The Office Retrospective

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Summary (NBC): Produced by NBC News, this special offers an emotional farewell to the characters of “The Office,” and includes exclusive and original interviews with writers, producers and actors from the award-winning series. One-hour long, starting 8/7c.

The Office Retrospective Quotes

Greg Daniels: I was on the set for this finale, and I was looking around, and I was just struck by the fact there’s no way you could assemble this type of cast again.

Jenna Fischer: I’ll never have a relationship with another actor the way I do with John Krasinski.

B.J. Novak: We’re pretty big in Scranton. We’re like 16 Justin Biebers when we go to Scranton.

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  1. This was absolutely amazing – to the guy below who is looking for the music of the Retrospective, I am looking for it too! I’m hoping to at least learn it by ear on the piano, hoping to post it on YouTube when I do.

  2. I’d love to know why NBC hasn’t posted this video. It was such a great lead in to the finale!

  3. I just want to thank the producers, writers and cast of the show. I am a latecomer (that’s what she said), I viewed the whole series this summer. I found this show when I was going through a really rough time. It has give me many laughs, several tears, and a renewed sense of hope. Thank you <3

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