The Office Season 2 DVD store specials

Here’s a rundown of stores that sell The Office Season 2 DVD and the deals and/or goodies they offer:

the office target ad

Target —
The Office Season 2 DVD, $34.99

Includes: Booze Cruise video blog (quantities limited, no rain checks)

Source: DVD Talk Forum and Sunday paper insert

Read more about the Booze Cruise video in Jenna’s MySpace blog!

the office best buy ad

Best Buy —
The Office: Severance Package, $49.99
(initially on sale for $42.99)

Includes: Season 1 DVD, Season 2 DVD, Dunder-Mifflin notepad, pen and magnet, sticky notes, and calendar

Source: and Sunday paper insert

Photos of Best Buy’s Severance Package

the office circuit city ad

Circuit City —
The Office Season 2 DVD, $29.99

Includes: 3 free downloadable cell phone games

Source: Sunday paper insert — The Office Season 2 DVD, $32.49
Includes: free shipping

The release date is Tuesday, September 12th. (Although Colin wrote me to say that he’s already seen the gift set at Best Buy, so you may want to check your local stores … )

Thanks to Allysa for the tip and to Mike at the LiveJournal Dunder Mifflin community for the info!

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  1. i think i might have to cancel my amazon pre-order and pick it up from target. a bonus disc from booze cruise, my second favorite episode, can’t go wrong for only 2.50 more. plus amazon says it’s not going to ship until the 16th and arrive at my doorstep on the 21st. what a rip off!! thanks for the heads up tanster.

  2. note pad??? mug??? i’m all over that, except that i already own the season one….but maybe i could gift that to someone…oh the temptation!

  3. Eric — I totally didn’t realize I could cancel my Amazon order. Thanks for mentioning that. Did and will be at Target at 8 a.m. that morning.

  4. This is perfect! I was holding out on buying S1 with the hope that they might package it with S2. I’m gonna head to Best Buy today and see if they happen to have it in stock already. Thanks for the tip, tanster!

  5. oh sure, i was hoping you could cancel it before it shipped and thankfully you could. yea i wonder what time target opens, looks like i’ll be going into work late because the site said the booze cruise disc is “while supplies last.”

  6. I’m definitely thinking about going a day early and see if its out. I might even ask if its in the back, if its not out.

  7. The Target deal is really, really tempting. So is the Best Buy deal since I don’t own Season 1 yet…

    Decisions, decisions…

  8. OH my god, Best Buy is the awesome. What a great bundle package!! *is in Heaven* I’m going to wake up at like 6 AM and get there…or just pre-order it, haha! :) Can’t wait for the 12th!! *woot!*

  9. I’m all over the Best Buy package. I’ve been looking for some kind of offer for both seasons, but those bonus gifts are just the perfect touch.

  10. Now I’m torn :(.

    Extra video blog or sweet goodies?

    … Any idea if the calender with the Best Buy one is the same one from a few posts back?

  11. I broke down and bought the Best Buy gift set. But I have sources and I’ll have a family member buy season two at Target and get me the bonus disc.

    The calendar is awesome. It’s a monthly planner and it’s got Michael’s notes in it. LOL “Find out what country Kelly is from”

  12. Dang it! My mind was all set, too! I was totally gun-ho about buying the Target one for the extra footage and then Colin had to mention the kick-ass calendar! Dang. Thanks a lot, Colin :-P

    But really: Office goodies or video blog? This sucks.

  13. Maybe we should set up an eBay group where people who buy multiple packages just for the goodies can sell off their duplicate discs to people who just want the basic discs. It would be a win-win-win, right? ;)

  14. Check your Target early! I was in mine on Monday and they actually had the season 2 DVD out already. There was a sign below that said The Office season 1 $17.99. But I am positive that it was season 2, the cover had Michael peering through the blinds. There was a sticker on the packaging advertising the extra Booze Cruise disc. A major mess up on my Target’s part. I already pre-ordered from Amazon so I didn’t buy it, but now I’m kicking myself. I might go back and see if it’s still there and then cancel my Amazon order.

  15. Colin, you are a SWEETHEART — thank you for posting those!

    We’ve never seen the inside DVD cover before, it looks great!

    The calendar looks really cute, too.

  16. I’m definitly cancelling my order from Amazon. But now what do I do? Target or Best Buy? I already have season 1, but all of the other stuff in the severence package is so tempting! But the extra disc sounds really cool too. I know my husband would be mad if I bought both. I guess I got a week to decide…….

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