The Office: Scott’s Tots, 6.12

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009 | 179 comments



W: Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, D: B.J. Novak

Summary (NBC): Michael is forced to face the music after he realizes he can’t keep a promise he made to a group of kids 10 years ago. Meanwhile, Jim starts an employee of the month program to increase employee morale.

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Favorite quotes

Andy: Would you rather me say, “Hey guys, my irritable bowel syndrome is flaring up”?

Andy: Things can get real adult real fast.

Michael: You can’t be a baby in the office. It makes me look like I hire babies.

Michael: And for what it’s worth, I think your baby voice is tops.

Andy: Dr. Tuna M.D., I have some terrible news.

Andy: The entire office has come down with a pernicious case of the Mondays.

Erin: There’s about 30 news alerts for “nip slip.”

Michael: What if I told you I had done the worst thing ever? Would you still want to be my friend?

Michael: Lurk much?

Michael: I miss Pam.

Michael: Is that what we’re going for now, “okay”? We used to go for “pretty good.”

Erin: We’ve already rescheduled seven times.

Pam: Michael, this is a terrible, terrible thing you’ve done. It’s terrible. Just … terrible.

Michael: I’ve made some empty promises in my life, but hands down, that was the most generous.

Dwight: I bet if you tried, you could grow the best beard of anyone in this office.

Dwight: In an ideal world, I would have all ten fingers on my left hand, so my right hand could just be a fist for punching.

Jim: If it’s all the same to you, I’m just going to take away “Survival Skills” and “Self Defense.”

Scott’s Tots: Hey Mr. Scott, what you gonna do, what you gonna do, make our dreams come true?

Teacher: You are a dream maker. And I thank you.

Dwight: Five minutes ahead of schedule. Right on schedule.

Phyllis: In your perfect world, only you get money.

Michael: Who here has done something stupid in their lives?

Michael: Tuition is very valuable. But you know what’s invaluable? Is intuition.

Michael: Some people have evil dreams, some people have selfish dreams, or wet dreams.

Michael: Hold on, they’re lithium!

Creed: Guys, I’m starting to think Pam’s not even pregnant.

Phyllis: No offense, Pam, but how the hell is that possible?

Pam: Yup.

Dwight: This is Stanley Hudson. Jim Halpert is a menace.

Michael: I can give you an extra laptop battery. Not everyone took one.

Dwight: I know how it happened.

Michael: You’re what, like 12?

Michael: You know when I hired Kevin, he was actually applying for a job in the warehouse.

Michael: I have a feeling about you, too.

Ryan: I know about your Diabolical Plan.

Ryan: I want the same thing you want. I want to take Jim Halpert down. I want in.


In a poll conducted December 3-7, Tallyheads rated this episode: 6.61/10


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  1. 179. Brandon  

    I’m surprised at how many people talk about how awkward and uncomfortable some of these situations are. I believe that’s what the show is all about and what makes it so hilarious. Anyone that saw the UK version knows that is what this show was based on, an awkward, naive, jackass of a boss with no self awareness. It’s what sets this show apart from the lackluster sitcoms that plague other networks. If you notice, there have been many copy cats to use this formula.

  2. 178. Anita  

    The strange tiny screen is even on the DVD as well. Oh, and I didn’t know that Erin could drive until I saw this ep, since I saw her waiting for a ride in “Secretary’s Day.”

  3. 177. Jessica  

    I’m surprised at the low rating for this one. Someone complained that the Scott’s Tots part was too awkward and uncomfortable, but this is what makes it such a stand-out episode. I’m relatively unimpressed with Dwight’s diabolical plan as a plot device, but Scott’s Tots took me back to the cringing days of the BBC version, and that’s always a good sign.

  4. 176. Mara  

    This is definitely my third favorite of the season! I don’t know why it’s so low. That laptop battery bit? Absolutely classic.

  5. 175. Karen  

    # 169 Janae – Very well said – I had not thought of the aspect of Jim now part of the crazy going on instead of just watching it, like us. I think (hope) this arc will be resolved by baby time – at least, it better be. :)

  6. 174. Penny  

    I thought this episode was really great! The cold open was just hilarious, and Pam was adorable when she was briefly named EotM and during her talking head. I cringed the whole time Scott’s Tots were on screen, which is a throwback to earlier seasons for me. Where was Kelly though? Loved this ep!

  7. 173. Fortyfivedays Fortyfivepoints  

    #151: the latter isn’t going to happen to make Dwight back off. And hey. Beginning of february, that happens, I will comment on this article again and say I was wrong.

  8. 172. Jason  

    Someone mentioned that Dwight hasn’t thought of the consequences of what he is doing to Jim. The more and more I think about it, the more I fear that this will resolve in the same episode where Pam gives birth to their child. It’s almost set up that way. I doubt Jim can just go back to being a salesman at this point. I think that bridge was burned in the 2nd episode this season. If Jim is not a manager, then he won’t be with Dunder-Mifflin. He’ll do what is best for his family.

  9. 171. danger  

    this is the best episodes of the season and an instant classic. I love the hard to watch, cringy episodes and this was the best one ever! It also was hilarious. For some reason andy saying “pernicious case of the mondays” had me in stitches! office has been great so far this season

  10. 170. Someone28  

    Honestly.. i love The Office.. but this episode was one of the most cringe worthy episodes in a long time. I just don’t think that there was really a point to the episode. And i’m just going to repeat what everyone is saying.. i dislike the constant Jim/Dwight bickering.. and now Ryan added to the equation! I just don’t see how that will work, what with Ryan costing the company millions of dollars. But on a positive note the best part of the episode was dwight doing everyone’s voices in the warehouse, I laughed so hard. And also the Michael/ Erin piece at the end was really cute.

