The Office: The Farm, 9.17

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The Office: The Farm Dwight Schrute Rainn Wilson

Writer: Paul Lieberstein, Director: Paul Lieberstein

Summary (NBC): Dwight travels home for a customary Schrute funeral. He and his siblings receive a surprise inheritance that’s not entirely welcome. Back at Dunder Mifflin, Todd Packer tries to make amends for bad behavior. Guest stars: Majandra Delfino, Matt Jones, David Koechner, and Thomas Middleditch.

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In a poll conducted March 14-18, 2013, Tallyheads rated this episode: 5.59/10

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The Office The Farm quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster. In a hotel room. Without a Tivo. :)

Erin: Dwight, what a ridiculous, fancy clown you are!

Dwight: I would say that she raised me, but let’s not kid each other, I raised myself.

Kevin: Yup. Acidic all right.

Oscar: I’ve only known Dwight twelve years. Twelve years. Time is a son of a bitch.

Dwight: Going?
Mose: Will there be ghosts there?

Packer: Hey Moon Face. Nice to see those shiny little Chinese eyes of yours.

Packer: Pam Pam and her Pam Pams.

Pam: I think it’s called Nibbles.

Dwight: You had black hair and then gray hair.

Oscar: They’re a descriptive people.

Esther: We’re going into town after. I need yarn.

Dwight: If you can snap two chicken necks with a single motion, why use two motions to slaughter those chickens.

Henry: Anyone mention her height? Land size?

Dwight: We decided to make sure that our dead were completely dead. Out of kindness.

Creed: Numbers? I have a gift. I guess that’s why I’m an accountant.

Packer: Sorry for calling you a fat little runt earlier.
Clark: You didn’t actually say that.

Jeb: Turns out, “worm” means something else out there.

Jeb: I am now in the business of… pain management. Or the smoking of pain management.

Dwight: He used to talk about growing a peanut/grape hybrid. One plant, one sandwich.

Fanny: If a man is interested in courting a woman, he may throw the beaks of a crow at her, and then if she’s interested in accepting the courtship, she has to destroy the beaks.

Fanny: “A Willing Ignorance,” by Fanny Schrute.

Dwight: You will say yes on 1. 5, 4, 3, 2, get ready to say yes, 1!

Zeke: Growing up with Dwight and Mose was not easy. Dwight was obviously the cool one, and Mose was the visionary, which left me to be the comedian.

Dwight: People underestimate the power of nostalgia.

Dwight: Nostalgia is truly one of the great human weaknesses. Second only to the neck.

Kevin: James Bond was the office cupcake.

Packer: You don’t fire the Pack Man and expect to get away with it.

Dwight: You really need to stand back because these are killer chickens.

Dwight: Did you just ask me if this was a cow?

Clark: I went Christmas caroling… in March, and I fertilized some bushes along the way. Not my best night. But not my worst night.

Jeb: This is no nine acre worm farm. This is a beast.

Dwight: If the kid doesn’t put in some farm time, he’s going to stay like that.