The Office photos from the set

Here are photos of The Office set I took on January 19, 2012 (I was able to roam freely around the bullpen — they were filming Last Day In Florida in a different building that day) and March 6, 2012 (filming the Season 8 finale, Free Family Portrait Studio).

As I requested in an earlier post, I asked you guys if you had any photo requests, so I tried to snap as many of those as I could; thanks for all the great ideas!

The Office: Jim Halpert's red mug

Jim Halpert’s red mug says “Grandma Is A Great Cook.” A photo of Baby Philip is behind it!


  1. yay we finally know what jim’s mug says! that was driving me crazy!

    and yes, are those pictures of phillip actually weston?

  2. “My heart soars with the eagle’s nest.” Thank you for that mug shot, Tanster.

    [ from tanster: you are most welcome! :) ]

  3. I like that Pam has a little cat figurine on her desk even though she’s “more of a dog person”. =D

  4. All those framed photos of Oscar’s dog cracked me up, especially after seeing the ones of Pam & Jim’s actual children on their desks. :)

  5. actually, i have another question about the “phillip” picture on pam’s desk… why is phillip wearing pink pants? are you sure that’s not an old picture of cece?

    [ from tanster: no, i’m not 100% sure. but it didn’t look like the cece in the episode, so i assumed it was philip. ]

  6. @Brigette

    i’m with you
    i laughed at oscar’s desk too
    no wonder he was so mad about that dog in the car in Lotto!

  7. As always, thanks for sharing! I’m glad you got to go again. I’m so insanely jealous. I want to go soooo badly.

    [ from tanster: thanks, christine! :) ]

  8. I’m a geek! I just Googled the name on Pam’s blue travel mug. It’s a real business, by the way, that sells all those business giveaways (pens, mugs, etc.). But I couldn’t find a cup just like Pam’s. Not that I would have ordered one… okay, maybe I would have. (Hangs head in shame.)

  9. awwww i love that erin still has michael’s extension at her desk!

    and yeah, i want that collage. that. is. amazing!

  10. There is a picture of Jim/John Pam/Jenna (I believe from “Frame Toby” that I really want to see (it’s in the upper right hand area of the “Friendship is the Music of Life” poster!!

  11. Did you find out if that was indeed Steve Carell in Trivia?

    [ from tanster: yes, I talked to one of The Office producers, who definitively said, that was NOT Steve. ]

  12. I’m pretty sure that the extension for Michael on Erin’s desk is not the same extension that she said in the episode “Goodbye Michael”. I feel like it was only a three digit extension

  13. How did you get to go on set & how do you know the producers?! super jealous

    [ from tanster: they read officetally! (i’m a super lucky girl.) :) ]

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