NBC Primetime Preview videos!

Why wait until September 2nd to watch NBC’s Primetime Preview, hosted by The Office, when you can watch it right now?

Just another wacky day at Dunder Mifflin. (Oh yeah, and new NBC shows.)

Update: Here’s an Office-only video compilation, courtesy of VietNamSounds over at the NBC Boards.


  1. hmm…
    are those taking from episodes or are they taped specially for this?

    but they were pretty funny

  2. Yay thank you for those. Are they clips from season 3? In the second one, Jim calls Pam “Beesley”…?! Can anyone tell if she was still wearing a ring? Pam doesn’t seem like the type that would keep her last name.

  3. Some funny stuff, nothing amazing. Maybe the standard is set so high now. Didn’t Michael do a Rob Schneider impersonation last season too? I also think the actors all look a little bit better…more makeup, better hair…not sure it this is just for the promo or a sign of things to come. Let’s hope they stay as drab looking as ever.

  4. Cool! These were great. Better than the webisodes (which I am not dissing…I appreciate anything new from the Office to get us through the long somber summer.) “Prepare to be wowed”, says Jim. I am so ready for September.

  5. Yeah, i agree w/ tanster that these look like the were filmed specifically for the preview show. And yes, they all looked better. Uh, Jim? Nice. And the saltine cracker bit? Loved it! So cute!

  6. Those were really cute. If only they didn’t interrupt it with those pesky OTHER shows in between.

  7. I’m a mac user and the videos are totally not working. Can anyone tell me what plug-in/ player I need to download? It’s very frustrating!

    Thanks! I *love* the site!

  8. To Courtney. I also have a mac and I use Flip4Mac, which you can get at http://www.flip4mac.com/ I think then you have to go to system prefs to activate it to play when wmv files are being played. Then you have to restart your browser. The clips are loading slowly for me, but I am getting them. Sorry, it was a long time since I got the program. I hope that helped.

  9. Thank you for posting these clips for us, Jennie! I (we) appreciate it. I loved seeing the main cast members again in something other than reruns. :-)

  10. I love it! It’s almost like having a new episode. Almost. Dwight may be my favorite person ever, “Dogs are for companionship–and meat.”

  11. garbagethrower: I wondered the exact same thing! ;)

    Neil: THANK YOU for saying that! I knew I had heard or read about the 911 thing somewhere else, but I couldn’t remember where, and it was driving me crazy …

  12. Me too (knew I’d heard/read it before) – thanks, Neil.

    And I know a lot of cast members are into this site and NA, but haven’t heard about the writers…it’s awesome to think that some of our ideas might end up in episodes.

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