The Office ‘The Delivery’ Q&A

Q. Ashley | What date was little Cecelia actually born on?

Danny: Same day as you!

Q. Sara | In so many tv shows, the delivery is the focus of a ‘birth episode’. I loved that you didn’t focus on that so much but showed us the more realistic side of ‘after the delivery’. What made you decide to write the episode that way?

Charlie: We didn’t have a choice. Because this is a documentary, we knew the cameras would never be in the room. That forced us to look elsewhere.

Also, early on in this process, Steve Carell told a story about how terrified he was exiting the hospital with his first newborn baby. That idea informed everything from that point on.

Danny: A documentary crew probably wouldn’t be allowed to film the birth. So it made us think about what else we’d like to portray.

Plus, what else can we say about birth that hasn’t already been done on TV? The baby comes out of the mom’s butt — yawn, been there, seen that.

Q. Alex | How do you go about writing an episode like this that is so significant and anticipated? What other humorous aspects of being new parents did you think of including that didn’t make it into the episode?

Danny: We just wanted to be true to our show, while avoiding the cliches of “baby episodes.” It’s tough because you can’t really have too many stakes — it’s hard to be funny if the baby’s health is in danger.

I’d like to give a special thanks to my dad, Dr. Yoon-Taek Chun. He’s a pediatrician, so he was able to give me a lot of useful information about babies and pregnancy and stuff.

Q. Samuel L Chang | Did Ed Helms improvise the Evolution of Dance dance or was it choreographed? Also, whose idea was it to have him do it in complete silence?

Danny: The Evolution of Dance is the 2nd most viewed YouTube video of all time. Ed just watched it a bunch before we shot the scene.

I forget whose idea it was for him to do it in silence. I remember Charlie and Lee being there when we wrote it. Let’s say it was me.

Q. Jackie | I really loved the idea of a contract between Dwight and Angela for a child. How did you guys come up with that idea? Also, is where did you get Dwight’s insane fact about how to make the baby a boy?

Danny: I think the contract may have been Charlie’s idea (but as I said in my last Q&A, I hate trying to credit individual writers. It’s weirdly very hard to remember who pitched what jokes or stories).

We just knew that a Dwight-Angela baby arc would have to be bizarre. It seemed totally in Dwight’s character to approach it as a formal agreement. The insane fact about how to make a boy came from my brain. Not sure if it works — give it a try!

Q. Melissa in NC | How on earth did you get a diaper on a cat?!

Charlie: A professional cat trainer.

Q. Jessica | The question I had was from the end when Jim asks if Pam used “his move.” I didn’t totally get that. What was he referring to?

Charlie: Jim’s move was tensing his pectoral muscles. Pam was making a joke but it wasn’t totally clear. Unclear jokes are my specialty.

Q. Liz | Were there any moments when the cast couldn’t keep it together?

Danny: Andy’s Evolution of Dance dance was a tough one. The sound of his pants rubbing as he danced there without music made people crack up.


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