The Office promo: Slapface

This promo of The Office aired during the opening ceremonies of the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

You can find this promo on The Office Season 5 DVD, disc five.

Tipsters: all East Coast Tallyheads who sent this in! You rock!


  1. I searched for this for at least thirty minutes online and could not find it! I should have know tanster would come through for us. hilarious. 24 days till season 4 dvd!

  2. Thank you

    I love Jim and Dwight the duo! I feel bad for Andy…I wonder what else
    they are going to do to him?????

    Now I have to tell all my friends that didn’t believe me!!!!

  3. Stupid Office staff and their stupid teasers. They think they’re so clever and smart. “Ooh, look at us, we have brand new Office footage and you can’t see it! Don’t believe us? Here’s a taste of it. Yeah, you like that don’t you? You want more? You can’t have more! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!”

    :) Thanks for posting this, tanster.

  4. I love when Dwight says “Your secret’s safe with me” he looks knowingly at the camera saying “Yeah, as if…”

    I miss the Office! I need more! Why isn’t it September yet??

  5. Love it! I’ve had a horrible day today but after watching this I can go to sleep with a huge smile on my face. I can’t wait till the premiere airs!

  6. When I saw this during the opening ceremonies, there was only one word to describe what I felt: Glee.
    And then after the glee came the crushing realization that the 30 seconds of bliss was over and now I have to wait 47 more days until I get my ‘drug supply’ back. I’m with Andy The Fifteen Year Old. Curse you clever Office teasers!

  7. okay, is it weird i’ve watched this clip multiple times in a row?? :)
    i love when jim and dwight high five. i always like when they team up together. many more days till september??

  8. This is brilliant, thank you! Even though it does make the wait a tiny little bit more difficult ;) Oh well.

  9. i’m glad i got to see the 3 stooges again but this seemed a little aggressive for Jim-bo. sure, he “attacked” Dwight from the front before, but only because Dwight was asking for it! this seemed to come out of nowhere….

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