The Office makes initial Emmy cut?

The Gold Derby folks have been working, what seems to be around the clock, in deducing the lists of potential Emmy finalists based on “insider information” during the judging panels.

According to these lists, The Office for Best Comedy Series and Steve Carell for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy both made the initial cut.

I waded through 40-plus pages of the thread to see if The Office was mentioned by name, and it was, by Emmy voter (and insider) “EA”:

Weeds was the show that seemed like it was in a whole different league than the rest. The crowd loved it. Two and a Half Men was received very well. The Office had people laughing a bit, but it still seemed to underachieve. Scrubs had little reaction, it did not go over well in my screening. It felt very flat. As for Will & Grace, well enough said. The audience hated it.

The thing about the voting in the comedy series was, the first show we saw was The Office (ed: Booze Cruise was the episode shown), I gave it a very high rating. Then they played Scrubs and it felt not as good as The Office. We weren’t supposed to compare the shows, but that is hard not to do. The first episode played at every screening seems to set a bar.

Here is the potential list of Emmy finalists.

Remember that the official Emmy nominations will be announced this coming Thursday, July 6th, at 5:30am PT!