The Office spin-off in the works?


… the Peacock is developing an episode of The Office that would introduce several new characters who would then be spun off into a new series …

Link: NBC Planning Major Office Expansion!

I know you Tallyheads are chomping at the bit to weigh in on this … :)

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  1. No no no no no nooooo

    I’d only agree if they cloned the entire cast and writers…and then just set the show in a different location that’s near ME, using the same characters. Then, then hold an annual convention for it and I’d be able to go!

    Anything else? Pleeeease don’t.

  2. Ben Silverman is looking for an easy hit. Sigh

    Not a fan of this spin-off idea, but I could see someone like Will Arnett making it interesting.

  3. Spin offs aren’t always bad. Laverne & Shirley, Frasier, The Jeffersons, etc.

    If there’s a writing staff/network that can do it, it’s this one. The question is this: Which character would be strong enough to spin off?

  4. This idea ranks down there with keeping a Foreman grill next to one’s bed in order to wake up to the smell of bacon. Spinning off this show is an idea that should die a fast, painful death.

  5. No, no. Absolutely not! It’s too unique and individual for there to be another one! If there was another mockumentry in a complete different setting, that would be fine, but not another office filmed.

  6. A spin-off is a horrible, HORRIBLE idea, as is writing an episode of the show that introduces a bunch of new characters just for the sake of that spin-off. They got lucky ONCE. They better not push it. The hour longs proved to pretty much everyone that there IS such a thing as too much Office.

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