The Office: Prince Family Paper, 5.13

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Prince Family Paper

Writer: B.J. Novak, Director: Asaad Kelada

Summary (NBC): Michael and Dwight go undercover to spy on a paper company competitor. The rest of the office settles the question: is Hilary Swank hot?

The Office Prince Family Paper rating

In a poll conducted Jan. 22-26, Tallyheads rated this episode: 6.98/10

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The Office Prince Family Paper quotes

Jim: Looks like a red wire.

Jim: Oh, he’ll be fine. I made it up there.

Michael: Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Wallace?

Michael: Fax? Why don’t you just send it over on a dinosaur?

Dwight: Michael, please. Can I seduce her?

Dwight: You know how I feel about IHOP! Are you a socialist?

Michael: You will have pancakes and you’ll like it.

Michael: Clouds in the sky. That means it’s going to rain. Bad for business.

Dwight: Michael, get your clouds right.

Michael: All right. Here come the sharks.

Michael: Replace sharks with paper companies, and that is all you need to know about business.

Michael: Ooh, Vietnam. I hear it’s lovely.

Kevin: A painting can be beautiful, but I don’t want to bang a painting.

Michael: Laughter is my job. Tears are my game. Law is my profession.

Dwight: I’m your son now. You can visit him on holidays.

Kevin: It’s “is she hot?” Not “would you do her?” Respect the game.

Angela: Hot is a temperature, people.

Angela: Yes, she’s hot. She’s hot as heck. She’s a female Boris Becker.

Pam: We don’t even give him full Internet access.

Michael: Ah, coffee. That’s too much … nice.

Dwight: Goodbye, Prince Family! Should be called the Sucker Family …

Dwight: Have you ever seen a raccoon devour a squirrel?

Dwight: Save your heart for love and use your brain for business.

Dwight: If Frodo hadn’t destroyed the ring, then goodness itself might have died.

David: You are a titan of industry, pal.

Dwight: Guess whose stock just went up, golden boy?

Michael: I slightly destroyed a wonderful little family.

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  1. I really enjoyed this episode. It had an Office Olympics vibe. It was definitely a filler episode, but it was still hilarious. As realism goes, I think it was very real and relatable. Nothing was too over-the-top. In general, I have loved season 5. I think that it is great that this show can still be funny and real after five years.

  2. It was so upsetting that there was no JAM (PB&J if you prefer).

    It would have even been great if Pam had commented on Jim’s rather…intense exchange with Kevin. Something cute like that, but I don’t think you saw them say more than a sentence to each other in the entire episode.

    Nonetheless, it’s great to see the classic Jim/Dwight pranks back. The cold opens have been consistently good…hopefully they’ll stay that way.

  3. I’m mixed on the episode. Basically, I liked the whole thing except the result of the Michael storyline. Dwight was being such a jerk that it made me sick to my stomach.

    Otherwise, I loved the Hilary Swank (is so not hot) debate. Stuff like that happens at my job all the time. Angela’s “hot is a temperature people!” line was the best of the night! I want more Angela.

  4. This episode may have not been the funniest episode ever, but I’m glad they put it in the season but I love seeing the more raw version of what Michael is like.

    I have to agree with some of the others about the plot. It seems like a lot this season we have one episode that is very plot driven and then the next has no continuation of the plot at all. Don’t get me wrong, I like some episodes just being a day in the office but I think there at least needs to be SOME reference to what is going on in the workers’ personal lives. The episodes would feel more connected that way. Whatever happened with the Dwight/Andy/Angela fiasco? Did the writers forget about Jim and Pam? Is Jan just totally out of the picture? Is Michael still sad over Holly? I just want some closure to some of these plot lines.

  5. Dwight saves the show again!! Not a great episode for me. The Hllary Swank contest was almost clever, but too disjointed. And it’s time for some good old-fashioned Jim and Pam interaction!! Come on!!

  6. I didn’t really like the Hilary Swank plotline, but the Michael/Dwight plot was amazing. I thought Steve pulled it off awesomely (is that a word? sounds like one Michael would make up) and the cold open was brilliant.

  7. This was one of the most hilarious episodes I’ve seen in a while. Lot of hate for this show on the fan site, I’ve noticed. Jim and Pam aren’t the only people on the show.

  8. Agree with Anna #44

    I was waiting for more from Kevin (ala his talking head about Stacey in Season 4)but nothing happened…maybe a build up to something later?

    Michael and Dwight’s scenes were ok, some funny lines but nothing great.

    Worst episode of the season for me.

  9. Stanley was amazing in this episode. Easily the most he’s ever said?? I wouldn’t say it was the best of the season, but I definitely enjoyed it.

  10. The result of Michael’s story was not satisfying…in fact, it was quite upsetting. The Office really has been going down hill. I know that saying that on is like cursing the bible, but the show has defiantly lost its cute quirkiness. These episodes have not been consistent- they are either hit or miss every week now. The Office used to be a huge part of my week, but I have lost that special feeling every Thursday night. Call me a debbie downer, but after being blown away by LOST last night, this show really needs to improve its all around substance and quality. I will always be an avid viewer, but something must be done…fast!!!

  11. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. not every episode has to make me laugh the entire time for me to really like it. Yeah, I didn’t laugh as much as other episodes but I still had a smile on my face the entire time.

    Except of course, when Michael gave the numbers out. I really thought that he was going to do the right thing and follow his heart.

    The one scene that I loved was of Michael and Dwight not only running to the car but then running back to the office to get the keys. My sister and I could not stop laughing. There’s something very funny about seeing Steve Carell run. I don’t know why.

    Overall, good episode. Enjoyed it very much.

  12. Loved the episode! You know why?


    I’m one of those people that loves every episode for the sheer fact that it is an episode. It is the absolute highlight of my week. The worst episodes of the show are still better than 99% of the rest of television.

  13. ITA #43 – shut it

    It had a real Office Olympics feel, people not working at work and being so enthused about something so mundane!

    BJ gives everyone their moment to shine in his episodes and I love him for it. It’s like he has a special Office comedic recipe!

    Only way to make it better, a little bit of JAM :)

  14. Don’t forget that part of the uniqueness and quirkiness of this show is that it shows (and subtly makes fun of) what typical days at the office can be like. I loved the fact that this episode felt like a real day. I’ve actually gotten into dumb debates with co-workers over things like the “hotness of Hilary Swank,” so seeing them make fun of that delighted me.

    Oh, and any episode with a Jim/Dwight prank is fabulous!

  15. I thought this episode was decent, but it still left me feeling like something’s missing. Jim’s prank was funny, Michael and Dwight’s storyline was pretty good (so painfully awkward, that poor family!) and many lines said in the Hillary Swank part made me laugh. I agree with Bluizbelle’s comment about closure. The Office used to chug along at its own comfortable little pace…then suddenly a lot of big things happened fairly quickly and some of them need more closure, or at least more continuity. It feels so disjointed to me now…and just…off somehow. :\ I also don’t care much for Fancy New Beasley, I’m sorry to say.

  16. Office Olympics II! Dwight and Michael out of the office, and Jim leading the group in distraction. Nice change up with Jim trying at first to get people to work, which fits where his character is Season 5 vs. Season 2.

    I liked it. I liked how everyone had their moment to shine. The discussion in the office is type of thing that happens in an office, of course exaggerated a bit.

    Yes, I would agree this episode didn’t move along plot lines too much. But it came after a somewhat intense episode. Just like The Injury came after Booze Cruise. The story lines build up, then then need to back off with an episode that is just there to make us laugh.

    Well done.

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