The Office: Mafia, 6.06

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The Office

Writer: Brent Forrester, Director: Dave Rogers

Summary (NBC): Michael meets with an insurance salesman that visits the office and is later convinced by Dwight and Andy that he is part of the mafia. Erin accidentally ruins Pam’s painting.

The Office Mafia rating

In a poll conducted October 15-19, Tallyheads rated this episode: 6.67/10

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The Office Mafia quotes

Meredith: I caught my son taking a dump on the upper part of the toilet. He calls it an upper-decker.

Michael: What you people don’t know about business, I could fill a book with.

Michael: Over one billion sold. More than the Bible. I’m not surprised.

Michael: Do you know how creative space works?

Michael: Push “free play” til tomorrow morning.

Michael: Come in the conference room and I will show you a finished sausage.

Michael: It’s like a great basketball player having to listen to a bad basketball player.

Kevin: I started borrowing his office to fart in.

Dwight: I knew it. More trunk space. Or should I say, corpse space.

Oscar: Hey guys, I drive a SUV, does that mean I’m in the mob?

Michael: He did talk about a fire in the warehouse. And he also vaguely threatened me with testicular cancer.

Oscar: There’s not the usual balance between sane and others.

Oscar: The coalition for reason is extremely weak.

Oscar: What mobster would change his name from Gotti to Grotti?

Dwight: “R” is among the most menacing of sounds. That’s why they call it murder, not muckduck.

Michael: Too many different words coming at me from too many different sentences.

Dwight: Criminals are like raccoons. You give them a taste of cat food, pretty soon they’ll be back for the whole cat.

Andy: My plan is out. We do it the hard way.

Andy: So I’m a mechanic with a tire thing.

Dwight: Nothing behind the toilet except this roach motel.

Dwight: You’ll never kill it that way. You want to separate the head from the thorax.

Kevin: I think that we should let the criminals use the card a little longer.

Grotti: If the sauce does not come on the side, I will send it back.

Michael: I will have the gabba-gool.

Michael: If the salad is on top, I send it back.

Kevin: I wouldn’t last in jail, Oscar. I’m not like you.

Kevin: Oh, you don’t know about jail? Oh you would LOVE jail.

Kid: He seems bad at this.

Andy: You got a leaky spark tube. So your car’s totaled.

Grotti: These guys gonna take care of your things if you die tomorrow?
Dwight: Yes.

Michael: It’s just the cost of a cup of coffee an hour.

Andy: You were man enough to back down, Michael. I’m proud of you.

Dwight: Do you know what “snap decision” means?

Jim: How did you get this number? Michael, we’re on a catamaran.

Michael: I think I’m in trouble with the mob. Or a major insurance carrier.

Jim: Just a—, and then you’ll be saved. I, wh–, Bermuda Triangle. I, ma—, please don’t call again.

Michael: What about this cash for clunkers thing?

Dwight: We have let Michael down. And it’s 85% your fault.

Dwight: Not the living in fear. That’s new.

Andy: Are you saying that we surgically remove the fear center from Michael’s brain?

Michael: I wish the Mafia would go out and kill all the liars. And bury them in my yard.

Andy: Next time you look in the mirror, you’re going to be looking at a guy who stood down the Mafia.

Andy: You made the Mafia be polite!

Michael: And you can tell all your friends, that if I see them, then they are already dead.

Erin: How do you return coffee?

Kevin: Just tell Jim … that I said hi.

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  1. I have to say, I wasn’t too happy with this episode. It was all JUST the mafia storyline. Kevin’s story had potential but it was pretty week. Plus we only saw a few of the cast…where was Kelly and Angela?

    The only two things that I liked were Jim pretending to break up on the phone with Michael and Oscar’s early talking head…hence my new name, formerly vending machine fruit.

    Still love the Office but this was a big let down for me. Hopefully next week is better.

  2. My favorite episode of the season so far. I absolutely LOVED that. SO many great lines, and lots of characters! Though where was Kelly?

  3. Pretty good episode, but it felt weird with Jim and Pam gone. What happened to Erin ruining Pam’s painting? That was gone and instead Kevin accidentally cancelled Jim’s credit card while he was on his honeymoon! (Not that I’m complaining, since I like Pam’s paintings, but I was really confused)

  4. I really enjoyed this episode. It was a little broad, but still funny. I’m disappointed that Erin’s storyline got cut.

  5. “You don’t know about jail? You would love jail!”

    The best line!

    Any body else notice Erin didn’t ruin any painting?

  6. Someone please answer these questions for me!

    1) Why were Pam and Jim in Puerto Rico and not in Niagara? They got the Honeymoon Suite in Niagara.

    2) WHY DIDN’T ERIN RUIN PAM’S PAINTING? That was the main thing I was looking forward to. Which sounds bad…but I want Pam/Erin interaction! That was on the official NBC summary. How does something like that get cut?

    Overall, I liked this episode. It was pretty funny. Murder/Muckduck? HILARIOUS! I rate it 8 of 10! (:

  7. yeah, kind of a letdown for me too. jim “breaking up” on the phone was funny. and i guess erin ruining pam’s painting is going to be a deleted scene? which painting was it? the office painting?

    but the best line: “that’s why they call it ‘murder’, not ‘muckduck’.” HA! i wonder who came up with that.

  8. Wait- my last comment sounded awful. I absolutely LOVE Pam! And her paintings! But ever since she came back as a salesman from MSPC I’ve wanted old receptionist/new receptionist interaction, you know?

  9. Jim and Pam go on their honeymoon and chaos ensues. I enjoyed Oscar calling Jim and Pam the coalition of reason. I enjoyed this episode but I think the office gets a little too crazy without the Halperts around. Kevin was awesome in this episode. I’m glad to see he’s getting more screen time.

  10. My DVR synopsis is even more off. The episode description reads “Meanwhile, secretary Ellie has a brush with notoriety: she unwittingly destroys Pam’s painting.” First of all, it’s Erin, not Ellie, and I never saw Erin/Ellie destroy a painting. I know it’s nitpicky but still, I feel a little cheated. Again, a very weak episode, possibly my least favorite ever. I might have to go watch “Drug Testing” to feel better.

  11. “Erin accidentally ruins Pam’s painting.”
    Ummmm, did I somehow miss this part or was it really not there? I seriously don’t remember this happening at all. In fact, the only parts with Erin that I remember are the cold open and when she left to get Michael coffee. Am I just crazy or did other people notice this too?

  12. Oh yeah, what about the painting? And where was the Andy/Oscar action? I don’t think 20 minutes is long enough for this show.

  13. @Faith (13) – a lot of newlyweds spend the first night of their honeymoon in the hotel where they got married (or near wherever they got married) and then go to their honeymoon. my parents had their honeymoon in hawaii, but spent the first night in the honeymoon suite in san francisco, near where they got married.

  14. I love Kevin’s involvement in the episode!

    I really enjoyed it, but I felt it was missing something. Oh yeah, I didn’t see any paintings getting ruined! Poor Erin.

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