The Office: Survivor Man, 4.11

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The Office

Writer: Steve Carell, Director: Paul Feig

Summary (NBC): After Ryan excludes Michael from a corporate wilderness retreat, Michael heads into the woods for his own survival adventure. Back at work, Jim tries to revolutionize the office birthday party.

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Pam: Michael wasn’t invited. Apparently they already knew everything they needed to know about him.

Phyllis: Bob and I took rock climbing lessons once.

Phyllis: Michael wasn’t invited on Ryan’s camping trip. Toby went, but Michael didn’t go. He wasn’t invited.

Toby: “No more smores, no more smores.”

Jim: When Michael plays the hypothetical game, I always say yes. And I am always busy.

Michael: How often can you actually donate blood?
Jim: Is there a limit?

Michael: Hello, I’m Broken Mountain.

Michael: Okay, I will only need two things. Duct tape and a knife.

Dwight: It’s better to be hurt by someone you know accidentally than by a stranger on purpose.

Pam: Do you want me to ask where you’re going?

Michael: When I return, I hope to be a completely changed human being.
Jim: That’d be great.

Dwight: Do I believe that Michael possesses the skills to survive in a hostile environment? Let’s put it this way: no, I do not.

Dwight: I would remove your teeth and cut off your fingertips so you could not be identified. And they would call me the Overkill Killer.

Michael: You are as creepy as a real serial killer.

Dwight: It would be better if you were unconscious.

Michael: Please allow me to have one cathartic experience in my life?

Michael: Blacks do crack! Not crack the drug.

Jim: He only sings the high harmony to “Happy Birthday.”

Pam: Wow! You’re shaking things up a bit, huh?

Dwight: Can you smell the trees and the nature?

Michael: Leave me be, Dwight.

Creed: I want pie. I want peach pie.

Creed: You tell her it’s for Creed. She’ll know what that means.

Michael: The sun is in the two-thirds easterly quadrant, which would make it about (looks at watch) 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Michael: Watch that I don’t hit my corroded artery here …

Dwight: I will let harm befall him. I will even let him die. But I will never let him lose his dignity.

Andy: Me likey the ice cream cake, okay? Fudgey the Whale.

Andy: Pizza rolls. Mushroom caps.

Michael: Jan has plastic boobs!


Michael: I have fashioned my hat back into my pants.

Michael: Happy birthday, buddy.

Kevin: Most days I just sit and wait for the break.

Stanley: I took an extra shot of insulin in preparation for this cake today. If I don’t have some cake soon, I might die.

Creed: Nothing! Nothing going on. We’re talking about nothing. C’mon gang.

Michael: Well if you take a look at this, I tented my pants. I’ve made myself a nice pants tent shelter.

Dwight: Nothing to worry about. Just using the scope. Safety is … on.

Toby: Michael scheduled it for 4:58 on a Friday. People sang in the parking lot.

Angela: I am not a machine, Jim.

Phyllis: Hey, Michael. I mean Jim.

Michael: Man became civilized for a reason. He decided that he liked to have warmth, and clothing, and television, and hamburgers, and to walk upright, and to have a soft futon at the end of the day. He didn’t want to have to struggle to survive. I don’t need the woods. I have a nice wood desk. I don’t need fresh air, because I have the freshest air around, AC. And I don’t need wide open spaces. Check it out. I can also make it the sky.

Michael: Ten years, you’ll figure it out.
Jim: Well, I don’t think I’ll be here in ten years.
Michael: That’s what I said. That’s what she said.
Jim: That’s what who said.
Michael: I never know. I just say it. I say stuff like that, you know, to lighten the tension. When things sort of get hard.
Jim: That’s what she said.
Michael: Hey! Nice. Really good. Bravo, my young ward.

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  1. I feel a little bad for Jim in this episode.
    But Michael singing happy birthday in high harmony alone was hysterical.

  2. God bless Steve Carell and his writing! Love it so far!

    But did anyone else pick up on the continuity error with regards to Meredith’s birthday from season one?

  3. Once again, The Office expertly combines good comedy, a little pathos, and good genuine relationships.

  4. Not going to lie, I was not thrilled with it. Some good funny moments, but overall it just didn’t work for me. I’m gonna chalk it up to NBC’s “Green” theme because there really isn’t anything to connect The Office with the theme, so the whole Survivor Man thing seemed forced. I’m hoping that after I rewatch it (on DVR of course, not from the website :-p) that I will enjoy it more.

  5. After the bad day I had, when I saw Dwight hit the blindfolded Michael with his shoe, while driving, it just totally made my day.

    I loved this episode…and ducktaping his pants BACK on? “It’s gotten colder now.”. Too fun.

  6. Meredith is lactose intolerant!

    Loved the capper. Definitely setting up Jim’s storyline, and I’m happy with the way it’s going. You could tell John was breaking a bit at the end.

  7. dwight running at michael screaming “NO!” reminded me of him saving stanley from the poisoned coffee last season…:]

  8. This episode felt so weird to me. I think it was too far of a stretch to connect the two plotlines. It didn’t make sense to me until the tagline, and even then, barely.

    I think I need to watch it again.

  9. Really liked this one. It pretty much answered any doubts about whether we’re going to see Jim have reservations about his future. And I do love it when he and Michael have little semi-bonding moments. Kudos to Steve Carell; both episodes he’s written have been winners.

  10. I am probably the lightest critic of the office. I have never disliked an episode. Until now. It was off. It wasn’t funny. They were very few funny bits. I did like the Michael and Jim stuff at the very end.

  11. OMG, I want the strike to end! I want to know what goes on with this Jim storyline–it seems like season 4 was an evolving/growing one for Jim.

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