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Friday, June 15th, 2012 | 42 comments


Here are photos of The Office set I took on January 19, 2012 (I was able to roam freely around the bullpen — they were filming Last Day In Florida in a different building that day) and March 6, 2012 (filming the Season 8 finale, Free Family Portrait Studio).

As I requested in an earlier post, I asked you guys if you had any photo requests, so I tried to snap as many of those as I could; thanks for all the great ideas!

The Office: Jim Halpert's red mug

Jim Halpert’s red mug says “Grandma Is A Great Cook.” A photo of Baby Philip is behind it!

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  1. 42. Olivia  

    The nameplate on Kelly’s desk actually isn’t the one she was supposed to get in Secret Santa… That one was purple with multicolored flowers.

  2. 41. Tessa  

    Saw the drink bottle on Pam’s desk with the name BAC and website, so I looked up the website and it’s a place that prints up promotional items with company logos. So am wondering if this is the company that printed up items with Dunder Mifflin name for The Office’s office set (Dunder Mifflin CD-Roms, D.M. pads, etc. Just a thought. Just learned of your site from an Office finale article! UGH! I have been going to the NBC Office show website only for all these years to read Dwight’s blog, games, etc. Wish I had known about Office Tally back in 2006. About two years ago they were selling a bunch of Office items in Target in the front dollar area. Got a ceramic mug for a buck and notepad and pins for $1 each pkg. Hope some stuff finds its way there again after finale. You have done a remarkable job with something you started just to talk to other fans in 2006. And I am glad that the cast found your site back then and have treated you as one of the “employees”.

  3. 40. David Martinez  

    @12. TobyFan I looked into it for you and supposedly if you order over $25.00 worth of merchandise they throw that mug on Pam’s desk in free! Just a heads up….wow I seriously have no life LOL.

  4. 39. Steve  

    Love that poster in Andy’s office. Thanks for all the pics. The set really does look like a real office.

  5. 38. TobyFan  

    Love the vending machine (was just watching Goodbye Toby on TBS last night and the scene with Holly helping Kevin use the vending machine – I see the prices haven’t changed!) Does it work? Did you buy something?

    [ from tanster: hi tobyfan, i assume it’s a working machine, but no, i didn’t buy anything from it. :) ]

  6. 37. Andrew Bernard  

    Great pics Tanster. Has there been any news of another possible convention at some point? I know they talked about one in 2009 but it never materialized. I sure hope so (I live in downtown Scranton!).

  7. 36. Amy  

    Interesting that the pics of Toby’s daughter of the same actress who played her that one time years ago. I wonder how they go about getting those pictures.

  8. 35. Carla  

    Poor Ryan (and he’s not the type I’d say that about)–I didn’t realize he was sitting on a folding chair! I wish we could know which of the guys in the Here Comes Treble photos were whom (Broccoli Rob, etc.). :)

  9. 34. Tiffany  

    Thanks for the pics of the fridge, Tanster! Love that you get free reign to roam the set!

    [ from tanster: my pleasure! the office staff and crew ROCK. ]

  10. 33. TobyFan  

    I have the exact same phone as Andy – really! (Only mine actually works – it looks like his is unplugged.)

  11. 32. Sally  

    Great pics, thanks for sharing. Love the cute ones of Jim’s desk :)

  12. 31. Brett  

    Awesome job! I loved the anger management diploma.

  13. 30. Anita  

    That music collage needs to be printed and sold in the NBC store! I’d totally buy it!

  14. 29. Underday Ifflinmay Abresay  

    The baby Phillip Halsted Lipton photo makes more sense to me now. Considering our real world / real life timeline runs several months behind the shooting schedule of The Office. There are so many babies to keep track of inside and outside of “the office”, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  15. 28. Jim McDermott  

    Hello, this photo is of Andy with Set Dresser Steve Duchscherer and Set Dressing leadman Jim Mcdermott taken the first season Andy joined the Scranton Dunder-Mifflin team. It was supposed to be his college teachers from Cornell but we never made the cut. Go figure!

    [ from tanster: you are awesome, thank you, Jim! i’ll amend the caption for the photo. :) ]

  16. 27. ascribe  

    I like that the “Friendship Is the Music of Life” collage includes scenes from Andy, Erin, and Kelly in the Male Prima Donna music video. Best Office extra ever, nice to see it pop up in the show.

  17. 26. Roy's Mugshot  

    Andy must have gone back for a refresher course in Anger Management if that certificate is from 2009. His first round was in 2007. Maybe after he found out about Angela and Dwight?

  18. 25. Underday Ifflinmay Abresay  

    Sa-weeeet and super awesome! Thank-you Tanster!
    And thanks for solving the mystery of was it or wasn’t it Steve. I didn’t think it was him, although I almost did.

    As for the photo on Angela’s desk, it doesn’t seem as though Philip was born yet when that photo was taken (for us here at Office Tally). I’m not trying to say Jenna was wrong, I’m just confused. Also, the pink pants thing (I’m all for boys in pink, I’m like Hannah that way) is that possibly a photo of Angela Kinsey’s daughter Isabel?

  19. 24. dustin  

    Great pics! Living in LA I try to drive by the building just to feel the vibe. BTW, in “Goodbye Michael”, Michael’s extension is revealed as 147. It’s tough to be perfect, but they sure do pull it off!

  20. 23. MathB  

    To comment #20:
    It was probably taken by Pam for Toby during season 4 when Ryan was in NY.

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