The Office: Paper Airplane, 9.20

Thursday, April 25th, 2013 | 144 comments


The Office: Paper Airplane

Writers: Halsted Sullivan and Warren Lieberstein, Director: Jesse Peretz

Summary (NBC): Dwight and Angela compete in an office-wide paper airplane contest with a cash prize. Local talent agent Carla Fern helps Andy with his first acting role in an industrial film. Jim and Pam try to use new skills they have learned in couples counseling. Guest star: Roseanne Barr.

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The Office Paper Airplane extras


In a poll conducted April 25-28, 2013, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.01/10

The Office Paper Airplane quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster :)

Clark: Hope you got some sleep, because I am going to be hot in your nightmares tonight.

Dwight: Airstream Deluxe A4. The Cadillac of paper.

Pam: I didn’t see you! You should have yelled “crossing”!

Andy: Next thing you know, I’m in “Moneyballs 2.”

Andy: I need to find more colors. Let’s do it six more times.

Toby: You wanted to see the gooey eye.

Andy: I am so freaked out by things going into eyes.

Toby: It’s getting gooier, so we’ll just do it later!

Pam: I appreciate that you appreciate that.

Jim: We’re supposed to call everything we don’t want to do, opportunities.

Andy: Who’s Carla Fern? Well, she’s my agent, my drill sergeant, and one of my best friends.

Angela: I had a chance with Dwight, but I didn’t take it. And if I went back now, when I’m broke, and he just inherited a farm, I’d be one of those gold digging tramps you read about that try to bag a farmer.

Dwight: Let’s be honest, when it came to manured fields, Angela was, at best, indifferent.

Erin: Growing up in an orphanage, you have to fight other kids. For everything. Snacks. Pillows. Parents.

Erin: I once ripped greedy Susan’s pigtail right off her head. Just for a handful of Crispix.

Carla: I made them get you a chair. All my clients sit.

Movie crew member: We just need a picture of the top of your head in case we burn some of your hair off.

Nellie: We now have two creatures great and small, Kevin and Angela.

Kevin: This is flatter.

Angela: Was Dwight rooting for me? Hmm. I hadn’t noticed.

Kevin: I’m going to keep making planes until one of them flies. Like Wilbur and Orville Redenbacher.

Pam: To speak my truth, I switched to coffee in March. There’s a new espresso machine.

Pete: Erin! Erin! Relax.

Esther: I plucked the chickens extra fast, ’cause I knew I was seeing you tonight.

Dwight: I like a little feather in my nuggets.

Andy: I’m not comfortable doing my own stunts. I’ll get nude if you want me to, I’ll go full Lena Dunham.

Darryl: Hold up, I’m looking at my spit in the microscope.

Nellie: It’s time for a little T and A.

Esther: Is there a reason that we’re excited for that little woman?

Darryl: I believe… I want to go home.

Pam: Is that your truth, Jim? That’s really your truth?
Jim: Guess I will swallow my truth.
Clark: Are you guys high? Because if so, to speak my truth, I would appreciate the sacrifice of including me in some hits off your kind buds.

Pam: My heart just feels so… blocked up.

Carla: Kid can act!

Angela: Don’t you dare tank this.

Creed: Two grand, huh. I know a guy who can turn that into eight hundred dollars. Hint, it’s me.

Jim’s brother Tom: Love suffers long, and is kind. It is not proud. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. Love never fails. And now these three remain. Faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.


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  1. 144. molly  


    Also, I looked back and I’m pretty sure that Angela, Oscar and Kevin were sitting on the other side of the church…but I can’t imagine that Steve Carell, BJ Novak, Mindy Kaling etc are back unless they are also going to be in the finale.

  2. 143. Oakey Afterbirth  

    @125 I agree, I thought this was a semi-enjoyable episode, but when it’s put in the context of being the 4th to last episode of The Office EVER, it doesn’t float. Why are we still exploring new storylines (Andy’s acting) when there are still so many better storylines to wrap up well.

    And that last minute or whatever of Jim/Pam was what this entire rocky marriage / counseling thing culminates in? Ouch.

  3. 142. Wyatt  

    @131 – With you on that. I’m actually more anxious about whether or not he’ll pop up for the swan song episode more so than I am Michael.

  4. 141. Scott  

    Just to chime in on whether or not they refilmed the wedding shot of Jim and Pam…I have too much time on my hands today so I did a side by side comparison, and it was definitely filmed recently. Jim’s boutonniere was very different, his tie was cut at an entirely different length (how could they not have kept the original?), he had no pocket square, and Pam’s hair is much darker now than it was then.

  5. 140. Patty  

    Loved this episode! Especially the last scene with JAM! With their relationship hanging in the balance, like Pam’s arms hanging in mid-air as she came to a decision while Jim just kept holding on to her—hearing the words from 1Cor.13 read at their wedding—-absolutely perfect!! John and Jenna—awesome job!!

  6. 139. grace  

    @134 @135 @136 — i agree with you all 100%! because of their chemistry (check out season 6 wedding promos-how cute were those!!)… and the length of the series, you KNOW they have to be feeling like a real-life couple bringing all these genuine feelings to the surface. let’s face it, the tension at the beginning of the scene could have been cut with a chain saw! the ending…what a relief!! i’m guessing it took a few takes because they were both so emotional in the last few seconds of that scene. (seems like i saw them crying …???). EMMY! EMMY! EMMY!

