The Office: New Leads, 6.20

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The Office New Leads

Writer: Brent Forrester, Director: Brent Forrester

Summary (NBC): When the sales staff lets Sabre’s new “sales is king” policy get to their heads, Michael hides their new, prized leads. Guest star: Zach Woods.

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In a poll conducted March 18-22, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.29/10

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The Office New Leads quotes

Michael: Screw you, Halpert.

Jim: M Night Shulman?

Michael: The Lost and Found has gone missing. It itself is lost. So please try not to lose anything until we find it.

Andy: Well then no Andy Bernard, per se.

Dwight: You couldn’t handle my undivided attention.

Michael: The way this place used to work was, make friends first, make sales second, make love third, in no particular order.

Dwight: All of my numbers. All six of my numbers. Okay? Including the car phone! Alright, Dwight out!

Dwight: Oh, you say Jesus is king of kings? Well, what does that say to you about how I think of myself?

Angela: I’ve emailed you four times asking you to come to my desk.

Michael: Stop sexting Pam.

Michael: The sales department smashed my sandwich?
Darryl: Yes. All of them. Together. It’s a conspiracy.

Darryl: You need to get back on top.
Michael: That’s what she said.

Phyllis: Hand them over, numnuts.

Michael: I am sick of your uppity attitude, Jim.

Gabe: Michael, I don’t want to incentivize murder.

Michael: Because today we are all kings … and queens.

Michael: A father needs to respect his boss, and kids don’t respect the father who doesn’t respect the boss.

Jim: This one’s a map.
Michael: Or is it?

Angela: Fill them out. All of them. And when you’re done, you can watch me shred them.

Pam: Nothing but vomit and diapers over here.

Jim: Having a baby is as exhausting as they say it is. Having two babies … that’s just unfair.

Pam: He means “his mopey place.” It’s under that streetlamp that he thinks was in Casablanca.

Michael: Today I turned an office crisis into a teachable moment.

Dwight: The prankster is getting pranked, haha!

Michael: If you want to find your leads, go to the man who never breeds.

Dwight: Alright Meredith, take off your dress.
Meredith: Okey dokey.

Toby: If we don’t patronize the only Syrian restaurant in town, there’ll be nothing left but pan pizzas and, you know, make your own salads.

Kevin: Tonight is Ghost Whisperer, so Friday.

Toby: Does it have to be pizza? Can it be a falafel?

Michael: You were all successories.

Dwight: I’ll go, Michael. ‘Cause you’ll just screw it up.

Dwight: This place has gone to hell.

Michael: Sometimes the acorn just stays an acorn.

Kelly: You know maybe if the salesmen weren’t acting like such a bunch of stuck-up losers, this day wouldn’t be so bad. Did you ever think of that?

Kelly: Don’t use your cute baby to make us like you.

Jim: She’s wearing a onesie.

Phyllis: A lot of their work can be done from India.

Dwight: Hey, there is nothing I can do about my wide-set eyes.

Dwight: I hitched my wagon to a horse with no legs.

Dwight: Stop it! That’s my spool!

Phyllis: If they don’t have an iPod by now, they really don’t want one.

Andy: Erin just texted me back. “People love shells from far away beaches.”

Dwight: No other animal on Earth could do this. Maybe beavers. But not like this.

Phyllis: They’ve accepted our simple offer of treats only. Nothing more.

Dwight: Purple much?

Dwight: Hope … grows.
Michael: In a dump.

Andy: You’re the nicest person I’ve ever met. Riddit-dit-di-doo.

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