What Office stuff would YOU buy?

My contact over at the NBC Universal Store just sent me this email:

NBCUniversalStore.com will be coming out with a pretty nice assortment of Dunder Mifflin items in the Fall. Really great looking and quality stuff, some even made by Roots. T-Shirts, Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt, Baseball caps, etc. … Some great Office logo stuff too. Be on the lookout. I’d love to hear some more merchandise ideas from true Office fans …

So, true Office fans, what items would you like to see in the NBC Universal store?

the office conflict resolution photoshop

Number one on my list is a poster print of Michael Scott’s Photoshopped team photo (from Conflict Resolution).

I would snap that up in a heartbeat!

Add your ideas in the comment section …


  1. I second you on the Photoshopped employee photo. Dunder Mifflin notepad/stationary is a must! Err, maybe a copy of Michael’s movie, Threat Level: Midnight…if not that, SCRANTONICITY merchandise, especially with the 80’s video filter image of Kevin!

  2. i’ll be grabbing a hoodie and a t-shirt the second they become available.

    as for other items id love to see a mouse pad or other office type supplies with the office logo. i need a new mouse pad badly and an office one would be badass.

  3. I’d love to have a nice coffee table book, filled with Michael Scott-isms. Great quotes by Michael. Items like his 10 rules of business, etc.

    Oh, and I’d love that picture poster sized too!

  4. Photoshopped photo…YES! Also must have a The Office calendar; wall or desk…actually a page-a-day with a quote-a-day would make me very happy.

    Reproduced things from specific shows would appeal to the devout: the annoying spinning desk toy from Michael’s desk, for example. Ryan’s awesome tie that Michael wanted to borrow. (ok…maybe the market for these would be small…but wouldn’t those be cool to have?)

    The candy dish/holder/dispenser thing (ie: Jim’s frequent excuse for heading to Pam’s desk) with The Office logo…

  5. I would probably grab some t-shirts or hoodies. I also like Art’s suggestion of the cast bobbleheads or Kelsey’s suggestion about the calendar… how great would that be?! :) But alas, I cannot get it because I live outside the US. I guess my suggestion is for NBCUniversalStore.com to ship to Canada, lol. :)

  6. Good one, Kelsey, I would definitely buy either a wall or page-a-day calendar as well!

  7. Jane! Thank you so much… in the FAQs section it says they ship to the 50 states, but I guess not inclusively. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. I would love a t-shirt featuring the “babies playing jazz” poster. Just ask Oscar–its a win-win-win situation!

  9. i would deffinatly buy a hoody. In fact I would probably buy anything from the NBC site for the office.

  10. I would totally love an “Office” T-shirt, which I know they sort of have already, but I wish they’d make a “womens” fitted style. I also think it’d be cool to have T-shirts with “I Love ________” and have different character names. I loved the idea of the “Michael Scott-isms” Coffee Table book, that’d be hilarious!!!!!

  11. The BABIES poster! — excellent! (I don’t think I would buy it myself, but it cracks me up just thinking about it.) :)

  12. A T-shirt with “ASSISTANT to the REGIONAL MANAGER” in a courier font on the front. Maybe “SCHRUTE” on the back. The “to the” would have to be in small, small text, though. That would be cool.

  13. I totally agree with Bree about the fitted womens shirts. I also love the calendar idea, especially the day-by-day, with quotes. And any tshirt with a quote on it would be amazing.

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