The Office series finale wrap party

Sunday, March 17th, 2013 | 17 comments


Here are photos from last night’s series finale wrap party of The Office.

The Office Series Finale Wrap Party: Andy Buckley

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  1. 1. Lena  

    #17 is my favorite!

  2. 2. Katie Drewes  

    Wonderful pictures!!! Oh how 9 season went so fast…
    Thanks for sharing, Jennie.

  3. 3. Karen  

    Thanks! Can we find you in the last cast and crew picture taken yesterday?:)

  4. 4. Julia  

    Oh my gosh, this album is heartbreaking. Everyone looks like they either on the verge of tears or they were just crying. *hugs cast*

  5. 5. creedfan  

    thanks for sharing theses… so glad you could be part of it ^^ you kinda represented us all ;D

    i really hope phyllis, stanley, and each character will have a proper goodbye when it comes to their storylines…

    god, i’m gonna need some kleenex on may 6 :S

    cheers :D

    P.S.: were the actors who played Pete and Gabe present at the party? i can’t see them in any of the photos

    [from tanster: yes, jake and clark were both there!]

  6. 6. LovesItalianFood  

    Love the JAM goodness of #11.

    hope there are more photos!

  7. 7. BringMePlayers  

    Everyone looks wonderful. Thanks for posting!!

  8. 8. jayne_Schrute  

    awe! #18 is mine ! Love Jim, Pam and Dwight!

  9. 9. FlonkertonChamp  

    Oh goodness… John Krasinski in a vest and tie. *fans self*

    [from tanster: totally!]

  10. 10. Jan  

    Thanks for the photos — are all great — but #18 is special. Jim, Pam, and Dwight forever!

  11. 11. Jessie  

    Love both #11 and #18! Love how John and Jenna are kinda matching!

  12. 12. grace  

    yup….after seeing these phenomenal pics, i’m definitely stocking up on tissues for the final show. all the cast memebers have thanked fans for tuning in to watch, so i would just like to thank them for giving us something unique and WORTH watching. bless you all!!

  13. 13. Diane Sparkles  

    Awesome pictures, thank you for sharing them with us! I love the one of John, Jenna and Rainn. Kate looks lovely and the one of Rainn posing is hysterical! Craig looks great, too!

  14. 14. Diahern  

    Random thought: Picture #11 may just be the last pic John and Jenna ever take together

  15. 15. Ginger  

    #18 made me tear up. Makes it really feel final.

  16. 16. Melanie  

    This makes me so sad… :(

  17. 17. Christine  

    The show coming to an end already has me quite emotional, these pictures sent me over the edge. I’m so sad. I will continue to be a fan of all of them and follow them in whatever adventures they do. One of my favorite movies is License to Wed and I love that so many of them are in it. Anyway, as always, thank you for sharing Tanster! You’re the best!

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