The Office Season 5 DVD Buying Guide

The Office Season 5 DVD Buying Guide

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The FYE rebate offer is no longer available and the Best Buy Limited Edition Schrute Farms Box is now more expensive than it was last week. (You can still order it online, though, and pick it up at your local store.)

So what’s the best deal? — probably still Amazon, which is selling the DVD set for $32.99. And if you buy The Office DVD and Parks and Recreation DVD at the same time, you’ll save $5 on the total. (Scroll down this page to the “Best Value” section.) All these purchases include free Super Saver shipping.

Lastly, The Office Season 5 ranked #2 on the DVD bestsellers list for the week ending September 12th, according to Video Business Online. Booyah!

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  1. This makes me so happy! I can’t wait til this comes out. I just watched the bloopers from Seasons 3 and 4 last night and it just cracked me up just as much as the first time I watched it. I love waiting to see what all the extras will be :D

  2. I wonder if they’ll ever released The Office on Blu-Ray. or is that just something for hour-long Dramas?

  3. Sweeeeet! No way I’m pre-ordering now, though. Have to wait and see who has the best goodies.

  4. the best part of the DVDs are the bloopers and commentaries, I watch them all the time. Can’t wait for season 5s.

  5. Remember when Season 4 was announced and it originally went for $50? This is a really nice break from that.

  6. I loved having the 20 minute blooper reel for season 4, but I doubt it will be that way for season 5. The bloopers are my favorite parts of the DVDs (besides the episodes)

  7. blu-ray, Blu-Ray, BLU-RAY!!
    I know every episode has been shown in HD. Make them available to US!!!

  8. I pre-ordered mine almost three weeks ago. :) All my friends think I’m nuts, since there’s not even a release date yet.

  9. If the deleted scenes were incorperated into the episodes somehow that would be amazing!!!!!

  10. Yes, the DVD sets should have an optional feature of putting the deleted scenes back into the episodes if desired.

    I bought “The Ultimate Package” (that’s what she said)in hopes that such an option existed, but unfortunately the deleted scenes can only be played separately.

    Many fans of The Office would enjoy the option of watching “Director Cut” versions of the episodes (meaning, with the deleted scenes placed directly into the originally intended moments.)

  11. One thing that’s a little frustrating for me about the previous DVDs are some discs don’t have as many commentaries as others. I sound like a major Office fangirl but I LOVE the commentaries!!!

    More bloopers, too, pleaseeeeeeee!

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