The Office Season 2 DVD store specials

Here’s a rundown of stores that sell The Office Season 2 DVD and the deals and/or goodies they offer:

the office target ad

Target —
The Office Season 2 DVD, $34.99

Includes: Booze Cruise video blog (quantities limited, no rain checks)

Source: DVD Talk Forum and Sunday paper insert

Read more about the Booze Cruise video in Jenna’s MySpace blog!

the office best buy ad

Best Buy —
The Office: Severance Package, $49.99
(initially on sale for $42.99)

Includes: Season 1 DVD, Season 2 DVD, Dunder-Mifflin notepad, pen and magnet, sticky notes, and calendar

Source: and Sunday paper insert

Photos of Best Buy’s Severance Package

the office circuit city ad

Circuit City —
The Office Season 2 DVD, $29.99

Includes: 3 free downloadable cell phone games

Source: Sunday paper insert — The Office Season 2 DVD, $32.49
Includes: free shipping

The release date is Tuesday, September 12th. (Although Colin wrote me to say that he’s already seen the gift set at Best Buy, so you may want to check your local stores … )

Thanks to Allysa for the tip and to Mike at the LiveJournal Dunder Mifflin community for the info!

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