The Office Season 5 DVD Buying Guide

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 | 353 comments


The Office Season 5 DVD Buying Guide

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The FYE rebate offer is no longer available and the Best Buy Limited Edition Schrute Farms Box is now more expensive than it was last week. (You can still order it online, though, and pick it up at your local store.)

So what’s the best deal? — probably still Amazon, which is selling the DVD set for $32.99. And if you buy The Office DVD and Parks and Recreation DVD at the same time, you’ll save $5 on the total. (Scroll down this page to the “Best Value” section.) All these purchases include free Super Saver shipping.

Lastly, The Office Season 5 ranked #2 on the DVD bestsellers list for the week ending September 12th, according to Video Business Online. Booyah!

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  1. 353. Lauren  

    I love The Office, okay that’s obvious since I bought the fifth season DVD. But one thing about that I love about all the other Office DVD’s are the commentaries. But the commentaries on this Fifth season are extremely disappointing. I don’t know if it’s because rarely any of the cast are included in the commentaries or what. But it’s just really… I wouldn’t even bother listening to them. They are interesting but more from a technical standpoint, not if you’re just looking for a little more fun added to your favorite episodes.

  2. 352. Mary  

    I have all of the season’s on DVD and LOVE them, but was disapointed that the Season 5 DVD’s commentaries didn’t have a lot of the actors in them. I love watching them because you can hear their take on the episode and get extra details of what happens while shooting them. Hopefully there will be better commentaries next season!

  3. 351. Ian  

    I’m watching S5 on bluray, and it’s just hit me.
    Watching the office in sequence rather than 1 episode per week is SUCH a better viewing experience.
    I’ve actually gotten a ‘classic season 2 office’ vibe from season 5 the second time around, whereas when I watched it on TV it just felt disappointing.

  4. 350. JMJ  

    My husband and I had a mini season five marathon last night before the season 6 opener. Loved that shoutout to Jennie Tan for her work on the website. That was awesome.

    [from tanster: thanks! :) ]

  5. 349. BrokenBrain  

    Really enjoying S5 DVD. I am impressed with how well the episodes hold up and even ones I did not necessarily care for at first I have enjoyed on second watch.

    Terrific episode tonight and a great start to S6!

  6. 348. Hanley  

    I never trusted a rebate from FYE when I bought a Family Guy set – I did everything that was instructed (cut out the Proof of Purchase from the box, sent in the original receipt) for a $10 rebate, only to get a postcard saying they didn’t offer the rebate anymore.

  7. 347. Kelly  

    I JUST BOUGHT THE GIFT SET! It’s really cool.

  8. 346. CoolGuyPaul  

    I have spent basically this entire day watching the DVDs and they are all awesome. I noticed that in one of the deleted scenes from Company Picnic when they are playing volleyball, Erin goes to get the ball and you can clearly hear Jenna Fischer yell out, “Come on Ellie!” instead of Erin. It made me laugh. Also, the deleted scene of Ryan crying from Weight Loss had me almost in tears from laughing. God I love this show. Can’t wait till Thursday!!!!

  9. 345. LittleTuna  

    In the 100 Episodes… 100 Moments feature, this is what I heard from the hospital scene:

    Doctor: “Pam is pregnant”
    Pam: “I didn’t know!”
    Jim: “Oh my god!OH MY GOD!”

    unfortunately they don’t show the rest of the scene, so we don’t know what else they say

  10. 344. Victoria  

    Did anyone else notice John’s last name is spelled wrong?!

  11. 343. Wilson  

    I think this is the best “DVD Bonus Material” so far… the deleted scenes (why in God’s name they cut off all that?!)…The bloopers…And I loved Steve with his glasses!

  12. 342. Rebecca  

    I have the Blu-Ray version; it looks great, even for a basic show with average visuals. Lines are crisp and the colours are vivid. I love Office DVD’s specifically for the commentary, (lame, I know) but sadly, this season’s is lacking. There was a bit of novelty behind the catering one, but it’s not the sort of thing I’m going to go back to listen to. I like inside jokes and tidbits with the cast and their stories about their experiences while shooting. This season’s commentary was much more technical, which is alright, but it would have been nice to have heard more cast tales dispersed between the tech-talk.

    Ellie Kemper, however, really entertained me on the Casual Friday commentary. Pretty sure I’m in love with her already.

  13. 341. fifi  

    Has anyone from Canada done any research as to which stores, if any have special editions? I’m wondering if Best Buy and Costco have the same editions as the States? Hope so! Can’t believe I haven’t bought a copy yet – am seriously slacking this year! Tomorrow!

  14. 340. phyllis*farm  

    You can kinda hear what Jim and Pam say. Barely. It seems like for that clip the raw footage was used in which the audio inside the room was slightly picked up by the cameras. Turning it up to 11 I still couldn’t hear what the doctor said but you can slightly hear Pam’s gasp-laugh and Jim saying “Oh my god…” whereas in the episode only Pam’s gasp is audible.

  15. 339. Mindy(mindysfavshow)  

    @345- I have no sound with that either, were we supposed to?

  16. 338. ItsOnlyMeredith  

    @325 kasejkras – I wasn’t able to hear the hospital room audio on my version. I bought the Target regular no-extras DVD. Did I get hosed? What did they say?

    @344 Brigette – I respectfully disagree. I thought the “100 Episodes” feature was quite well done. I think whomever (or WHOever?) chose the clips had a very daunting task of making sure the clips captured a little bit of everything – romances, humor, plot development. I feel they created a good mix. I will admit there are some clips from certain episodes that *I* personally would have chosen over others, but overall I was pleased with the end result.

  17. 337. Brigette  

    I’m not impressed with the “100 Episodes, 100 Moments” clip show. Most of the moments seemed so random and chosen without any thought. Most of them were just Michael and Dwight screaming about something. And like some of you, I am also irritated at the bizarre episode descriptions on the box. Just had to put my two cents in on those things… otherwise the DVDs seem alright so far. :)

  18. 336. Angela Lucier  


    Lol…That was me and no, that wasn’t intentional. I was just trying to snap a quick photo with my phone on the sly while still in the store. Didn’t even notice it until later! :)

  19. 335. HeyO  

    I love the DVD set so far, but I’m kinda disappointed that the commentary isn’t done by mainly the cast, and only one or two others who were writers, directors, etc. Also, I liked how each of the other DVDs had a unique main menu that went along with an episode that was on that particular DVD… this time, it’s just a clip of each character saying something, same thing on each disc.

  20. 334. what's the dealio?  

    What is wrong with me? Sitting around waiting for Amazon? You folks who went to the store and bought it the day it was released had the right idea! Almost as much as I’m excited for next Thursday, I’m itching to see this DVD and it’s still en route from Kentucky. I know, I know, it’s only Wednesday…

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