The Office: Roy’s Wedding, 9.02

Thursday, September 27th, 2012 | 106 comments


The Office: Roy's Wedding

Writer: Allison Silverman, Director: Matt Sohn

Summary (NBC): Pam and Jim go to Roy’s wedding — David Denman guest stars. The wedding toast of Pam’s ex-fiance Roy causes Pam and Jim to examine their relationship for buried secrets. Dwight stubbornly protests Nellie’s mandatory charity initiative by supporting the Taliban and agreeing to live by their severe laws. Clark hits on Erin by dangling a fake newscaster job; Andy also takes the bait.

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In a poll conducted September 26-October 1, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.20/10

The Office Roy’s Wedding quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster. :)

Kevin: A wheel is supposed to spin.

Creed: A wheel wants to spin, Pam.

Kevin: I don’t think you understand wheels.

All: Tiny wheel! Tiny wheel!

Pam: I planned a wedding with him. He wanted hot dogs.

Nellie: Get excited! The special projects fairy has arrived!
Creed: I know you don’t really exist.

Nellie: This one is about charity, so I’d like to see him piss on that one.

Jim: Actually, I did tell Pam, and we decided no. But then I decided yes anyway. So… I’m thinking there’s another conversation coming. And it’s hard to know when that will be.

Angela: I’m sorry, is the assignment to pick a selfish charity?

Kevin: Heifers International. Listen to this. They give a poor person like a goat or something. It’s a great prank!

Creed: I want to work with Jimmy Carter and help build gnomes.

Dwight: I will not be participating, as there is no evidence that charity works.

Andy: I’m not doing it for you. I’m doing it for the preservation of nautical flag signaling.

Creed: The Taliban is the worst. Great heroin, though.

Jim: Is it almost time to cut the pancake, or what?

Pete: My friends are Scott, Glen, and Rob. But you don’t know them.

Erin: What if the ad had been for a CEO or for a brain surgeon?

Pam: We still surprise each other.
Jim: Definitely.

Nellie: When you use a ridiculous font, no one thinks you have a plan.

Pete: That Clark, huh?

Jim: I’m not going to tell her until it’s real.

Darryl: I’m into The Godfather ’cause I’m a cinephile. I like Scarface ’cause I’m black.

Meredith: Cronkite was hot. If I could go back in time, I’d take that mustache ride.

Erin: I will do whatever it takes to get the job.

Erin: Afghan president Hamid Karzai declared a new policy of dollar days throughout the country, promising low, low prices on all 2012 Kia Sentras and Sonatas. Aren’t you glad you waited, Karzai commented.


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  1. 106. ascribe  

    I’ve avoided reading the forums for months because sounded kind of bad. But based on these episodes, I think it’s noticeably picked up since S8.

    My likes:
    -They’ve managed to cut back the wackiness somewhat and toned down the storylines.
    -Less of the lame, amateurish, strained feel of a lot of S8.
    -The JAM subplot might be a fresh direction for them and set up a good finale.
    -More Erin so far is good. I’m glad A&E are still together but also that Erin’s plots aren’t all just about that.
    -Greg Daniels!
    -The new characters aren’t totally annoying. They’re actually OK.
    -No Dwight baby, it was getting stupid.

    -Nellie. Guessing CT was under contract or whatever but she still doesn’t fit the show and she’s still annoying, despite toning her down.
    -Some of the subplots (Taliban rules, GoT language) are still a bit lame. Erin and Dwight deserve better material.

    This show is back on my watchlist.

  2. 105. lynn  

    Roy’s not a bad guy, but he is what he is. The piano serenade was an ultimate act of love from Roy. But, true to character, the wedding (which was very pretty) in his backyard didn’t cost them much. Remember, he has a $50,000 car. And, it’s at 8:00 in the morning. Did guests hang around to celebrate the wedding all day? At least some of them went right to work afterwards. It’s suppose to be the “bride’s day,” all day. Right? I ended up thinking that I like Roy, but I wouldn’t want to be married to him. Pam dodged that bullet.

  3. 104. Brigette  

    I JUST got a chance to watch this episode, and I have to say, I have NO idea why there are so many negative comments about it on here! I loved it and thought every single story line was great. The episode wasn’t just about one little story in twenty one minutes– there’s a lot of past, present, and future stuff in here. Does that make sense? No? Pretend like it does. Solid 9.

  4. 103. Robin  

    @JP: I agree. I’m all for Erin and Andy. I doubt there will be another love triangle. That’s been played out quite a few times. If it happened again, that would be some ridiculous overkill. Well, here’s hoping!

  5. 102. Brett Dale  

    So far I’m loving this season of the office, the first two episodes have been brilliant.

    Season hate was ruined for me by the Nellie character, but they have toned her down quite a bit.

  6. 101. him jalpert  

    I’m actually enjoying this season so far more than I expected to.

