1. This is so great! Especially how the music key always seemed to match–did they write the accompaniments themselves?? Wow.

  2. The editing of this video is outstanding! I love when Andy sings “Drift Away,” and he is shown in his sumo suit on “Lake Scranton,” oddly enough, drifting away.

  3. I am constantly amazed at the talent and creativity of Office fans. This is utterly perfect – I couldn’t stop giggling!

  4. That was amazing! I loved it. Someone needs to come up with MP3 versions of this (or N3P…) so I can smile while listening to it and people can stare and wonder why.

  5. Awesome video! I’m been thinking for a while now that NBC needs to create a soundtrack for The Office. You don’t even realize how many songs are incorporated into each episode until you see a musical montage like this. Pure brillance.

  6. Very good video. I agree that you don’t think about how many songs are in all of these episodes.

    I’m not sure why but this video also made me realize that I feel like I know every single one of these characters. Writers/actors do a great job at making that possible. I know nothing to do with this music and video…just felt I had to share.

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