‘The Office’ spin-off in the works?

From FOXNews.com:

Is Dwight Schrute about to have his own TV series? That’s the buzz at NBC, where new head of programming Ben Silverman could be thinking about a spin-off from the hit sitcom “The Office.”

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  1. NOOO!! An office without Dwight is NO office at all!!!

    Bad idea… Addison’s spin-off for Grey’s Anatomy will probably fail, and I don’t think a Shrute spin-off will bode well either, in my opinion.

  2. NO! Worst. idea. ever. Dwight is perfect where he is. Too much Dwight would be too much Dwight!

  3. No no no no no…unless his character is still on The Office. But Dwight simply CANNOT leave The Office. I won’t stand for it and I’m sure a lot of other fans won’t either! We’ll pull a Jericho-fans move and flip out on NBC until we get our way.

  4. No!!!! As much as I love this show, please don’t destroy it! I love The Office when it’s all in one piece. Don’t do it!

  5. If they do a spin-off it better not be one of the 4 main characters, that would blow so much

  6. What?? This sounds like a crazy idea. I bet Rainn was just trying to be funny and made some off-hand comment about a spin-off. I’ll believe it when I see “The Schrute Show” credits rolling! :)

  7. That’s a terrible idea, especially if it means yanking Dwight off The Office so Rainn Wilson can focus on his spin-off. And if he were on two shows at once, then it would be complete overkill. I like milkshakes, but two of them give me a stomach ache.

  8. I was hoping this was from “The Onion”, no such luck. It would be a disaster. A goofy character is only good when you have him as a part of an ensemble (and in smallish doses). This would weaken “The Office” and create an unwatchable new show. Bad, bad idea.

    Hey NBC, how did that whole “Joey” thing work out?

  9. Dwight can’t carry a show. He’s a hilarious character, etc… but it’s like having a Kramer spinoff from Seinfeld. It’d get old quickly.

  10. My immediate reaction is: what on earth?!? Maybe the spinoff will ultimately work. But “The Office” is a delicate creation where every element and character plays an integral role in the fine balance of humor and heart that we have grown to love. I would hate to lose Dwight to a spinoff while “The Office” is still on the air. This idea just comes across as desperation by NBC to try to split one hit-show into two, and I only fear doing so would damage the original show with no guarantee of success in the other.

    “Frasier” was a rare instance of the spinoff that worked, in part because Frasier himself was only a marginal character in the original “Cheers; there were lots about him that the audience didn’t know and lots of potential still for the character to develop. Not to mention it had a great cast and was astutely able to mine making fun of the upper-class snobbery of Frasier and Niles. Could we stand a weekly show where we see Dwight as the building inspector, or recounting his out-of-this-world stories?

    Citing the “Frasier” example is misguided in this case. I really hope NBC reconsiders this reported move.

  11. The only way I would support this is if The Office ended…and that’s not happening for a couple more seasons at least. Bad idea!

  12. Ugh- I do not want them to do this. Bad idea. Leave The Office as is- no need to change something that’s working so well!

  13. Yeah, the only way I could tolerate depriving Dwight Schrute from Scranton would be if The Office ended. No way could The Office be as great without Dwight. And even then, it seems like it would be hard to pull off.

  14. GAH, what a TERRIBLE idea! Ben Silverman, please let this be one of those briefly-circulated and extremely inaccurate rumors. That would be…just terrible. Dwight is funny where he is, and “The Office” is funny with Dwight where he is.

    Ew. AWFUL.

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