The Office: Promos, 9.18

Thursday, April 4th, 2013 | 124 comments


The Office: Promos

Writer: Tim McAuliffe, Director: Jennifer Celotta

Summary (NBC): Everyone in the office is excited when promos start running on TV for the documentary. Dwight makes Angela jealous when he starts dating a brussel sprout farmer. Meanwhile Jim has a big meeting with Major League baseball player, Ryan Howard. Guest star: Ryan Howard.

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  • The documentary promo (The Office: An American Workplace, Nine nights in May”) includes a logo for WVIA, which is the real-life PBS affiliate for Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
  • Well, that went well.


In a poll conducted April 4-8, 2013, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.08/10

The Office Promos quotes

Meredith: Just ignore her. Soon or later, she’ll finish.

Pam: She’s listening to ‘Fifty Shades of Gray.’
Andy: Well, there you go. That’s muy caliente.

Dwight: It’s okay, guys. She’s no longer horny.

Angela: Dwight is dating a brussel sprout farmer named Esther.

Kevin: What’s going on? Did Gangnam Style put out a new song?

Kevin: Go to the bathroom for 45 minutes, everything changes.

Kevin: This is a documentary? I always thought we were like specimens in a human zoo.

Clark: You fell in love with that hair? Really? Yikes. That is awful.

Ryan Howard: Eat fresh.

Andy: Internet, calm down!

Dwight: Did I tell you about her teeth?

Erin: Dwight, you have some guests. I think they’re from the forest, where we harvest our paper.

Dwight: Ah, the Bruegger family, welcome!

Esther’s dad: Fine office you have here. Sturdy walls.

Angela: I guess men find Esther attractive. I mean if there are chubby chasers, then there are men that like that… thing.

Ryan Howard: It’s called playing the subtext.

Jim: Space dust. Okay.

Kevin: Are there documentary groupies?
Andy: Of course there are!

Kevin: What’s that mean in Danish? Cool Guy?
Oscar: Dumpster Man.
Kevin: Cool. Super hero.

Meredith: I show ‘em when I wanna show ‘em.

Andy: We are killing it online!

Andy: We’re Internet sensations, guys!

Esther’s sister: You would be a great one to buy an auger with.

Andy: I’m about to lose my freakin’ mind!

Andy: Screw you, TexasPoonTappa!

Dwight: No woman would ever want a man who doesn’t know what an auger is.

Pam: It’s like we were in love, we didn’t even know we were in love.

Brian: They’ve got parabolic mikes, they can pick you up a hundred yards away.

Pam: So we’ve basically had no privacy for ten years.

Jim: Together, we will win this baseball game against the evil Space Yankees.

Ryan Howard: They kiss. It is super emotional. Like in ‘Toy Story.’

Ryan Howard: Another thing. I’m going to need you to get me the rights to Darth Vader.

Clark: A Scranton 9. But you know, point taken.

Clark: Let’s go out tonight and just score a couple of 4s. There are no games with 4s.

Esther: You didn’t think I was just tractor bait, did you?

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  1. 124. Mustashley  

    I don’t understand why Pam was so surprised that the crew had been filming them secretly. In the earlier seasons didn’t the crew “out” her and Jim’s relationship by showing them the secret footage of them meeting up and kissing in the car? She didn’t seem so miffed about it then.

  2. 123. Dave  

    Maybe the reason that we see Jim differently is that he’s been away from the office so much, which means he’s been away from Dwight a lot. Maybe one of the best parts of Jim was his dynamic with Dwight.

  3. 122. Iliketomopeitmopeit  

    @121 – We’ve been watching them film the documentary, the promos are for the actual documentary that will air in their fictional world. You see, it’s like what we’ve been seeing is everything the crew has filmed, now the crew has edited down into a real documentary. What would be great is if they actually put together a 9 part documentary as a DVD extra or something.

  4. 121. Joe Mass  

    Hang on, I’m still very confused about this. If what we have been watching for the last nine years is the documentary, then what exactly are the promos promoting? It looks like something completely new.