  11. 169. ILoveJim  

    Did not like this one at all. Soooo over the Jim/Dwight battle. Talk about beating a dead horse! The Office is, by far, the funniest show on TV. This season has been a bit hit and miss for me. The hits, however, have been HIT out of the ballpark. The misses…seriously bad misses. I know they all can’t be ‘the best episode ever’….but yikes. Can we move on from Jim/Dwight? Don’t like Jim as manager.

  12. 168. Ed K  

    Andy simply being Andy gets a thumbs up, “Yup!” gets an A+, and Dwight doing impressions of his co-workers gets a gold star. Loved this episode!

    As for Dwight/Jim…c’mon, Dwight has wanted Jim out of there since season one! Of course he’s going to ramp it up now that Jim is (co)running the place. I don’t think he REALLY wants Jim fired, he just doesn’t want Jim to be his superior. Also, I think Dwight is so blinded by that, he hasn’t thought of the consequences, i.e. Pam and the baby.

    I still don’t like Jim as co-manager, but I have no problem with him not immediately realizing that Dwight is behind his troubles. Jim is still learning how to be a manager, from how to deal with the employees to all the responsibilities and tasks that we DON’T see which are a part of his job. Also, he just got married and he has a baby on the way. Season 2 Jim can spot a Dwight plan from a mile away because he didn’t have anything else to do, aside from flirting with Pam and apathetically making some sales. Season 6 Jim has a lot more on his mind.

  13. 167. Jason  

    I understand that most of what happens in The Office is not realistic, and the point of the show is to give people an experience to enjoy. However, there’s a difference between episodes like The Dundies and Office Olympics and episodes like this one.

    With The Office, they are out of the ordinary plot lines, but they are generally based off of things that could happen in an ordinary office. It’s not uncommon to have an employee awards program or play some games at work. They just took that up a notch, and that’s where The Office gets some of its best comedy. Even earlier this season, with the one open where everyone threw up, at least that’s something that could happen.

    The episodes I don’t like are the ones where it goes too far. No one would act like Michael did at Phyllis’ wedding. Someone from security would have got Michael off stage much sooner at the shareholders’ meeting. Scott’s Tots should never have happened. The episodes where The Office is at its best is when they take a normal office event and take it up one or two notches, not ten.

  14. 166. Janae  

    I don’t want to re-hash too much of what everyone else has said, but I also really dislike the increasing implausibility of the Jim-Dwight dynamic. In the past, Dwight wasn’t the most likeable person, but he was a much more well-rounded character (we saw softer sides of him with Angela, for instance, among others). I think a big part of people’s distaste for Jim lately is because he has been the character fans most easily relate to by mirroring what the audience is thinking about the absurdity taking place around him. When he becomes part of the absurdity, a key element that makes this show what it is missing.

    I do, however, take comfort in telling myself that Dwight’s escalating diabolical-ness eventually has to lead to a very satisfying payoff. I don’t think the writers would be so cruel to put Jim (or us) through this without making it worthwhile… hopefully sooner rather than later.

  15. 165. redjonesy  

    What I really enjoyed about this episode was that Erin got a lot more screen time and I really loved watching her. I wasn’t sure of what I thought of her until this episode, but now I’m sure I’m a big fan. She’s so cute and bubbly! I could totally see Michael promising a class of 3rd graders on a whim that he would pay their college tuition. I thought Steve’s acting was amazing! In short, love Erin, and while shaking my head at his actions I still love Michael.

  16. 164. kacope  

    I am not really liking the Dwight – Jim storyline. Jim seems a little oblivious and that is not really conducive with his character.

  17. 163. pamcakes  

    Blah, I went over the 200 word limit last time apparently, whoops. So, second try (without so many points) – Michael’s horrible blunder couldn’t make me dislike this episode (even if my boyfriend & I were so uncomfortable we literally couldn’t watch certain parts) yes, it was probably one of the most careless things he’s ever done, but Steve Carrell delivered brilliantly as usual. His performance took me right along with it. I just hope they keep the Ryan/Dwight partnership toned down and not too far from being somewhat realistic, but I am hopeful & devoted…I love this show :)
    Also, Pam’s maternity dress was cute.

  18. 162. E  

    Anyone else with a DVR pause it on the article Stanley held up? There’s a quote in there from Mikela’s parents about being unsure how they’d pay for vet school, considering they are fans of fine Italian wine, which “takes a big chunk out of [their] weekly income” :-P

  19. 161. Jimsy  

    This was a fantastic episode. Probably one of my favorites. I still think season 1-2 are the best, but season 6 is coming pretty close to those.

  20. 160. Victor  

    The only element of this episode that ruined it for me was the very end, where Ryan join Dwight’s crusade to destroy Jim. One of the key elements that make The Office a much better comedy is how well it tends to distance from being a sitcom, even though it is. If the writers can keep the freshness of the “documentary” view of the show, without falling in the three act show, it would be fantastic.

    The individual performances were sublime as usual, they are so comfortable on camera and can convey a true emotion. This could be taken advantage of even more to add the realism of seasons 3 and 4.

    I truly hope the writers can enjoy the holiday season to freshen up, recharge and keep this show alive for more seasons, it’s well worth it.

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