

Andy: Huge dick move. But very effective. I need to be that same kind of dick to myself.

Angela: You have so many hairs on your chin, Animal Control should have taken you away!

Angela: Don’t let pride ruin your whole life. It’s not worth it.

Andy: Lorelai and I would like to say goodbye. The only way we know how.

Oscar: I thought you found nature vulgar.

Dwight: It really is amazing how your life can change in one day.

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  1. Seems like an overall positive episode! I assume that with this being focused on Andy, Dwight, Jim and Pam, some of the stories of the more minor characters will be wrapped up?

  2. I teared up while reading this!:) seems like such a nice episode. But I then realised, Jim spending a bit more time with Pam isn’t going to solve the ‘Philly/Scranton’ issue…

  3. This isn’t always a good move..even though we all want Jim/Pam to end happily ever after I’m sad to think that Jim wouldn’t follow his dreams…and even worse that Pam wouldn’t encourage him to do so!!!

  4. I agree with Anna – I want Jim and Pam’s storyline to end happily also, but it is very sad to think that Jim may not follow his dream. Let’s hope that, once he’s back in Scranton, Pam realizes that it may not be the best move for him and it may be time that she looks at her own insecurities and realizes this. Like people have said previously, Jim gave up a good job in New York to be with Pam, plus he encouraged her to go to New York to follow her dream of becoming an artist. Only fair that she allow Jim to do the same. And, it bothers me that, at least right now, she doesn’t seem to even remember it.

  5. This doesn’t say that Jim moves back to Scranton, or gives up his job at Athlead. He returns to Scranton to spend more quality time with Pam. Quality not quantity. He could be working full-time at Athlead, and only comes home to help with CeCe & Philip on the weekends. He may take a work day off, and return to Scranton to spend that day just with Pam – alone time, no kids. But, it’s just a guess.

  6. But how does Brian fit into all of this? He clearly has feelings for Pam… surely they’re going to use that in one of these episodes? Hmm.
    But I could totally see it playing out that Pam sees how bored Jim is at work in Scranton, and how much he is missing his new job, and she changes her mind. (which is good!) But I do kind of want a bit of Brian drama. :P

  7. So Andy quits to pursue his dreams and Dwight finally gets the manager job? That’s a happy ending for both of them.

  8. @9
    I don’t think we will see Brian again, I think Pam storming out on him showed that she wants nothing to do with him.

  9. Yay, go Jim!! (: I hope they can figure out a compromise so that Jim can be happy at work and be with Pam (and she’s happy too). Maybe this is the first step towards that.

    The thing is, Jim is a family man at heart. He has never been a business-y workaholic type. While I want him to be happy with his job and achieve his potential, I still think his family is going to be the most important thing for him, always. I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

  10. I’d wish Andy not to quit his job as manager whilst he’s pursuing his dream as an actor. Dwight doesn’t deserve to run the office if Andy leaves. And Jim and Pam find it so hard to remain together when he still works part-time in Philly.

  11. I’m hoping that Dwight doesn’t become manager. I mean. They’ve proven to us TWICE that he is not fit to become a branch manager. I’m rooting for Stanley. He’s been with the company for years and he’s mentioned many times on the show that he wants the position.

  12. Well, we all know what Dwight’s best day of work will be. That’s an obvious hint at Andy quitting his job and Dwight becoming manager.

  13. Considering how many times they reminded us about Dwight never realizing his dream of becoming manager in the last episode, I think we’re heading towards Dwight as manager in the end.

    Perhaps he’ll finally kinda change his ways.

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