The Office: Prince Family Paper, 5.13

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Prince Family Paper

Writer: B.J. Novak, Director: Asaad Kelada

Summary (NBC): Michael and Dwight go undercover to spy on a paper company competitor. The rest of the office settles the question: is Hilary Swank hot?

The Office Prince Family Paper rating

In a poll conducted Jan. 22-26, Tallyheads rated this episode: 6.98/10

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The Office Prince Family Paper quotes

Jim: Looks like a red wire.

Jim: Oh, he’ll be fine. I made it up there.

Michael: Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Wallace?

Michael: Fax? Why don’t you just send it over on a dinosaur?

Dwight: Michael, please. Can I seduce her?

Dwight: You know how I feel about IHOP! Are you a socialist?

Michael: You will have pancakes and you’ll like it.

Michael: Clouds in the sky. That means it’s going to rain. Bad for business.

Dwight: Michael, get your clouds right.

Michael: All right. Here come the sharks.

Michael: Replace sharks with paper companies, and that is all you need to know about business.

Michael: Ooh, Vietnam. I hear it’s lovely.

Kevin: A painting can be beautiful, but I don’t want to bang a painting.

Michael: Laughter is my job. Tears are my game. Law is my profession.

Dwight: I’m your son now. You can visit him on holidays.

Kevin: It’s “is she hot?” Not “would you do her?” Respect the game.

Angela: Hot is a temperature, people.

Angela: Yes, she’s hot. She’s hot as heck. She’s a female Boris Becker.

Pam: We don’t even give him full Internet access.

Michael: Ah, coffee. That’s too much … nice.

Dwight: Goodbye, Prince Family! Should be called the Sucker Family …

Dwight: Have you ever seen a raccoon devour a squirrel?

Dwight: Save your heart for love and use your brain for business.

Dwight: If Frodo hadn’t destroyed the ring, then goodness itself might have died.

David: You are a titan of industry, pal.

Dwight: Guess whose stock just went up, golden boy?

Michael: I slightly destroyed a wonderful little family.

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  1. I thought the “spy” storyline would be the bad one (shades of “Branch Wars”) and the Hilary Swank storyline would be the good one, but it was the other way around. Michael & Dwight’s infiltration was well-handled, with the camera staying outside the whole time (though it wasn’t exactly hilarious). Unfortunately, the office workers’ conversations about Hilary Swank just didn’t feel natural to me at all. Since natural, conversational dialogue has always been one of the show’s primary strengths, this really hurt the episode for me.

  2. That episode was a lot funnier than I expected. The cold open alone made it worth watching. And Jim’s face at Oscar’s blow-up dissection of Hilary Swank’s face? Bwahaha.

  3. I really liked this episode =) It was heart-wrenching (bittersweet, as Michael said) while at the same time hilarious. From the emergency signal to Oscar’s reasoning about Hilary Swank not being hot to how Dwight feels about IHOP… one of my favorite so far of Season 5 :3 I’m pretty sure. Haha xD

    … although a part of me sort of wishes that they wouldn’t just have life in the office go on without ever referencing/acknowledging the whole Angela/Dwight/Andy thing from last week. That’s sort of weird. :/ Not that I want them to really dwell on it or anything, but… no one really seemed all that affected.

  4. Wow I really liked it. I hope this continues. There were a few shaky episodes in the middle but this season is shaping into something great.

  5. 9/10
    I thought it was great. The Hilary Swank debate was fun, but I thought the Michael and Dwight interaction was great. It was hot!

  6. I enjoyed this episode. I was glad to see all of the office cast involved in this episode. I loved Kevin in this episode and also enjoyed Oscar’s argument for why Hilary Swank is not hot. I was not expecting Michael and Dwight to pull off their plan.

  7. Absolutely hilarious from start to finish. I haven’t laughed that hard at an episode this season. The lip licking?! Stanley’s speech?! Angela’s “She’s hot. She’s hot like heck”.

    Oh and I’m sorry but how does Pam get ANYTHING done during the day, knowing when she gets home she gets to hear that gorgeous, low, throaty whisper in her ear whenever she wants? I mean seriously.

  8. Even if it was pretty predicable, I still enjoyed the episode tonight. My only problem was, Jim seemed a little off; the Office Olympics Jim wouldn’t have been annoyed by a Hilary Swank debate. Also, Kevin is awesome. And so is Stanley.

  9. I didn’t really like this episode as much as any of the other episodes.

    Bob Vance – I noticed that as well. It was his mug.

  10. Oh, there should really be a poll on here so we can all vote on whether Hilary is hot or not…in the spirit of the episode! :)

  11. I thought the episode was okay. Michael and Dwight were definitely the highlight of the show. The Hilary Swank thing didn’t make much sense to me though. I know the group loves to have games and debates when Michael is absent from The Office, but was that the best they could do? Definitely not one of my favorites, not terrible – but not great.

    Michael and Dwight as usual stole the show for me. They are always fantastic together.

  12. #44: The mug on Mr Prince’s desk said “World’s Best Dad”, which was really cute. I thought that Michael was going to see it and then be able to relate to Mr. Prince, but I guess it was just the props department doing a thorough job.

    Thought this was a really great episode, although I was saddened that Michael didn’t do the right thing in the end.

  13. Evan:

    Ryan is in Thailand (BJ Novak had to leave for a while to be in a movie), but he is supposed to be back later this season.

  14. It wasn’t bad, but not my favorite. The Hilary Swank thing was funny. The spy thing made me kinda sad. Haha. Now when are we going to have a Jim and Pam moment? A new one is long overdue :)

  15. The debate is “is she hot”, not “would you do her”.

    I was laughing hysterically when Kevin said that. And Stanley’s MLK-esque speech was funny also.

    This episode really surprised me. The preview description made it sound kinda bland, but there were a lot of good moments, both hilarious and bittersweet. I’ve missed the B.J. written episodes.

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