OfficeTally Survivor Poll: Season 7

OfficeTally Survivor Poll Season 7OfficeTally Survivor Poll is a series of fan polls posted in the summer following a full season of episodes. Similar to the Survivor reality show, you’ll “vote off” your least favorite Season 7 Office episode in each poll, until the lone survivor and most popular episode remains.

Final status

In results that should surprise no one, the episode Goodbye, Michael has won Survivor Season 7 as the ultimate survivor! Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager landed in the number 2 spot.

I’ll be randomly picking three winners from the Survivor Season 7 Giveaway (delayed until this weekend), and then we’ll move on to the final big poll of the summer, the All-Time Fan Favorite Poll.

Thanks for playing Survivor! Here are the final rankings.

The Office Season 7 Survivor Rankings, final

  1. Goodbye, Michael
  2. Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager
  3. Garage Sale
  4. Classy Christmas
  5. Michael’s Last Dundies
  6. Threat Level Midnight
  7. Costume Contest
  8. PDA
  9. Andy’s Play
  10. China
  11. Ultimatum
  12. Counseling
  13. Search Committee
  14. Nepotism
  15. The Search
  17. Sex Ed
  18. The Sting
  19. Viewing Party
  20. Training Day
  21. The Inner Circle
  22. Todd Packer
  23. The Seminar
  24. Christening

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