BDE #3: Set visit photos

Hey, welcome to my little photo album of Tuesday’s visit to the set of The Office!

A trip report is coming. Probably after Paley. Please check GMMR — Kath will probably have her report posted before I have mine!

Okay, here we go:

The Office Reception

The Office Reception

My best effort at a Pam face. Or is that a Jim face?

The Office Dwight Schrute Bobblehead

You guys told me to take a picture of the original Dwight bobblehead. Here you go!

The Office Jazz Babies

Jazz Babies!

The Office Michael Scott's office

Love Michael’s toys. I couldn’t stop playing with this stretchy-shrinky thingie.


  1. AWESOME!!!…I hate You guys..(kidding) so jealous=(
    looks like you guys had a blast..BTW, Where is
    Ms.Kelly Kapur? So you guys already know what’s
    gonna happen regarding Next episode?..or the Season

  2. oh man, gotta agree with luke, totally dawesome pictures! thanks for sharing them with us! lol imagine Greg Daniels seeing that photo every time he goes in his office. what’s creed doing with his hand in the pic with you? it looks like he’s in the middle of explaining something, did his character think you were a new employee?

  3. I’m losing all hope this season and starting to feel like nothing will ever happen with Jim and Pam. You gotta give us some details from filming, even just little tidbits, throw the fans a bone! We can’t all be as lucky as you!

  4. oh and angela’s whiteboard, can you imagine angela martin saying the word “hooey”? lol

  5. In case anybody was wondering, the Chinese characters under Creed’s picture are supposed to be 你好 (which means hello), but due to poor penmanship came out looking like ㄒ尔女子 (sh, thou woman). Gosh, I hope those Chinese characters come through okay.

  6. jennie you gotta get that picture with JK blown up 20×30″ and get it framed!

    truly great pics… i’m more of a nerd for the technical aspects of a show and loved the pic of you with with Sony HD cam they use.

  7. Wow, fascinating. Thank you!

    Roy’s pay check on Angela’s desk. That’s realism.

  8. Fabulous photo album!! Thanks for getting such cool pics and sharing them with us. Can’t wait to hear your report. And I heart that picture with you and Creed. Priceless! :-)

  9. Jennie/tanster, thank you for posting these wonderful pictures.
    I am really struck by the warmth all the cast project.
    You are soooo lucky…but then, so are they!!

  10. Those pictures are priceless! Did you take any videos? I can’t imagine how excited you must have been.

  11. ha ha ..I didn’t notice Roy’s Paycheck the first time…
    I agree with nspector,That’s Realism.

  12. BTW you two look like you could be REGULARs on the show,
    wish they let you do a walk on…=)

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