  7. 138. Dave  

    How come we are still making predictions as to who the Scranton Strangler is? It’s not Toby or Gabe or Creed or Dwight or Devon or the Senator or any of them. It’s George Howard Skub. We know this.

  8. 137. BrokenBrain  

    I watched Roy’s Wedding before this ep and it added context I had forgotten. From personal experience, I think Jim and Pam’s situation is very realistic and extremely well done. Every gesture, expression, look is pitch perfect. I loved Jim crossing his arms when talking about couple’s counseling. And wowza! Is Pam a Scranton 9.5 these days!

  9. 136. lynn  

    @135 So does John

  10. 135. Lab Assistant No. 1  

    Jenna deserves an Emmy Award

  11. 134. lynn  

    When Jim tells Pam “let’s keep at this,” I was struck by something Brian told them at the Valentine’s Day lunch. He said that right before his marriage was over, everything went numb. Even though Pam responds “okay” to Jim, her face shows that she has reached that point. In the seconds that follow, you see Jim read that in her face, and he realizes that his marriage could be over.

    When he hugs her in the parking lot, the image of her outspread arms made me think that for Pam, her marriage was hanging over a cliff. She was that close to falling over, and Jim holding onto her, desperately hard, kept her from tumbling over. When she hugged him back, she was brought back from the edge of divorce. It was that close.

    I can’t imagine many actors bringing those emotions so subtly alive as John and Jenna – partly because of their talent, but also because of their chemistry, and 9 years of playing opposite each other.

  12. 133. pete  

    Pretty good episode. Erin rocks! She did pretty well in folding/launching paper airplanes, didn’t she?

    I doubt Pete would be put off by her behavior, although it is looking less likely that Peterin is going anywhere.

  13. 132. Holly  

    [200-word limit]

  14. 131. voodoo mama juju  

    SO I am thinking since they had Erin act all angry…(ahem…remind anyone of Andy’s anger management issues?) and Pete was somewhat thrown off by it… Here is my prediction. Pete and Erin split, Erin gets back with Andy… but here’s one person missing I would like to see again… GABE. He better be on the finale. His quirky weird out of the loop-ness always got me laughing… like when Dwight told him he looked like he was going back to the stick insect exhibit at the zoo bahahahaha. Also are they ever telling who the Scranton Strangler is? My prediction is it’s the senator and he kills someone in the last episode, hence the black dress we saw Mindy wear in a promotional tweet.

  15. 130. Zach  

    I’m gonna just go out and say it. I’d share some hits off my kind buds with Clark any day. But back to the important issue. This episode was hilarious. Neillie is surprisingly extremely likeable to me now. I don’t know what happened, but she’s been exceptionally hilarious this season. I do wish they’d tone Erin down just a tad. She’s still adorable, but her behavior was a bit too childish I think.

  16. 129. jL  

    Part of me wishes we could have four more seasons of Clark. That guy is awesome.

  17. 128. grace  

    PAM: my heart just feels so….blocked up. hhmmm, i don’t know of any of us (female) viewers whose heart would still be “blocked up” after a hug/kiss like that from “jim halpert”. and is it me, or was that scene in the same place as the now-famous love confession from casino night? whoa! way to go writers (and john and jenna!!)!! nice return to the good ol’ days of FUN!! (although i have a sinking feeling they’re not 100% out of the woods yet…yikes). actually, i would have liked to have seen more of this storyline than the paper airplane scenes, however, i loved the last scene with angela and esther. to me, that’s a dead giveaway that angela and dwight will end up together.

  18. 127. Jenny  

    I just watched the episode and had to jump on here right away and see what everyone thought. I LOVED the JAM hug! He was hugging her so hard and I kept thinking well, he’s going to get mad or upset and let her go- but he didn’t. He just kept hugging her and then we saw the flashback! CLASSIC JAM! I love the realness of that scene. As a married lady it really struck a chord with me. Well done!!

  19. 126. Lizzy B.  

    Honestly, whatever I could possibly say would just be repeating most everyone else on here…the episode was just so phenomenal- it makes me so anxious so see how they wrap it up, as sad as it will be.
    I agree with @122, I think the wedding flashback is re-done, at least the shot of John and Jenna. Jenna doesn’t look the same (it is close though) and something about it just didn’t look the same as from the actual episode.
    Nevertheless, it was quite incredible either way. John and Jenna have consistently done so well this season, and this episode was the best yet in my opinion.

  20. 125. Adam  

    I feel like I watched a different episode than everyone else. The ending was a nice moment, but it didn’t do anything for me and felt kind of cheap and contrived. From reading the comments I’m definitely in the minority here. I felt much more anxious (in a good way) during the Christmas episode when Jim was leaving for Philly for the first time. This time I felt nothing, and thought it was odd Pam just stood there with her arms dangling. Who does that? I can’t really elaborate why, but that just didn’t work for me.

    That aside I liked the paper airplane storyline, Andy’s storyline was annoying, and the dwight/angela tease with another love interest is just silly this close to the show ending. We know they’re going to wind up together, you’re not fooling us. Why even bother.

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