The Office Strikes Back

The Office Strikes Back Jason SlyI love it when artists go all epic in their love for The Office.

Take the case of Jason Sly, who created his masterpiece based on the Star Wars poster for The Empire Strikes Back. What’s particularly interesting is that he details the whole process, from initial concept to final version, in his blog. Go check it out! (His blog also has the full-sized version of the illustration.)

Jason tells OfficeTally:
“I don’t know what prompted it exactly, but one night in 2008 either after watching an episode of the show or seeing the poster for “The Empire Strikes Back,” I had a flash of an Office-Star Wars mashup poster. Jim and Pam replacing Han and Leia and Dwight looking villainous in the background instead of Vader, it seemed so perfect! Toyed around with the composition and who all to include for awhile… with a year long hiatus from working on it in the middle… and finally we have the finished poster.”

Link: The Office Strikes Back

Illustration posted with permission by Jason Sly.