1. I think it’s obvious that the scranton strangler is Gabe. He wasn’t signed on this season but sources say it’s not the ‘last’ we see of him… Makes sense to me.

  2. @josh

    Or perhaps the real one got away with it. On one hand, the suspected Strangler instigated a car chase with the police, and, well, innocent people don’t run. On the other hand, Toby thought that the person convicted wasn’t the real Strangler. We don’t know what happened in between the car chase and the trial with regards to the Strangler.

  3. Gabe has done some creepy things that would hint at him being the guy. ( i.e. the video in last season’s halloween episode)

  4. I find the idea that any of the characters on the show is the strangler to be ridiculous. I was hoping we would get away from the wacky S6-8 hijinks and having Gabe be the strangler would fall right in that category. This is supposed to be a documentary about a paper company, not CSI.

  5. Roy’s Mugshot,

    My problem with that is even if it’s supposed to be a documentary, it’s still a comedy t.v. show. Gabe being the scranton strangler makes sense because he’s a weird…weird…disturbing guy. It would also be a hilarious outcome. Who cares…if it’s jokey. In season 3 dwight actually thought Jim became a vampire by a bat bite…….._ did anyone care?

  6. I think Roy’s secret was that he cheated on Pam while they were dating with whoever he’s marrying now. This causes a mini-arc in which both Pam and Jim feel a little shaky and, in the third episode, where Nellie tries to convince Pam that Jim is in fact cheating on her. (We know, however, this isn’t the case: Jim’s ‘secret’ is his Philly job.)

  7. @ Lin Belfunk – interesting theory. That may explain the shocked/slightly angered expressions of them sitting at the table.

  8. @Daniel G So you would find it funny if one of the characters was a strangler? That’s not my idea of hilarious. And the comparison of Jim fooling Dwight into thinking he’s a vampire and Gabe strangling people isn’t really very apt.

  9. My guess: Roy marries “The Hot Girl” that Jim dated. Remember on the booze cruise…how much Roy and, jeez I can’t remember her name for the life of me right now!, the hot girl got along? They were openly flirting with one another and Roy seemed VERY taken with her…and they seemed like a perfect fit. Ex football player and ex cheerleader. It wouldn’t surprise me if the thing Roy spills is that while on the booze cruise, drunk, and after setting a wedding date, yet again, with Pam, he and the hot girl made out or something.

  10. At the beginning of the promo, is it just me, or is Kevin sitting in the manager’s office with a desk name plate saying, “Kevin Malone”?

  11. @ volleyball camp every summah (#18), i REALLY doubt that he married katy. with as big a star as amy adams is now, it would have been announced that she was guest-starring this season.

  12. Maybe they didn’t want to reveal that before the show happened.

    Greg Daniels said he wanted to be more secretive about the show this last season so there would be surprises. Revealing Amy Adams would ruin the shock value.

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