    I’m glad that they’re not focusing as much on the Andy/Erin relationship.
    I was never really a fan of that story arc, and I think there was way too much of it near the end of last season.
    I don’t think they’re going to try for a “Pete and Erin date and Andy’s jealous” story line since that already happened with Gabe.

    Speaking of which, I never thought I’d say this, but I’m kind of missing Gabe.
    I actually started to like him last season.

    I’m also liking that they’re involving Pete and Clark in the episodes.
    It’s nice to have some new characters to get to know.
    It’s also nice to have story lines that are based on the new characters.
    I feel like it’s getting harder and harder for the writers to make the older characters interesting because we know them all so well.

    This Jim/Pam arc really has potential and I’m actually interested in seeing what happens.
    I’m excited to see how it plays out later on.

  7. 100. Josh  

    I’ve enjoyed the past two episodes more than I did any from last season. It’s gotten back on the right track. That said, a couple of things. 1) Kevin needs to go back to being Kevin. 2) What’s going on with Andy/Erin? Are they together? Because it feels like they aren’t. 3) More Creed bits, 4) Small doses of Andy go a long way, and 5) let’s see some consistent storylines. Let’s see some arcs!

  8. 99. lisa  

    I think it would be good if Pete and Erin get together. Erin is such an idiot that she needs a caretaker, and since Andy needs to be watched as well, I’m all for Pete and Erin!! :)

  9. 98. JP  

    I personally would like to see Pete and Erin’s relationship turn into more of a brother/sister thing. With Erin not have any siblings this would be good for her and something different than the cliche TV love triangle. Pete could “coach” Andy beyond his cluelessness and help him finally propose to Erin. They are both perfect for each other and to have taken us through all the ups and downs just to end with some new guy ending up with her seems like a let down. There needs to be a pay off for all of that.

  10. 97. @thicovski  

    Nellie and Dwight. That’s a good team! I loved it.

  11. 96. BrokenBrain  

    I was curious when I saw the Producer credits last episode and then excited when I read JF’s explanation. I think they are knocking it out of the park with Jim & Pam storyline. Both essentially gave up their individual dreams to be together – is that always going to be enough? Do they love each other enough to learn to play piano? Do they lust after each other like Bob and Phyllis? I honestly am not sure this will play but it is great storytelling, it is JF/JK’s Jim/Pam story so I will let them tell it. I have been so impressed with their acting in these 2 eps, thrilled with their interactions that are more like the earlier seasons and, I have to say, I thought JF looked gorgeous in this ep.

  12. 95. Girasola  

    I downloaded this episode online (I live in Asia..) but it ended early when Dwight and Nellie were having their “who’s more stupid” argument. Did anything happen after that?

  13. 94. Jessie  

    #94, Jim told the camera crew that he was going to propose to Pam, and that he bought her the house before he told anyone else.

  14. 93. Bad Idea Jeans  

    @daniel, I was just going to say that Clark is much more like new Ryan than Dwight Jr! Good call.
    Also, I thought it was a little out of character for Jim to tell the camera crew about the new job before anyone else… but maybe that’s just me.
    Overall, I liked the episode and where it’s leading Jim and Pam. This season’s gonna be one great ride.

  15. 92. daniel  

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who was a bit disappointed with this episode. Highlights for me:

    Jim-Pam storyline. Darryl Philbin with his boo. Meredith and Oscar’s coughing.

    Also Clark is not new Dwight, rather New Ryan Howard/Tom Haverford (Parks and Recreation ) in my opinion.

  16. 91. Dani  

    I was really hoping that Dwight would cut off Nellie’s hand! I was cheering him on while I was eating breakfast since I watched last night’s episode this morning. I prefer it this way since I can choose to Auto Hop the commercials, and I can be done with an episode in under 20-minutes. When I went into work this morning so many of my co-workers at DISH were upset that this episode was even called Roy’s Wedding. I did like that there was a lot going on in this episode, especially the Tiny Wheel, but I was expecting a lot more debauchery at Roy’s.

  17. 90. craig  

    Pink Dragon – Kevin always came across slow in a good funny way, but now it’s like he’s retarded. I did go back and watch episode 1 and it was better than last night’s.

  18. 89. Lan Jevinson  

    I didn’t think I would notice that Kelly and Ryan were gone…but it definitely feels like something is missing. I hope we see Ryan a bit this season.

  19. 88. Christian  

    “Clark will become the new Dwight and Nellie is the new Toby.”

    So that’s her purpose. At the end of this season we’ll finally understand better the Michael/Toby friction.

  20. 87. Stephanie  

    I adore Andy and Erin. If they break up, I will be disappointed. I love the Office — always have and always will — but if Andy and Erin don’t get a happy ending together, it’ll tarnish this final season somewhat for me.

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