The Office: The Boat, 9.06

Thursday, November 8th, 2012 | 78 comments


Writer: Dan Sterling, Director: John Krasinski

Summary (NBC): Andy is forced to step up when his family comes under hard times — Andy must man up when his dad blows all the family money. When Dwight is interviewed on local radio, Jim and the office torture him with bizarre call-ins. Meanwhile, Kevin discovers a secret about Oscar, and struggles to keep it, while Oscar’s fate hangs in the balance. Guest stars: Jack Coleman, Andrew Santino.

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  • The song Walter (Josh Groban) plays on his guitar at the end of the episode is More Than Words by Extreme. This song was also sung by Andy and his dad (Stephen Collins) in the Season 8 episode, Garden Party.


In a poll conducted November 8-12, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.10/10

The Office The Boat quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster :)

Oscar: I hope that I can count on your sensitivity, maturity, and discretion.

Andy: I’m kind of crushing it in the damage control department, so that’s cool.

Dwight: Do you have any idea how easy it is to sell something when you’re famous?

Dwight: Uh, whatever you say, Brad Pitt. It’s that easy.

Dwight: Greta, the tittle tattle, prattled on about the little metal bottle. She spat a bit of spittle… Tricky Siskel spat a bit of wicked biscuit…

Erin: I bet you wouldn’t sell that Jiffy Lube for all the money in the world, would you, Darryl?
Darryl: I would, if I owned it and I went broke.

Erin: It’s a girlfriend’s job to know her man, and I know Andy. He’s seriously juvenile.

Andy: “You can’t be skipper until you’re a man.”

Dwight: Entirely is the perfect way to describe it, Iris.

Angela: Last night, he was so tired, he just wanted a little Mexican brought in.

Oscar: I’m in big trouble.

Kevin: Yeah, Oscar’s in big trouble.

Dwight: This is gotcha journalism, but you know what, they’re not going to gotch me.

Nellie: Did you just call Miss Mick a moron?

Kevin: Hey Oscar, what if I’m getting a promotion?

Toby: The Scranton Strangler, I always thought he might have been set up, but I felt pressure to convict. I put an innocent man on death row.

Erin: So this is how your family came to America.

Boat guy: I’m not a ghost, so I can’t walk through people.

Boat guy: I can smack you all day if you keep touching what you’re not supposed to touch.

Erin: Andy, you never had to sail the boat to be a man.

Andy: How much for that cool fisherman sweater?

Walt: I figured I’d get that first relapse out of the way.

Andy: Three weeks, open ocean, no booze. You need this. I need it. We need this.

Dwight: I’m going to need you to let the mailman go, okay?

Dwight: Overall, I’d say my first radio interview went pretty much the way I expected.

Andy: Erin, I gotta go! Them’s my chords!


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  1. 78. Alan  

    Absolutely wonderful episode. The ensemble shined and the Oscar/Angela/Senator plot line was moved along nicely. My one complaint however is the very existence of that plot line. Granted, I have been longing for SEASONS to see some of my favorite ensemble members get some significant plot lines and the Oscar/Angela story definitely fulfills that desire. However, given that this is the last season, I really wish some of the primary cast had a more significant role. Namely Dwight. It would be a shame if the series ended without giving him one last chance to shine.

  2. 77. Pete H.  

    So I just noticed this while watching “The Boat”. Pete and Erin are the new Jim and Pam. Andy is Roy….self centered, uncaring, jerk. The office is coming around full circle, back to the beginning. The cool, sane, normal guy falls in love with the secretary and, in the end, gets the girl.

  3. 76. Snailman  

    HILARIOUS episdoe! Kevin the best! But…whatever happened to Gabe? I was starting to like him in season 8. Especially during the Gettysburg episode! I guess he’s gone… :-/ But if the Office keeps making episodes like this it will be a great final season!

  4. 75. Mike  

    There was so much to like in this episode! Easily the best one since season 7. The Dwight phone call prank was side-splittingly hilarious, and felt very reminiscent of earlier Office episodes, and the Kevin and Oscar thing? Priceless. Some of Kevin’s best moments ever! Kevin’s final talking head had me in tears from laughing! The Andy and Erin thing was a nice touch but wasn’t as compelling as the rest of the show but still solid. That was pretty messed up that Andy left without her in the end though.

