The Office ‘Sabre’ Q&A

Who was the real inspiration behind the Suck It? Was there an unaired Jim/Pam scene? How did cast members react to John as a director? Did NBC censor Michael when he said “Suck b—–“? Which cast member plans to direct an episode of The Office?

But most importantly, will Jen ever fulfill her dream of playing a Schrute?!

These questions and many, many more are answered by The Office’s Jen Celotta, Sabre writer, with a special appearance by John Krasinski, in his Office directorial debut. We also have some surprise visits by other show members!

Q. Jen- Did you write the cold open or did that come from the writers room? | sombrerosarelove

Jen: I wrote the cold open but the idea for it came from the writers room — at one point, opening the box by mistake and putting it back together played a bigger role in an episode idea — but then we decided on the A-story of Michael not being able to deal with Sabre’s changes and the box idea was made into a cold open.

Although the “I’ve got a bix box, yes I do…” joke came from someone else. I think it was Gene. It’s funny. If you’re reading this, Gene, and it was you, thank you!

Q. How many times did Steve cut his fingers off when trying to catch the scissors? | ASFan

Jen: The scissors were rubber scissors! They looked really real, though. Phil, our props guy extraordinaire, had them made (in an open position) so Ellie could throw them to Steve without damaging anything!

Q. Who wrote the Sabre song to Party in the USA and how did you decide to write it to that song? It was hysterical! | Meliss

Jen: Warren Lieberstein and Halsted Sullivan wrote the Sabre song to the tune of “Party in the USA.”

And because we have to get clearance/pay for songs whenever we use them, we always need to have backups — so the guys also wrote Sabre songs to the tune of “I Gotta Feelin’” (Black Eyed Peas) and “Surfin’ USA” (Beach Boys).

Often times after a writer/writing team has gone off to write something, they’ll bring it back in the room and we’ll all read it over — taking parts — or going around the room, taking turns reading talking heads (it’s really fun to hear everyone read Kevin).

So, naturally, when Warren and Halsted came back, we had them sing the songs they wrote — it was fun to watch. Here are some more of the lyrics they wrote for the song:

To the song “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus

Hopped off the plane in Scranton, PA
Another cloudy gray afternoon
Welcome to the home of the Houdini Museum
Have a copy of the Times Tribune

Jumped in the cab,
Here you are for the first time
Look to the right, you see the Electric City Sign.
This is all so crazy
Spaghetti Bolognes-y

You’re wondering what to expect when you walk in
Andy: Then you see our receptionist Erin
Erin: And I say come on Gabe, let’s go over here
So we can sing you a welcome song
So we can sing you a welcome song
We’re singing you a welcome song!

So kick your feet up
We’re playing your song,
Take a desk that you’d prefer
Noddin’ our heads like yeah
Moving our hips like yeah,
And you got your feet up,
If you need a ride home
Creed will be your chauffeur
Yaaayyy, Dunder Mifflin is a part of Sah-bray–
Yaaayyy, Dunder Mifflin is a part of Say-ber.

Q. The bit with Dwight trying to figure out where to put the tray of hot dogs only to put it on the floor – was that in the script or was that completely Rainn’s idea? | Vicky87

Jen: That was in the script. Although Rainn is always coming up with fun things for Dwight to do that add comedy to the scenes.