  5. 120. Tay  

    #119: …Yes, I think Brian might have a little crush on her, but it’s obviously not a huge threat to the Jam relationship so I don’t understand why everyone is so worked up over it. And I don’t think he’s been ‘creepy’ or has any ill intent. I think he’s just a nice guy who’s trying to help, like Jim was circa S1-2. I mean, jeez, he hasn’t even had more than a few lines on the show. Yeah, he broke up with his wife, but again…believing he has any intentions would be making an assumption. I don’t really see him as a villain here. And he hasn’t been stalking her…he worked on a documentary. With lots of other people. For years. Which everyone in the Office knew about.

    *shrug* The J/P relationship has been SO stale for the past 3 seasons that I’m just really happy they’re spending time on it. If Brian is necessary for this last chapter of their story, I’m on board.

  6. 119. Joel  

    @118 I am totally agreeing that Jim is at fault here but I really don’t think he has changed, he is just distracted with his new job right now.
    Also regarding Pam and Brian, it’s very clear that Brian is interested in her and his answers are trying to reinforce Pam’s doubts about Jim. After his “confession” in vandalism and then his sudden split with his wife, Pam has to have some idea that he likes her. He is definitely not the right person to ask about her relationship.

    All that aside I’m just glad that Pam stormed on creepy Brian after he confessed to basically stalking her for the last ten years and we can watch Jim and Pam deal with this without this totally random character that’s “in love” with Pam meddling around.

  7. 118. Tay  

    @115 – I totally agree with what Jessie (116) said. That’s basically how I feel too. And neither Pam nor Brian have pursued a romantic relationship — other than some implications from the show to bring on interest in what’s going on, so why shouldn’t Pam be able to talk to someone else about what’s going on in her life? And it’s not just separation, it’s that Pam is left alone raising two very young kids while Jim is off in a bachelor pad with Darryl and his dream job. There needs to be more give and take between them right now.

    And angst is all a part of television — it has honestly needed some angst since the last few years of the show have been a real disappointment. I’m personally glad they’re giving Jim and Pam the spotlight they deserve, I just hope it turns out so that there’s a compromise.

  8. 117. Jess  

    Bottom line is that you don’t take a job in another city two hours away from home without telling your wife, no matter how bored and miserable you are with your current job. This is a huge step, and you don’t make this decision on your own. He put her in a dificult position. I think Pam would be more secure if jim wasn’t this distant. The most annoying thing is that they had two opportunities to work things out and things are just the same.

  9. 116. Jessie  

    The whole point of their storyline this season is that Jim and Pam are both at fault for the problems they’re having, and they’re both being selfish. For the first time ever in their relationship they want different things and they’re both afraid to tell the other how they’re really feeling, with the result being that neither of them really understands what the other person wants. That being said, I think people should cut Pam a little bit of slack. Her whole world was turned upside down overnight. Her loving, supportive, adoring husband took a job in another city without telling her. He’s away all week, leaving her to look after the kids on her own. He’s suddenly consumed by his job, and is behaving differently and seems distant from her for the first time. She’s terrified that she’s losing him and she wants to stay in Scranton because she wants Jim and their lives to stay the same. She’s reaching out to Brian purely because she wants to understand Jim. She asks him “What am I doing wrong?” and if he thinks Jim has changed. Brian is after all, an observer and documenter of Jim and Pam’s life – to her, he’s the natural person to ask.

  10. 115. Roy's Mugshot  

    There is no real reason they should be losing their relationship or that Pam should be turning to another man for comfort. Sure, Jim being away is a strain, but not to the level they are portraying it. If their relationship can’t take a few months of part-time separation then it wasn’t that strong to begin with which isn’t what we know of them from the past 8 1/2 seasons. Plus, we’ve had two episodes end where it appeared that they were going to hash out their differences (Couples Discount and Moving On) and it still looks like nothing has happened. It’s starting to approach S3 levels of artificial angst and it’s casting a pall over the show for me.

  11. 114. aliencore  

    @100…how has Jim neglected his family? Jim is working to start a successful company, that is hard and requires support. Do people forget how Pam was in college for months and even when she had to repeat a class, Jim supported her and said they would make work? Pam decided to just go back, but, the point is Jim supports her. Pam seems selfish this season and the Brian story arc is old and played out. Are they insinuating that something private was filmed about Pam that she doesn’t want Jim to know about?

