1. I say we all go over to Tanster’s place and watch it together.

    I’m going to have to pre-medicate.

    [ from tanster: i’ve been medicating for months. c’mon over! ]

  2. Purchasing Kleenex stock on May 15th.

    Thank you everyone on the Office (and OfficeTally). Will miss these wonderful characters.

  3. sad :( i just hope we’ll get at least a shot of Michael and Holly, I’m not even asking for a line! Just to see him one last time :( I hope Steve will accept the offer :S

  4. I started crying when I read the comments! May 16th will be a sad, sad day.
    I only started watching this show in Nov. 2011, but I got caught up with the 7 prior seasons using Netflix (in two weeks might I add…this is such a good show). I could not imagine saying goodbye to this show after 9 years. 1 1/2 years will be difficult enough.
    This is gonna hurt like a mother… :(

  5. Last Episode Ideas…
    -Plans for a Ryan and Kelly wedding
    -Reveal all who is behind the camera
    -Tell motive for camera crew being there
    -Have Jim/Pam move into Philly house & have a good end to their story
    -Check in on Michael/Holly one last time
    -A look at former employees and people from the show on what they have been doing
    -Inner office secrets revealed
    -SOMETHING about Creed….

  6. Last Episode: Everyone comes together for a viewing party of the newest television premiere: “THE OFFICE.” Seeing the past on film opens old emotions as characters reflect on their time at Dunder Mifflin, rekindles old flames (Dwight/Angela), reinvigorates old friendships (Dwight sees his allegiance to Michael revisited, and he is now the boss. Michael shows up to congratulate him toward the end, save the dates in-hand for a “MICHAEL SCOTT WEDDING” special, ala the special done after the release of the documentary in the British version), and reevaluates old memories.

  7. Was just thinking of all Office food-related items one could serve at his/her series finale party. When Seinfeld went off the air, my friend and I hosted a similar party including food mentioned from the show and various props. I know I’m forgetting a bunch, but here’s a start:

    Grape soda
    Tuna fish sandwiches
    Caprese salad
    “Fudgie the Whale” cake
    Devils Food cake
    Peach pie
    M&Ms (both plain and peanut)
    Bagels (C-shaped, of course)
    Double fudge brownies
    Osso bucco

    What else ?

  8. Prediction….. this has all been a dream of Kevin’s who’s fallen asleep in the back of the office. haha oh that’d be awful. I take it back!

    Meanwhile the real question is will Officetally.com continue on?

  9. Let’s petition NBC to get no commercial interruptions in this episode — WE WANT A FULL HOUR!

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