  5. 74. lynn  

    @dref22 Yes, sometimes that dark, but balanced with a lot of heart and humor. Michael Scott was often an insensitive jerk. He also loved the people in the office like family – except Toby.

  6. 73. pete  

    Is it just me? I think Erin has significantly matured this season. She can even distinguish The Bahamas from Bermuda. (They are almost 1000 miles apart.)

  7. 72. Bad Idea Jeans  

    Am I the only one wondering where the “Shots have been fired!” scene from the promos was?

  8. 71. dref22  

    @lynn , Actually I saw discussions on the wiki page, but none of them mentioned Mr Coleman’s DOOL role! It would really be a great twist, but is this show THAT cynical and dark?

  9. 70. Meh  

    Great episode. Loved the parts with Kevin and Oscar; Kevin’s valiant efforts to keep Oscar’s secret in front of Angela were priceless.

    – – –

    [ from tanster: thanks for reviewing the quotes! ]

  10. 69. Limey  

    I do find it odd how Andy has apparently become public enemy number one in some quarters for his insensitive behaviour. Michael did terrible, terrible things at times. I mean, he tried to frame Toby for possession of drugs!

  11. 68. lynn  

    #64, @dref22 I love your idea, and so far I haven’t heard anyone else suggest it. The Senator as the Scranton Strangler. What a great twist that would be!

  12. 67. Toby97  

    Wow! What a great episode! Easily the best of the season so far. So many laughs, particularly from Nellie, Kevin, Pam, Jim & obviously Dwight! I’m starting to think the strangler storyline is turning a bit more serious than I originally thought, can’t wait for that to develop! Great episode!

  13. 66. Chris K  

    I really loved this episode, the whole radio storyline was hilarious!

    I’m guessing this whole Andy/Erin/Pete triangle is going to play out a lot longer. I get that Andy wants to help his family, did he just forget to ask Erin along?

    Will the story wrap up with Andy making a big gesture to Erin to win her back? I’m very interested to see how it plays out.

  14. 65. Ginger  

    Loved this epi! I laughed so hard, especially at the part where Kevin was also in his underwear.

    Now, I wasn’t as fond of the Andy/boat, Andy/Erin plotlines. To me, it is like they are trying to focus on Andy since Michael is not there anymore, but Andy is just not Michael Scott.

  15. 64. dref22  

    I’m still worried that the Scranton Strangler will turn out to be The lustful Senator. Jack Coleman has played the Salem Strangler in Days of Our Lives so…

    I want a happy ending for Oscar and The Senator!

  16. 63. Thomas R  

    Reviews I’ve read seemed to just see Andy as a jerk in this one, but I thought they did a better balance of his good and bad qualities than they have for awhile. He praised Erin and I think was sincerely grateful to her. But events are pushing him toward his family and there’s at least some indication his family looks down on her. I think if they’d done a better job of indicating this has been going on for awhile, that even before his Dad left for Argentina the time spent with his family was causing him to regress, it might have been better. Instead you got the sense Andy is so impressionable he just goes through personality meltdowns anytime he spends a few weeks away at camp or anger management.

  17. 62. Manahsett  

    Toby regretting not going against his peers while he was on jury. Creed is the Scranton Strangler!

  18. 61. beeslyrules  

    The ridiculous overnight transformation of Andy into the biggest asshole on the planet is making me not want to watch this show anymore. He doesn’t invite Erin along on his 3-week cruise and leaves her standing on the dock? You gotta be kidding me. Also, does the Plop character exist only to hit on Erin? He never seems to interact with any other character on the show.

  19. 60. diahern  

    Kevin forgot! Bahahaha

  20. 59. Jan  

    Dwight made this episode for me! And I thought the blending of the 3 stories was well-done — maybe that’s due to Krasinski’s excellent direction. I’m still not so enthused about Erin and Plop, but it’s OK. The Office is great this season!

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