The Office: Night Out, 4.15

Thursday, April 24th, 2008 | 417 comments


The Office

W: Mindy Kaling, D: Ken Whittingham

Summary (NBC): Michael and Dwight decide to surprise Ryan in New York for a night of clubbing and meet his friends. Meanwhile, the Scranton branch is upset when they find out they have to come in on a Saturday for Ryan’s website project. Jim’s plan to save them has unexpected results.

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Favorite quotes

Dwight: You got a ton of dandruff.

Jim: But, best case scenario, you thought it was a quarter.

Pam: No, Dwight, not the good peanut butter, people are going to get mad!

Michael: Keep massaging, please.

Michael: They just lack a certain … Crawfordness.

Ryan: I can tell you’ve thought about this a lot. I appreciate that.

Ryan: Watch your back, Jim. I’m just kidding.

Ryan: This is a temporary measure to increase the legitimacy of the site.

Ryan: I hear you, Stanley. That is a great observation.

Jim: And then an older gentleman asks you, “boxers or briefs?”

Kelly: If I had created a website with this many problems, I’d kill myself.

Kelly: Yeah, I have a lot of questions. Number one: how dare you.

Michael: I am not applauding sarcastically.

Michael: Oh Ryan, I need a girlfriend so bad.

Ryan: Stay real, Scranton, all right? Peace.

Michael: Would you have sex with Meredith?

Michael: That’s still going on?

Michael: We’re going to New York to party with Ryan and to meet girls.

Andy: Old ball and chain’s been a lot more chain than ball lately, if you know what I’m saying.

Michael: I am going … to go get laid.
Dwight: With sex!

Jim: This is a group that respects good ideas. The one time a year they hear one.

Michael: This place is packed. Packed with beautiful babies.

Dwight: These women look like white slaves.

Ryan: When you think about it, Cabo’s really the third world.

Stanley: If I’m not in my bath with a glass of red wine in one hour, you’re both dead.

Dwight: If I’m dead, you guys have been dead for weeks.

Dwight: You resemble a Tolkien character.

Michael: I would like some chicken fingers and a Midori sour.

Dwight: Do you live in a regular-sized house?

Creed: Hank. His name is Hank.

Ryan: Weevils! What a crazy word, man.

Dwight: Do you have powers?

Andy: By a show of hands, who thinks we’re a better couple than Jim and Pam?

Michael: This place is like a sexy preschool.

Dwight: Don’t step on him.

Michael: I am a bank teller.

Michael: I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I think I want her to meet my mom.

Hank: Stop calling me so I can put on my damn socks.

Michael: One of my friends is getting beat up by some girls.

Toby: I am moving to Costa Rica.

Toby: I’m just going to hop the fence and jog home then.

Ryan: Why wouldn’t they let me dance?

Troy: Do not take him to a hospital!

Michael: Ryan, we’re going to take your clothes off.

Dwight: I think his species might have a higher tolerance than ours.

Michael: Been watching The Wire recently. I don’t understand a word of it.

Ryan: You can leave the light on if you want, but please stop talking, okay?

Michael: It’s not about the horniness, it’s about the loneliness.

Michael: I say … let’s hear it for the boys.



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  1. 417. lexi  

    I loved the cold open of this episode. This was my favorite of the new episodes actually.

  2. 416. Miray  

    During the conference room scene when Michael says “tdb” BJ breaks just a tiny bit but it is hilarious!

  3. 415. Oleg Peq  

    it is an excellent nuance that ryan is inhaling coca :) taxi vomit was good too. after the last 2 post-strike fiascos this is great kick-start for the show.

  4. 414. LBT  

    I haven’t read all the comments, and this is my first post on any board, so sorry if this has already been covered, but did anyone else think this episode was a lot like a Greek tragedy? There may be more comparisons that I’m not thinking of, but off the top of my head . . . both mighty Jim and high and mighty Ryan “fell” because of a “tragic flaw” — hubris, excessive pride. Ryan’s is obvious, and Jim’s was exposed in his comment about the other employees working well the one time a year they hear a good idea. Ryan’s friend’s name was Troy, reminiscent of the Trojan horse story. He appeared harmless enough, but seems to have been carrying the agent of Ryan’s destruction, drugs. And I am not familiar with the show “The Wire,” but Michael mentions it, and apparently it is based on Greek tragedy or mythology. Dwight and his Amazons. There may be more, and once you are looking for something, even unintentional patterns can emerge, but I am just trying to remember 10th grade English here! Anyway, love the show — so glad it’s back!

