The Office: Local Ad, 4.09

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The Office

Writer: B.J. Novak, Director: Jason Reitman

Summary (NBC): When the Scranton branch is asked to participate in a Dunder Mifflin ad, Michael seizes his chance to exhibit his creativity. Dwight explores the online world of Second Life.

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The Office Local Ad quotes

Andy: Break me off a piece of that applesauce. Chrysler car. Football cream.

Michael: Even the receptionist is getting in on the creativity.

Michael: I would like you to meet Andrew Bernard. The Nard Dog. Who let the Nard Dog out.

Michael: Phyllis is like our Mrs. Butterworth. Kind of a less urban Aunt Jemima.

Michael: These are our accountants. And as you can see, they are very different sizes.

Jim: I think it’s great that the company’s making a commercial. Because not very many people have heard of us. I mean, when I tell people that I work at Dunder Mifflin, they think that we sell mufflers. Or muffins. Or mittens, or … and frankly, all of those sound better than paper, so … I let it slide.

Dwight: Second Life is not a game. It is a multi-user, virtual environment. It doesn’t have points or scores, it doesn’t have winners or losers.
Jim: Oh it has losers.

Dwight: I signed up for Second Life about a year ago. Back then, my life was so great, that I literally wanted a second one.

Dwight: Absolutely everything was the same. Except I could fly.

Michael: Actually, I don’t get paid by the hour anymore, but thank you. I get paid by the year.

Dwight: “Angela” can stay the same, but we’ll change “Andy” to “Dwight.”

Ryan: I told you not to call about small problems.

Ryan: Maybe you can cook, but that doesn’t mean you should start a restaurant.
Michael: Well actually I can’t cook, and I am starting a restaurant. Mike’s Cereal Shack.

Michael: I was five. Five years old. Couldn’t even talk yet.

Michael: How about never hundred hours, sir.

Michael: Ryan is being a little bitch again.

Michael: And thus, Michael Scott sealed his own destiny. In a good way.

Kevin: My nickname in high school used to be Kool-Aid Man.

Oscar: When I was younger, I always wanted to be an actor in commercials. Then I realized I had a brain.

Meredith: I’m excited about doing the ad, but I’m not really used to doing videos with so many people around.

Michael: Oscar, I would like you to do costume design, obviously.

Michael: This would be a huge coop, people.

Angela: I find the mystery genre disgusting. I hate being titillated.

Michael: You need to learn a lot about your own culture. I’ll make you a mix.

Michael: I don’t hate it. I just don’t like it at all.

Andy: Break me off a piece of that lumber tar. Snickers bar.

Andy: Break me off a piece of that Grey Poupon.

Meredith: Piss or get off the pot!

Pam: I passed out on my keyboard trying to decide.

Dwight: Oh … D.

Michael: Welcome, one and all, to the world premiere of Corporate Crapfest! 07!

Michael: Dunder Mifflin. Limitless paper in a paperless world.

Bartender: Hey listen, have you ever been on a motorcycle?

Michael: Advertising is about big ideas. If you want to sell a can of Coke, you don’t just show a can of damn Coke. You show a baby picking flowers on the moon. And then people are like, woah, I’m thirsty. You know? It’s not rocket science.

Andy: Claude Van Damme. Hair for Men. Poison gas. Nutrasweet. It’s got to rhyme with “piece.” Fancy Feast! Break me off a piece of that Fancy Feast! It’s the cat food. Nailed it.

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