  12. 113. Tay  

    @112 Um, it’s just common sense to me. She said “I liked our lives in Scranton”. I think for Pam, it’s home. She fell in love with Jim there and lived her life there. The writers on the show have made it clear that even though this is Jim’s “dream job”, it isn’t everything he thought it’d be. The douchey people who didn’t invest as much as him. The fact that he missed Cece’s recital and is losing his relationship with Pam over a job and even leading her to turn to a new “friend” for advice/help when that was always him. I don’t understand why everyone is putting Pam at fault when Jim deserves his share of the blame. He has never put a job over his relationships, and now he is. *shrugs* I just hope they can both compromise, that’s all.

  13. 112. dmdcash  

    @108 Tay PLEASE reference where Pam gives us ONE reason why she wants to stay. She has never really given a reason, yet prefers to knock down Jim’s real honest true attempt to make something for himself and his family.

  14. 111. grace  

    why do people think jim will return to DM? (scranton, maybe, but not DM). i can’t be the only one that doesn’t see DM surviving as the show ends (down-sizing/closing from episode 1!)…and why jim would WANT to return to it after stating throughout the years that was NOT what he wanted (other than the “friendships”) for a career/life. that being said, i don’t see him at athlead either. the development of his character lacks some continuity. jim himself said “i’m a douche now” in the moving on episode. lately, i might agree. (which absolutely kills me to say because i LOVE the actor, the character, and the love story.)

  15. 110. Timothy  

    Not a great episode, but enjoyable enough. It was a little messy, especially during the whole Athlead story, but I did appreciate the callback. I think it was a mistake having this episode be written by a first time office writer. Is this his first season with the show? Wasn’t he a writer on Up All Night last year?

  16. 109. Tay  

    Oops, that was supposed to be @107. Also, my DVR cut off Pam’s talking head at the end — I just watched it. I’m glad she’s okay with them recording her romance with Jim, and I feel like she’s going to show it to him so that he understands how he’s changed.

  17. 108. Tay  

    @ 108 – Well, I’ll be fairly disappointed if Pam decides to go to Philadelphia if she really doesn’t want to. Their whole lives have been in Scranton. Pam likes her life. She’s designing a mural for the city, she likes her job and her family. She’s content, and there’s nothing really wrong with that. You’re right, family is about sacrifices: remember when Jim gave up his fancy job in NY just to have the chance to be with Pam? I understand why he wants to switch jobs, but I don’t understand why he’s putting his job over his family. I mean, seriously, a bachelor pad with Darryl? And then he complains about missing out on Cece’s recital? I mean, I think both Jim and Pam are at fault for their problems, but I’m siding with Pam more.

  18. 107. Roy's Mugshot  

    I’m going to be fairly disappointed if the show decides that Jim returns to Dunder Mifflin because Pam doesn’t want to move two hours away or because she likes her made up office manager job so much. Families make sacrifices like this all the time. It’s not as if he’s never home right now and if the new company works out it will be a significant improvement in both his job satisfaction and income. To abandon that because he likes his wacky co-workers so much or that Pam just refuses to invest in the idea would be a wrong turn for me.

  19. 106. Matt  

    When the documentary airs, Jim will watch it and then realize how much he loves and misses both Pam and DM.

    The doc will have a similar effect on everyone else at DM too. In spite of dirty laundry and embarrassing revelations, the doc will show them just how much they have truly cared about one another over the years.

  20. 105. jjsally  

    With the exception of Clark, who’s the bright spot in most of these last episodes, this was a disappointing show. The authenticity is just plain gone. JIm wanting a better career makes a lot of sense. What doesn’t ring true is how sleek and professional his new office has become in just a few months. It looks as if he’s got about 40 people bustling around this new space. In this economic climate, with companies struggling to stay alive and new businesses failing everyday, how do you explain the amazing growth of this new venture. It would make more sense if they had a small, dumpy facility while they tried to amass their new client roster. Jim has all of a sudden developed this “player” persona that was never evident before. His new office reminds me of Hollywood’s idea of sitcom NYC apartments rented by unemployed characters which in reality would go for $10.000 a month. I actually get distracted by how ridiculous his new circumstances are. I don’t hold out much hope for the few remaining episodes.

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