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The Office Season 6 DVD

Release date: September 7, 2010

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September 8, 2010

UPDATE #1: here are photos and information on the Target and Best Buy special editions, thanks to Tallyheads feared and loved, kreidy, Dustin, Justin, and Megan!

UPDATE #2: Tallyhead Christopher reports on a Costco special edition.

UPDATE #3: Tallyhead Megan describes the new scenes in the Sabre and Whistleblower extended episodes on the Target special edition.

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  1. Longgg blooper reel and lots of commentaries! Definitely the best two things in the DVDs.

  2. Commentaries by the actors and writers rather than craft services and the AD would be my preference. Also, more bloopers.

  3. More bloopers and commentary! I’ve missed Steve Carell and John Krasinski on the commentary, although I know they have been busy.

  4. Well that certainly is happy news! I would love to see as much extra material as possible on Niagara and The Delivery, especially commentary from Jenna and John. Jenna’s commentary is always so informative and delightful, and it’s been so long since John has joined in on the fun.

  5. All that extra footage that was shot for Niagara! Jim and Pam dancing down the aisle, the wedding kiss dip, the dialogue from the boat. Definitely commentaries for Niagara and The Delivery with John and Jenna! I would love all the years of Adventures with Angela to appear. As always, lots and lots of bloopers!

  6. Standard deleted scenes, outtakes, commentary along with webisodes and olympic promos.

    Also, I’d love to see some character specific extras similar to those on the season 3 set (‘Kevin Cooks Stuff, ‘Toby Wraparounds’, ‘Dwight Schrute Music Video’). I’d love to see Stanley, Phyllis, and/or Meredith shorts since Creed, Angela, Erin, Kelly, Ryan, and Andy all get a lot of face-time in the recent webisodes. I could definitely see a Meredith bartender scene similar to Kevin’s cooking short. Or a grumbling Stanley similar to Toby’s mumbling rant…

  7. – Commentary on Niagara and/or The Delivery with John AND Jenna. Pretty big episodes in terms of their characters’ relationship, so it’d be great to hear insight and BTS tidbits from them.

    – Longer blooper reel!

    – Footage of the actors inside the tiny closet that was used in The Delivery to record the birth scene.

  8. long long long LONG bloopers reel please!!!! (twss??)

    dream come true? entire disk dedicated to the wedding and one to the baby episode. extras, bloopers, commentaries, behind the scenes, making of, whatever… just for those episodes.

  9. Remember back when there was supposed to be a table read for “Did I Stutter”? It’d be awesome if the season 6 DVDs included a table read or some kind of feature that focused on the process of producing one episode. From the break down in the writer’s room to the table read to the filming to the editing.

  10. I can’t wait! How about the webisodes as “play all” so we can watch them as one continuous story?

  11. It would be great to see behind the scenes footage of the writers room and just an insight on how planning for an episode goes down, since we’ve gotten a few glimpses of the set,the writers room is still a mystery to me.

    Also the dance rehearsal they had to do for Niagara would be really funny to include.

    As well as a table read :)

  12. Since they always say the deleted scenes are part of the storyline and they hate taking them out for TV, Dave should place the deleted scenes “back” into each episode!

    Also, a behind the scenes tour of the 2 sound stages, actors trailers, entire lot, etc…

  13. I’d have to agree with all the commentary requests. On the S5 DVD, Jenna and Rainn were only on one episode each, John wasn’t on any, and Steve wasn’t either (though Steve hasn’t been on one since S1 so I don’t really expect it). It definitely would be awesome if they could get John and Jenna on the commentaries for the two hour-longs. My other request is to limit it to no more than 5 people on a commentary track. More than that becomes too confusing.

    Oh, and of course lots of deleted scenes, and I’d also love to see a “making of” documentary where they show the process of making an episode like Niagara.

  14. The important thing to me is the Blu-ray release. Last year all the episodes and special features (including the deleted scenes) were in 1080p! The more people that buy Season 5 & 6 on Blu-ray, the more it encourages Universal to re-release Seasons 1-4 in Special Edition blu-ray sets!

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