The Office ‘That’s What She Said’ Sweepstakes

Watch THE OFFICE weekdays from November 8-19 and enter what “she said” for a chance to win $10,000!

Missed today’s word? Chances are someone has posted it in the comments below.

To enter the sweepstakes online:
Go to

To enter the sweepstakes via text message:
Text the “word of the day” to 64718


  1. And it says the correct word of the day is not the correct word of the day. So you cannot even enter the contest.

    [from tanster: hopefully they’ll get things straightened out soon :( ]

  2. Intermittent would be nice. I have been trying for an hour and it has been down the whole time. I hope they get it fixed quickly!

  3. Thanks for noting that the site is having problems- I was beginning to think I was losing my mind. I was SURE I had the right word and could not get the site to accept it! Will keep checking back.

  4. “Warning: fans are reporting that 1) the sweepstakes site goes down often,”

    That’s what she said!

    (Please tell me you did that on purpose.)

    [from tanster: i did not do it on purpose. but sometimes it’s better that way. that’s what she said.]

  5. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to let the contest people know that their site is completely screwed up. Do you guys have a way to get in touch with them?

  6. this is not working!

    That’s what she said!

    But really…don’t promote a site and a contest on national television if you can’t get it to work!

  7. Just went to the site – it’s about 8:30am – and it let me enter with the word from LAST NIGHT. So maybe today’s word is actually last night’s word since the show is on in the evening. Who knows? Anyway, you all ought to be able to get an entry in now.

  8. Grrr. Just went to the site, entered today’s word, submitted it, and was told that I already did an entry today. Now I don’t know whether to submit tonight’s word tomorrow or not. Any suggestions?

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