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Monday, May 3rd, 2010 | 187 comments


The Office theme song ringtone

The theme song was written by Jay Ferguson and performed by The Scrantones.

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  1. 187. Jeff  

    I clicked on the link, then went to itunes and it’s not there. Someone please advise. Thanks.

  2. 186. Nina  

    Wouldn’t it be great if we can make Michael Scott saying “Dwight, you ignorant slut” our alarm tone! :D I wish there was a season 10 :(

  3. 185. Mi470  

    I think “Just Sit Here and Cry” should be added to this page. Get to work, internet

  4. 184. Rebe  

    Last ditch effort to find the actual ringtone used on the phone at reception. Not the theme song because THAT is everywhere. Anyone that could help, I would be most appreciative!

  5. 183. Mikal  

    Can you please add the song that they all sang to Michael at the last Dundies? Thanks.

  6. 182. MichaelScottFilms  

    Could we get Lazy Scranton please?

  7. 181. BonerChamp  

    I want to get Andy’s rididididoo as a text message tone.

  8. 180. Max85  

    I am using The Ringtone Maker to convert my songs into ringtones.
    It makes them into the format suitable for my mobile.
    I can create ringtones for iphone, from youtube videos, which I think is great.
    It cost me a small one time fee but I don’t mind

  9. 179. Drew  

    Could you add Michael’s Goodbye Song to the ringtones.
    thanks guys!!

  10. 178. avi  

    Hi :)
    Can you PLEASE add the epilogue ringtone of “the office” to the download section

    Thanks a lot,

  11. 177. Brook  

    How do i get this on my LG? Somebody help pls.

  12. 176. Kevin  

    How do I get this on my iPhone 4 can someone help me? I’m confused..

  13. 175. kushibo  

    Thanks! I used to have the Office theme song as my main ringtone on my LG, but the iPhone wouldn’t let me use it when I got my 3G. I’d given up on that working with the iPhone 4, but there it is.

  14. 174. Rebecca  

    I’d really like the Rockin Robin, Idiot, and Lazy Scranton ringtones. That would be really awesome! Thanks for the ones that have been posted already!

  15. 173. Justijn  

    Looking for info on Pam Beesly’s ringtone in the Episode titled Weight Loss. Trying to collect all tones fron every character’s phones on the Office. Thanks in advance…

  16. 172. Mike  

    Does anyone know if the sound effect for the Scranton branch’s phone system is available as a ringtone?

  17. 171. Liz  

    how do i download the .mp3 or .wav files to my computer?

  18. 170. Mike  

    Thanks a million for the ringtone!

  19. 169. Jeff  

    OK, I give up. How do I get these on to my phone? Clicking on the MP3 link just plays the song but nothing else.

  20. 168. Mic  

    Hey does anyone know if I can get the Rockin Robin ringtone for just a plain Samsung phone? I can play mp3’s on it but it’s no fancy blackberry or iphone. thanks.

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