The Office Season 7 DVD Buying Guide

The Office Season 7 DVD

Release date: September 6, 2011

Info: Bonus features & commentaries | Box art | Screenshots | Blooper reel

Special packages: NBC Store | Freebie inside box

September 5, 2011

One more tidbit about a freebie inside the DVD box.

September 4, 2011

Here’s the latest information about special packages (or lack thereof) and my blooper reel notes.

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  1. Unfortunately, there appears to be nothing about Carell’s departure, no commentaries by Carell, Wilson, Krasinski, Fischer, and Helms, and no music video from Subtle Sexuality.

  2. @Matt

    we’ve never had episode commentaries with any of the starring cast besides B.J. lol. anyway it looks great, i’m really digging the choice of episodes for commentaries as i loved all of them.

  3. Underwhelming to say the least. Only five commentaries out of an entire season, I suppose I shouldn’t really be surprised. Despite the lack of the main cast I think the commentaries have some good lineups though. I had high hopes that Steve might be present for the commentary on one episode, however.

  4. @guy

    I’m not sure if you’re just being facetious :P but up to season 4 the commentaries were pretty much guaranteed to contain at least one of the starring cast besides BJ. Rainn was in loads, at times it seemed he was making it his personal mission to take care of them!

  5. Agree that it sounds underwhelming. I think this might be the first year I wait until later to buy.

  6. Why does the press release list Will Arnett’s notable roles as Saturday Night Live? Maybe he hosted once but he was never a cast member. Why in the world wouldn’t they just put Arrested Development?

  7. All of this sounds lame. And Steve Carell did do commentaries in Season 1, and Jenna, John, Rainn, etc have all done them several times as well. Only 5 episodes out of 26? Super lame. At least the ones that do have them were important episodes.

  8. I’m disappointed that Jenna Fischer isn’t doing a commentary especially since PDA is one of the episodes getting one. I get why she didn’t this year.

  9. I feel so disappointed. I was hoping more than anything that we would get a commentary from Steve and John on Goodbye, Michael. I thought if any episode would finally bring them back for a commentary, that would be the one. And no Jenna or Rainn? What a huge let down.

    I’m very surprised there is no tribute of some kind to Michael and Steve. Just something about his 7 years on the show. And only 5 commentaries? This is all very underwhelming for such an important season.

    @6 I’ve been holding my breath for a table read for a long time. I guess it’s time i stopped.

  10. I can only hope there is a Best Buy or Target special edition that will include something extra besides what’s listed here. Because yea, that’s really disappointing.

  11. It makes me very sad that i don’t feel compelled to buy this right away. I was really looking forward to this one. I always love the bloopers and deleted scenes. But how can there only be 5 commentaries? No John, Jenna, Rainn or Steve? No SS music video? And nothing to indicate this season was as special as it is.

    I’ll get over it and buy this of course. But right now i’m just sad.

  12. Can Blu-ray please stop getting the royal treatment? I’m not going to pay extra for a technology that makes such a minor difference in the viewing experience, so why should there be exclusive features?

    Anyway, I am SO EXCITED that I finally get to see The 3rd Floor! (It didn’t work in Canada.) Awesome commentary track lineups, too – I’m especially looking forward to “Threat Level Midnight”. Though I hoped beyond hope that “Goodbye, Michael” would include Steve Carell, I never really expected it, considering that he and John K. aren’t commentary regulars.

    Can’t wait for this DVD set to cheer me up after I move to university in the fall. :)

  13. @ chris

    Please don’t remind me that there are commentaries with Steve on from season 1, they were inexplicably removed from the Region 2 DVD…

  14. no Ryan on the cover? BOOOOOO

    but Darryl? that is cool, this should be a sign they are pushing him more, and will have a bigger role in season 8..maybe even manager.

  15. Looks like they are still reusing old photos for the cover. Pam was back to her cardigans and hair pulled back for this entire season and this photo still looks like S4-6.

  16. I’m very surprised that Garage Sale and Search Committee don’t have commentaries. I mean season 5 had 10 of them, 10!

    First time no BJ on the cover. But great for Craig and Ed. Looks like the the best feature will wind up being the bloopers, in particular, John’s squeaky laugh. Let’s hope it’s at least 20 minutes.

  17. @#19 Good point. That’s season 6 Pam. Why not use an up-to-date picture relevant to the season? I love her season 7 look, perfect blend of the old and new.

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