The Office: Paper Airplane video clips

Here are a few clips of The Office episode, Paper Airplanes, airing April 25, 2013.

Sneak peek #1
[Video no longer available]

Sneak peek #2

And here’s a promo.

P.S. The song in the video is I Lived by One Republic. (Thanks, Dave!)


  1. WOW that promo gave me chills. Not sure why, something about the mixture of the “4 EPISODES LEFT” and the JAM hug (which looks suspect….considering Jim seems very into it and Pam seems…not so much) and the reality that this series is seriously about to end just got to me. Reminds me of the season 3 promos we used to get touting the heck out of Jim/Pam drama. Man, I’m gonna miss this show :(

  2. This promo really made the reality that this show is ending be real. The song mixed with everything gave me chills. Now I’m just going to go and try not to cry

  3. I watched that Jim/Pam hug three times. I don’t know why, but it made me so emotional, Jim looked so into it and Pam seemed to be in shock. What’s going to happen?! Going to watch it again and continue analyzing it until the next week’s episode. It’s so real now.

  4. This really made me cry! This show is really ending! I watched the JAM hug over 10x! I can’t wait to watch this episode!

  5. Wow, that hug did not look good. It appears that my fears will be realized…they will struggle the ENTIRE FINAL SEASON until the last episode….what a sad way to see our favorite couple spend the final season. Having issues? Great idea. Forcing it to last the entire season? Horrible idea.

  6. My guess from their expressions is Pam FINALLY expressed her fears (OR suggested separating)…and Jim is trying to console her but she isn’t too receptive at this time.

  7. Wow, I seriously CANNOT wait until Thursday!! What a great promo, with all of the flashbacks… So sad there’s only 4 left :(

  8. I’m literally scared to watch The Office every week; I cannot handle the Jim and Pam unhappiness.


  9. Jim and Pam have to work it out. The cast promised us a satisfying ending to the series. There is NO satisfying ending without JAM together and happy!!

  10. My guess is that Jim finally realized he could lose Pam and maybe she looks shocked because he tells her he’ll come back to Scranton, or she finally gave in and will move to Philly to be with him.

  11. That hug looked to me like Jim just told Pam something she didn’t want to hear. She looked kind of devastated…

  12. Actually, on second viewing, it looks like @12 is right and Jim just realised how unhappy Pam really is. I think she may just have been completely honest with him.

  13. If I’m not mistaken, the first part of that hug was in daytime, then when they switched to Pam, it was at night. Either way, it should be a good episode!

  14. Why isn’t Pam hugging back? WHY ISN’T PAM HUGGING BACK!? This promo is making me sad. It’s almost over.

  15. If anyone wants to know, the song used is I Lived by One Republic.

    [ from tanster: thanks so much! i was searching for that. :) ]

  16. You’re welcome! Now to comment on the footage part, for some reason the part that gave me the most chills was when Andy said, “I’m ready for my close-up.” I don’t know why, but there’s just something about it.

  17. I thought that Pam didn’t hug back because Jim just told her something she wasn’t expecting, she didn’t hug back purely because of shock/surprise…

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