1. A lot of our friends are office fanatics so we are going to watch our top 5 episodes and eat a lot of junk food before the big premiere!

  2. We’re playing the Office Trivia board game before the show and in the spirit of weight loss, having Subway sandwiches (and Angela’s double-fudge brownies, which pretty much cancels it out…).

  3. My friend and I both wear our Office themed tee shirts to our classes and try to use Office quotes to answer questions whenever possible (almost like an Office themed game). Also, saying TWSS when appropriate.

  4. that’s so lame. :[
    i wanna go to a par-tay.
    i’m probably just going to be sitting in my room,
    smiling like an idiot.

  5. Those cookies are d’awesome! My favorites are the burned feet (hysterical) and the green teapot (aaawww). Great job. Now I’m hungry…

  6. I’ll be celebrating by driving home from class while the show is on, hoping that the power doesn’t go out from 9-10 so my VCR tapes the show, get home, grab some food, run upstairs, rewind the tape at 10:01, hit Play and revel in the greatness that is The Office.

    It shouldn’t be that hard (TWSS!), but that’s the price I pay for taking a Thursday night class. :)

  7. I’ll be alone to watch the episode…My husband has class tonight. So I’ll order some sushis, open up a bottle of white wine and get in my most confortable PJs! :) I’ll watch it, Tivo and my mom will also record it on VHS just in case…;)

  8. Yay!!!!! I’m not going to an official party, but I can’t believe the premiere is TONIGHT!!! I’m almost bursting with anticipation! (TWSS) I will be at home watching intensely and heading to OfficeTally immediately afterwards for all the Tallyhead comments and the quote bank from Tanster/Tan Monster. : )

  9. My favorite way to celebrate The Office is with Office cupcakes!


    Nothing feels quite as festive as a tiny cake with Office-related words written on top of it!

  10. Here in Nashua, NH there is a radio station party celebrating the premiere tonight. We’re very excited to be a part of this episode!

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