1. Maoglone – I think it’s a fake spoiler! It also says “Michael dies” and I can’t read the other one, but it’s about Dwight…

  2. It says “Dwight is a cylon” and “Jan has triplets”

    The writers are a bunch of pranksters, which is why we love them :-)

  3. I REALLY enjoy Kristin and I think she’s GREAT at interviews…but I was disappointed when she seemed more interested in Dwight/Angela than Jim/Pam…JAM FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  4. ha. i like that lady that interviews, kristin dos santos. she’s always really funny, she doesn’t use notes, she knows what she’s talking about, she seems to even be friends with some of the actors, i remember in one interview she mentions dinner with john krasinski. anyway, great interviews.

  5. Yeah, I also love how big a fan Kristin seems to be! It’s what makes it so much fun to watch these interviews. I also loved how Rainn asked her if she was a JAM fan and she was kinda just like, Uh sure but I really like Dwangela. Maybe I just liked that part because I too am a huge Dwangela fan?

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