  5. 413. Jen N.  

    At first I thought the Toby-Costa Rica bit was too random and not like Toby’s character at all, but I was just watching season 3, and in the Branch Closing episode, Toby says,
    “Well for a minute there, I saw myself selling my house, moving to Costa Rica, learning how to surf. But … Costa Rica will still be there. When I’m 65.”

    So I guess he really DID want to go to Costa Rica and the awkward moment with Pam (i.e. everyone knows that he likes her now) spurred him to actually move there. I bet he decided right on the spot. Poor Toby.

  6. 412. tuna tuna tuna  

    yes, it was in the summer promos.

  7. 411. levi  

    i believe creed said that in the “summer vacations” talkings heads that the cast did just before season 4 started.

  8. 410. CageMatchesWork  

    Re: tuna tuna tuna

    Which episode did Creed have that talking head about selling drugs?

  9. 409. tuna tuna tuna  

    so i was thinking about some past evidence that ryan would get into drugs:
    in drug testing when dwight asks him about going to a party on saturday and ryan says “i go to a lot of parties”. then the talking head where creed says some kid he used to sell weed to got promoted to corporate.
    little things here and there.

  10. 408. Leonard  

    I’m (positively) surprised that after 3 seasons, they still manage to write episodes that keep me nailed to the screen, both in terms of entertainment as well as character developments. Ryan on coke? Brilliant! Steve Carrel’s face after rejection, as usual, is priceless. He plays the loser-role better than anyone.

  11. 407. Mani  

    It’s funny how the “If I created a website with this many problems, I’d kill myself” line is displayed at the top of OT. XD

  12. 406. JC  

    I also wondered why Phyllis didn’t call Bob Vance, but then remembered that he wouldn’t have a key to the gate. But maybe as one of the business owners, he might have been able to get Hank the security guard to take less than an hour to come?

    Something that I was wondering, though – if Dwight has the key to the office, and the spare key – how did everyone get into the office that one time where Jim and Pam tricked him into thinking it was Friday, when it was actually Thursday, and then the next day, Dwight came in late to work?

  13. 405. tuna tuna tuna  

    bob vance wouldn’t have keys to the gate! the keys that dwight had are to the office, NOT to the gate. bob vance would have keys to his office, NOT to the gate. there is no continuity error.

  14. 404. Stefanie  

    396 – You took the words right out of my mouth! Their initial problem was trying to get back into the office to find Hank’s number and call him to unlock the gate. At this point, yes, Phyllis could have called B. Vance to bring a key for the office. However, Toby solved that problem by revealing that he already had Hank’s number in his cell phone.

  15. 403. Za  

    Guys, I think you’re over-thinking the parking lot lock-in. I don’t think the writers thought this out to the point where you’re going. I mean, would the security guard really have locked the gate with half the cars still in the parking lot without checking with the DM office?

  16. 402. Kolchak  

    [from tanster: 200-word limit]

  17. 401. NB  

    402 – That’s Phyllis’ husband. She couldn’t have called him? That’s weird.

  18. 400. deborahsten  

    hahaha, just went back and watched Drug Testing from season 2! It was fun to watch after seeing Night Out. AND at the end, you can clearly hear Dwight call the security guard “Hank”.

  19. 399. Susie  

    Austin, I think people mean that the loophole was that Phyllis would have called Vance, who would have gone home already, to come and open the gate (she would have his number because they’re married).

    *Sigh( I hate not living in the States. I never actually get to see the new episodes… I get my fix pretty much just by reading the quotes and comments off this site.

  20. 398. Austin  

    Bob Vance would have left his office while everyone in the Dunder Mifflin office was working. Simple as that. Not a loop hole. He wouldn’t have been there to let them out.

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