OfficeTally Survivor Poll: Season 9

Monday, August 12th, 2013 | 271 comments


The Office Survivor Poll Season 9OfficeTally Survivor Poll is a series of fan polls posted in the summer following a full season of episodes. Similar to the Survivor reality show, you’ll “vote off” your least favorite Season 9 Office episode in each poll, until the lone survivor and most popular episode remains.

Status: The final rankings are now in!

The Office Season 9 Survivor Rankings

  1. Finale
  2. A.A.R.M.
  3. Livin’ the Dream
  4. Moving On
  5. Promos
  6. Paper Airplane
  7. Dwight Christmas
  8. Customer Loyalty
  9. The Whale
  10. The Target
  11. New Guys
  12. Junior Salesman
  13. Couples Discount
  14. Work Bus
  15. Stairmageddon
  16. Suit Warehouse
  17. Lice
  18. Vandalism
  19. The Boat
  20. Roy’s Wedding
  21. Andy’s Ancestry
  22. Here Comes Treble
  23. The Farm

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  1. 271. Faith  

    I am SO excited about The Finale getting the top spot. With Michael coming back, it totally deserved it. This show is simply the best. Ah, I love it.

    Also, I feel like I’m the only one who thinks Season 1 is the best season. It’s seriously my favorite. I love how simple it is. Sure, it’s a little more cynical, but it’s SO good. I love how slow-moving it is. I’m just wondering! Season 2 is a very close second for me though.

  2. 270. Roy's Mugshot  

    There has to be some weighting for season quality. S2 has to get more than S6 or S8.

  3. 269. Bubba Gump  

    @Greg and @margaretcountry, I think that’s an excellent idea. A final poll to gauge the ultimate favourite episodes of the fans!

  4. 268. Greg  

    Here is my new suggestion. Take the best of the previous Survivor challenges and create either a NEW 64-team Survivor challenge or possible a NCAA Tournament style elimination bracket with the top episodes.

    It would break down like this:

    Season 1: 2/6
    Season 2: 8/22
    Season 3: 8/23
    Season 4: 5/14
    Season 5: 9/26
    Season 6: 8/24
    Season 7: 8/24
    Season 8: 8/24
    Season 9: 8/23

    That gives you 64 episodes to have an ULTIMATE Survivor challenge/tournament. It’s not perfect, because I’m sure people could argue that there aren’t 8 worthy episodes from seasons 6 or 8, and that there are 10+ from seasons 2 or 3. Just an idea :)

  5. 267. margaretcountry  

    Some else in the comments suggested a massive series survivor to determine the favourite episode of the entire series! That would be cool, you could take the top 3 episodes voted from each season and then start a series survivor!

  6. 266. Greg  

    So now what? Maybe time for a 200-episode Survivor for the entire series? Or figure out a way to pare it down to around 50 and truly find out what the favorite episode of the show is amongst its best fans?

  7. 265. Daniel G.  

    Customer Loyalty should have been in the top episodes….but besides that seems like a decent list.

  8. 264. Mike  

    @DonnaL I agree with you on Andy’s storyline. It wasn’t very good. Andy serenaded the staff in Living the Dream.

  9. 263. jayphayes  

    While the Andy subplot in AARM felt a bit disjointed, nothing in the finale came together as cohesively or felt so much like classic office in its prime as the main line of AARM. AARM for the win, IMO, but— I think sentiment rules out in this one and “Finale” will get the nod. And, deservingly. It’s all a matter of taste and “Finale” was one of the 2 or 3 best post-Carell episodes.

  10. 262. DonnaL  

    AARM & Finale both great, though Andy’s storyline not so much. Loved when he serenaded the staff & the end. But Finale was perfect, so sadly, AARM has to be voted off,

  11. 261. MuckMallard  

    As much as I love the Finale, I still maintain that AARM is more solid as an episode. I would also venture to say that the last 15 minutes of AARM are quite possibly the best 15 minutes of television in recent history.

  12. 260. Kevin S.  

    This is a very emotional night indeed.. Thank you, Tanster for everything. I have been a faithful follower of this site since season 2 and I will continue to follow. You are the bomb diggity.

    And I think I enjoy “Finale” most of all this year. I’ll agree that Andy’s subplot definitely felt forced in “AARM”. I kinda wish he wasn’t in that episode at all.

  13. 259. remember to call  

    Well, I was hoping to drop AARM since the Andy-auditioning-for-a-singing-thing felt really forced and poorly stunt-casted. Livin’ the Dream, AARM, and the Finale all felt like finales, but AARM’s terrible subplot made it the worst of the trio. Definitely voting for the Finale over AARM.

  14. 258. Bubba Gump  

    I can’t believe it’s come to this.
    I don’t think I’ll be able to decide, to be honest with you. I’ve been following this show and this site forever, with hugs thanks to Tanster and the cast of The Office for being something to laugh and cry at during times of desolation.

    It’s symbolic of the series really hitting home, that there won’t be a new season this fall and we have to accept that.
    and, because of that, I’ll force myself to vote as well
    even though this is hard as hell.

    that’s what she said. :'(

    Thanks again, Tanster. You made a community for the show that was easy and accessible and truthful all the way. My heart yanks to realize no more, but it still pours out for all of you that made it happen.

    there’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things, and that’s most certainly the point.

    [ from tanster: you’re most welcome! officetally isn’t going anywhere, it’ll be around for awhile. :) ]

  15. 257. George  

    I didn’t want to vote off “Livin’ the Dream” because it was a pretty awesome episode, with greatest moments like Andy’s departure (with a first resignation, a remaining in sales and another resignation turned into firing) with a final serenade for his now former co-workers, Dwight’s black belt and promotion as manager, Jim and Pam spending more time together until the big news of Jim’s other job, and Angela’s rough patch and breakdown.

  16. 256. John Mirra  

    Big “A.A.R.M.” shipper over here! I consider that the true final episode. “Finale” felt more like a bonus.

  17. 255. Tim  

    This is tough. A.A.R.M. was one of my favorite episodes of the whole series, but the finale was done so well and wrapped everything up perfectly.

  18. 254. mari  

    I can’t chose! Can we just call it a tie and be happy with that?

  19. 253. Mint Chocolate Chip!  

    I think I actually liked AARM slightly more than Finale, even though Finale was the most emotional episode. AARM was everything – hilarious, emotional, nostalgic. Finale was too, but mainly emotional/happy for me. Wasn’t as funny as AARM imo.

  20. 252. Rana  

    This won’t be easy. My indecisiveness almost makes me want to chicken out and not vote.

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