The Office Summer Vacation

As phyllis*farm so eloquently states: “Amazing that three minutes of this brilliance is better than anything I’ve seen all summer.”

NBC has now officially whipped me into a pre-Season 4 frenzy.

Tipster: Cher

You can find this on The Office Season 4 DVD, disc 4.


  1. This SERIOUSLY just made my day!! I think i just wet myself. just kidding..but i am soooo excited!

  2. Wait is this new footage? I can’t watch Youtube at work!! Eff! Can someone elaborate on what is on the video?

  3. Hysterical. Loved Creed, Kevin, and Michael’s “Why Tu Mama Tambien.” I felt bad for Karen though.

    Is it just me or does the new corporate Ryan look like Milo Ventimiglia in Heroes with that scruffy look?

  4. Amazing that three minutes of this brilliance is better than anything I’ve seen all summer. This totally made the wait for the 4th and the 27th a whole lot easier.

    PS – I totally mouthed “bitch” the moment Karen popped up. Is that mean?

  5. That was AWESOME. Karen – dumped!! Pam – has her hair down b/c of Jim!! I am so super excited. Thanks for sharing…got it from you first!! :)


    lemonade, it’s talking heads of everyone saying what they did over their summer. All new footage. And FANTASTIC.

  7. HAHA lol! That was so awesome! Karen’s talking head had me dying lol, i hope we get mroe of those this season, and unshaven ryan lol, and our stanley, “still here.” But nothing beats Creed- “turns out i have grandkids, and kids!” HAHA

  8. That was totally awesome. I was not expecting that from Karen, kinda makes me feel bad for her… The rest of it was super funny. And now I really can’t wait for the new season!

  9. waaaaill… I’m at the library and it doesn’t have sound… so are Jim and Pam officially confirmed together now?

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