The Office T-Shirt Design Contest

The Office T-Shirt Design will finally announce the winners of The Office T-Shirt Design Contest tonight after the airing of The Office episode ‘Broke’!

Here is the email that went out to the 30 finalists earlier this week:

Dear Contest Finalist,

We have now chosen the winners of our T-Shirt Design Contest and sent them through our merchandising and legal approval phases. Thank you so much for your patience as this process has taken longer than we anticipated. The winning designs will be shown on-air following this Thursday’s episode of “The Office,” and also announced prominently on our website. Please check back at that time to see if you’re among the lucky winners!

We thank you again for your creativity and please know that is was a very tough decision for the producers and writers of “The Office” to choose Top 3. They were all very impressed with your designs!

Official Contest Coordinator
“The Office” on

Tipster: Joseph

Can’t wait to see who wins!

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  1. Hey! I got my design chosen in the top 30. It’s the one with the head of a monkey, antlers of a reindeer, and the body of a porcupine…


    Thanks everyone who voted! There’s a lot of really great designs up!

    One question… are we still voting for a shirt or are they displayed just for us to know? Thanks and congrats to whoever else got their shirt in!


  2. There is no more voting at this stage. The show has been given the finalists’ designs and they will vote to choose the Top 3 winning t-shirts.

  3. I love the one with the prank icons! So clever.

    I like all the ones that aren’t blatant, but that, even as a fan of the show, you have to look twice at to understand. Subtlety is key ;)

  4. I like: (in no particular order)
    1. The shirt with Mose that says fear.
    2. Here comes Treble!
    3. The one with Dwight’s face.
    4. The prank one!
    5. Scrantonicity.

  5. I hope so too, Tanster! My favorite was the prank icon and the “Lord Beer me Strength”. I like the subtle ones too. Congrats, #1, on getting picked, that’s awesome! Your shirt is very funny. :)

  6. Wow! I am in my cubicle right now trying not to laugh my you know what off. Ones I must have…

    1. The Mose FEAR shirt. My favorite by far!
    2. Lord Beer Me Strength
    3. Hear Comes Treble (Andy’s pic is hilarious!)
    Others I loved
    Football Cream, Beets Motel, Hotel Hell, Collar Blind, Michael Scarn, Carpenter/Stairs

    Yes girl cut would be very good. I think it might be too much for me to ask for a maternity cut, but I’m sure I won’t need it by the time they came out.

  7. wow these are great! so creative…I like the beer me strength one the best I believe. The Pranks shirt is also clever…it’s bad that I can name every prank on that shirt too…

  8. I really like Michael Woodside’s one. That was very creative and subtle! Love it. I am definitely going to buy that one if it makes it! The Mose one is classic too..

  9. I loved the Beeswax, Not Your’s Inc shirt quite a bit, as well as the sketch of Jim as a Tuna (high quality there)… Seems I was the only one so far, though *shrug*

  10. 1. “Collar Blind”
    2. “Big Tuna’s Bait and Tackle Shop”
    3. “Get Your Scrant On”

    I do love the pranks one, but it would be better as a poster or mouse pad.

  11. The one shirt that passes my “I’d totally buy it” test is the Beeswax, Not Your’s Inc. shirt. Simple and funny, even for those that don’t follow The Office.

  12. Great work by all! This is a terrific contest, NBC! I’d buy “Get Your Scrant On” in a heartbeat! And I love Threat Level Midnight/Agent Michael Scarn, and the really cool pranks icons (although I’m too dumb to figure out the one in the top right corner!) Any of them would be a great winner–and hopefully I’ll be wearing one to the gym soon!

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