The Office: Suit Warehouse, 9.11

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The Office: Suit Warehouse

Writer: Dan Greaney, Director: Matt Sohn

Summary (NBC): Dwight and Clark pose as father and son to make a sale — Clark returns from his sex jaunt with Jan and gifts the office with a new espresso maker, which everyone abuses. Dwight takes him to sell a father – son suit warehouse. Meanwhile, Darryl interviews at Jim’s company and Pam comes for a surprise visit.

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In a poll conducted January 17-21, 2013, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.60/10

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The Office Suit Warehouse quotes

Dwight: Jim and Dwight Schrupert. I was the dynamic, likable winner, that was doted upon by Mom. And Jim was the closeted foot fetishist, pretending to belong.

Dwight: Phyllis, my sister? More like my dead, great, great grandmother who died of stupidity.

Clark: Women reach their sexual peak at whatever age Jan was last week. I mean, it was like making love with a wild animal. But not like a cougar, like you might think. It was… like a swarm of bees. Bees that just find something wrong with every hotel room.

Meredith: Like my mom used to say, talk classy, act nasty.

Erin: I would feel super guilty if I broke anyone’s trust. About the pens.

Pam: I love the guy, but he’s basically Gumby with hair.

Clark: He calls me Clarky. ‘Cause he’s my dad.

Clark: My dad’s the best hunter there is. He’s like a serial killer. Of animals.

Kevin: Taste test? I’m in.

Oscar: YOLO!

All: We all drink them all!

Phyllis: Hey. Where’s my ring.
Creed: I’m sure it’ll turn up.

Darryl: You Zuckerberg’d this place out.

Dwight: What took you so long? Were you loitering out there like a hooligan smoking a doobie?

Darryl: If this company’s going down, I want to go down on it. With it. I want to go down with it.

Erin: I don’t want to be a busybody, but I don’t want to be a lazybones. Busybody, lazybones, busybody, lazybones.

Dwight: Adam’s apple like the prow of a ship. Thumbs like a low land gorilla.

Dwight: Please, kitty, may I have some more?

Dwight: He’s got cat turd collector written all over him.

Stanley: So this is what 2pm looks like around here.

Stanley: I usually take a siesta about now.

Pam: They’re the ones who put a fish tank next to a basketball hoop.

Kevin: It feels really hot in here. Is it hot in here? It feels really really hot in here.

Stone son: Does that suit come with a fire extinguisher?

Dwight: Next thing you know, you’ll be doing life on Riker’s Island.
Clark: That’s better than looking like the undertaker from Boring Island.

Darryl: Killed their fish, and they still hired me. That’s how you do that, baby!

Oscar: Kevin, move, I can’t pull up the rug if you’re standing on it with your rhinocerous feet.

Erin: You left me in charge of the pens, Pam. That’s what happened. The pens happened.
Pam: Are the pens here?

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