OfficeTally Survivor Poll: Season 4

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 | 834 comments


OfficeTally Survivor Poll Season 4After three months, 800 comments, and more than 17,000 votes, Goodbye, Toby is now crowned the winner of Survivor Season 4!

(Check out how the Survivor rankings compare with the individual episode rankings.)

Thanks for playing, and on to Season 5!

Final Survivor rankings after the jump.

The Office Season 4 Survivor rankings, Final

  1. Goodbye Toby
  2. Money
  3. Fun Run
  4. Dinner Party
  5. Local Ad
  6. Chair Model
  7. Launch Party
  8. The Deposition
  9. Branch Wars
  10. Dunder Mifflin Infinity
  11. Job Fair
  12. Did I Stutter?
  13. Night Out
  14. Survivor Man

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  1. 834. Carlos  

    Here is my order:

    14. Chair Model
    13. Job Fair
    12. Survivor Man
    11. Did I Stutter?
    10. Branch Wars
    9. The Deposition
    8. Dunder-Mifflin Infinity
    7. Dinner Party
    6. Launch Party
    5. Night Out (Dark, but hilarious,like The Office UK)
    4. Money (The Michael plot was really funny)
    3. Fun Run (Great episode, Rabies, and Meredith)
    2. Local Ad (Michael isn’t always an idiot)
    1. Goodbye, Toby (So many twists that changed the series)

    Overall, however, this was the worst season of the five. But it still was better than most TV. My rating is probably a 7.5/10

  2. 833. dick schrute  

    Fact: The best episode won
    Fact: ALL the episodes are winners

    That is all

    P.S. “Support the Rabid”

  3. 832. Annie  

    : (

  4. 831. Oscar Meyer  

    And for the first time– well, kind of… I agree with the winner. Although Chair Model I felt was the best, it was by a weeeeeeee-est bit ahead of Goodbye, Toby.

    Money- you are overrated and I’m glad you lost.

    Yes, I’m talking to the episode.

  5. 830. Felisa  


  6. 829. jessica  

    First off, I’m sad ‘Money’ didn’t win but if it couldn’t be ‘Money’, I’m glad it was ‘Goodbye Toby’.

    828 – I understand your point but, at some point, the characters will have to acknowledge that the ‘documentary’ has/will be shown. Even though I love this show, sometimes it strays too far from a documentary feel. Not that makes it any less hysterical! I am glad Steve Merchant is directing an episode, as Paul Lieberstein says, it’ll keep them honest to the documentary format.

  7. 828. Diapers Schrute  

    Congrats, Goodbye Toby!

    A well-deserved win.

  8. 827. cj  

    goodbye toby over money?
    this is a joke, right?

  9. 826. 185pounder  

    yay paul!!

  10. 825. Pants Fashioned Into Hat  


  11. 824. Katie  


    All of you kids who voted for Goodbye Toby, go back and watch Money. I hope you’ll realize your mistake :D

  12. 823. Michelle  

    815 – great point! I was also wondering about the Dwight thing. I’m pretty annoyed that Goodbye, Toby won but I guess a lot of people liked it…

  13. 822. tuna tuna tuna  

    815 – you have to imagine the documentary crew’s role as well though. there are many times in the series where the viewer gets to imagine what the documentary crew person just asked. for example “so angela just accepted andy’s proposal, are you surprised?”
    i feel as though the dwight/angela relationship was secret from many but not from all, pam for example knew and spoke openly with angela about it. and there were many instances of the camera recording them together inside and out of the office, dwight couldn’t possibly think they had no idea.
    that moment was one of my favorite parts of the series so far because i felt like we saw this real, non-egotistical side of dwight and it was touching and heartbreaking.

  14. 821. Cori  

    The top 3 ended up exactly as I wanted, but everything else is not really what I would have picked. It’s ok though because I have the hardest time critiquing episodes of The Office. I just love them all!

  15. 820. JMJ  

    How close were Goodbye, Toby and Money? I had a really hard time with the top 4.

  16. 819. bigtunette  

    The season finale wins? How shocking! This hasn’t happened every other time we’ve done Office Survivor or anything (S1 excluded)… nah, I love me some Goodbye Toby.

  17. 818. that1guypictures  

    The top 6 match my top six exactly! I guess I have good taste!

  18. 817. SlapFest  

    tanster when are the results going to be posted!!

  19. 816. 7E  

    Wow, “Night Out” and “Did I Stutter?” are really underrated. I figured “Job Fair” would be rated lowest.

    Anyway, “Money” for me.

  20. 815. The Twins  

    Why all the over-interpreting of the two episodes? The only criteria I have is does it make me laugh more. And Goodbye, Toby made me laugh more than Money. Still a great episode though.

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