The Office Season 5 DVD Buying Guide

The Office Season 5 DVD Buying Guide

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Where to buy online


The FYE rebate offer is no longer available and the Best Buy Limited Edition Schrute Farms Box is now more expensive than it was last week. (You can still order it online, though, and pick it up at your local store.)

So what’s the best deal? — probably still Amazon, which is selling the DVD set for $32.99. And if you buy The Office DVD and Parks and Recreation DVD at the same time, you’ll save $5 on the total. (Scroll down this page to the “Best Value” section.) All these purchases include free Super Saver shipping.

Lastly, The Office Season 5 ranked #2 on the DVD bestsellers list for the week ending September 12th, according to Video Business Online. Booyah!

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