The Office Season 4 DVD Buying Guide

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 | 700 comments


The Office Season 4 DVD

DVD sleeve front cover

The Office Season 4 DVD

DVD sleeve back cover

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  1. 700. Beeswax Not Yours Inc.  

    I got a free copy of the Season 4 DVD in the mail just last week. Why? Because I won second place in the Sierra Mist contest earlier this year to be an extra on the show! Thank you very much Office Tally, I never would have entered as many times as I did (virtually every weekday of the contest) and thus never would have won a free copy of Season 4. I have probably watched everything included more than once already. Thanks again!

    [from tanster: that’s awesome! :) ]

  2. 699. LL  

    Wow, these are so cheap! At the NBC Store, JUST the DVD is $50!

  3. 698. Brian  

    Like everyone who pre-ordered from, I had my Gift Set backordered on me and had lost just about all hope of it not being canceled. But miraculously I got my “Your shipment is on the way!” email today. I hope everyone else did too…

  4. 697. littlekidlover  

    I am very disappointed in the special features. Especially since I missed the memo that there is no longer a table read.
    I am however enjoying the script that is included.
    But still :(

  5. 696. Sally  

    Was on holiday in NYC from the UK and was lucky to buy the last copy of the box set from Best Buy, man did I run to the checkout =) I wish there was a table read on it though, let’s bug them for season 5 :)

  6. 695. Angelina from LA  

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah so you guys probably remember the Sierra Mist contest during the summer with the office? right? I know you guys would! Well so thanks to my sister I was randomly chosen to win season four of the office on DVD. So…
    I would like to thank NBC for randomly picking my name and my sister for putting my name in the contest!!!!!!!!!! =)

  7. 694. a roomy twin  

    My son picked up mine yesterday at BB! Script of Dinner Party included. The Bloopers are on the 4th disc…why?? Wish there were more Bloopers!! Would love to see a table read as well.

  8. 693. Jackson  

    I ordered mine from bestbuy as well and my order still has not shipped yet. Hopefully something will change soon.

  9. 692. Number12  

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a table read bonus extra? Anyone know what happened to that?

  10. 691. CD Mix Tape  

    I don’t know if anyone mentioned this, but I saw the The Office Ultimate Package at Target today for $99.99 if anyone wanted to save a couple bucks instead of buying from Amazon. It did not have the Dinner Party script, though.

  11. 690. fancy feast  

    I was just wondering if anybody could tell me which disc the bloopers were on? I don’t own the set, I’m just renting it from netflix. I want to watch my favorite part first!

  12. 689. Michelle  

    The bloopers were so hilarious. I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

  13. 688. Collar Blind  

    To 685, I’m glad to hear that someone besides me actually saw The Promotion (though I saw it in theaters). I hope you enjoyed it! And to 686, I also loved the Job Fair deleted scenes, but the one that really stood out for me was Pam passing by the case with Roy’s trophies. I really think that should have been left in.

  14. 687. Julia  

    For those who pre-ordered from Best Buy, did your order ship yet? I got an email saying it sold out, then two days later I get an email saying it shipped offering me a 5 dollar coupon. However, when I check on the status, it still says processing..?

  15. 686. muppet babies tatoo  

    Did anyone notice on the disc 3 bonus materials menu(Meredith’s desk), that there’s a Lampshades flyer? I love it!

  16. 685. Tyler  

    Has anyone watched the deleted scenes for “Job Fair”? I really enjoyed the ones with Oscar and the high school girl. He tries to get her to intern, but soon he realizes that he is only leading her down the path he wishes he hadn’t taken so he makes the decision to not let her come aboard. Good good stuff!

  17. 684. Savesprinkles1234  

    I was happy to buy my set last night. It was the very last one at my local Wal*mart. I also picked up a copy of “The Promotion.” My husband and I have some fabulous viewing ahead of us for the weekend!

  18. 683. Andrea M.  

    I just received a package from NBC, and I was selected as one of the prize winners from that Sierra Mist Walk-On Role contest!Unfortunately I wasn’t the grand prize winner, but I did receive the season 4 DVD! and now I have 2 of them! Thank you so much Tanster for informing us about the contest!

    [from tanster: you’re welcome! :) ]

  19. 682. Kaytor  

    Got my Season 4 DVD from Amazon today, and was surprised and delighted to find the Dinner Party script included. I turned to my roommate and said, “Why is this DVD box so thick?”

    And then…

    “Holy crap! Dinner Party!”

  20. 681. HowDareYou  

    Has anyone bought the “Ultimate Package” (seasons 1-4) from Amazon?? If so, was there a Dinner Party script tucked in there like the others??

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