The Office: The Farm, 9.17

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The Office: The Farm Dwight Schrute Rainn Wilson

Writer: Paul Lieberstein, Director: Paul Lieberstein

Summary (NBC): Dwight travels home for a customary Schrute funeral. He and his siblings receive a surprise inheritance that’s not entirely welcome. Back at Dunder Mifflin, Todd Packer tries to make amends for bad behavior. Guest stars: Majandra Delfino, Matt Jones, David Koechner, and Thomas Middleditch.

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In a poll conducted March 14-18, 2013, Tallyheads rated this episode: 5.59/10

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The Office The Farm quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster. In a hotel room. Without a Tivo. :)

Erin: Dwight, what a ridiculous, fancy clown you are!

Dwight: I would say that she raised me, but let’s not kid each other, I raised myself.

Kevin: Yup. Acidic all right.

Oscar: I’ve only known Dwight twelve years. Twelve years. Time is a son of a bitch.

Dwight: Going?
Mose: Will there be ghosts there?

Packer: Hey Moon Face. Nice to see those shiny little Chinese eyes of yours.

Packer: Pam Pam and her Pam Pams.

Pam: I think it’s called Nibbles.

Dwight: You had black hair and then gray hair.

Oscar: They’re a descriptive people.

Esther: We’re going into town after. I need yarn.

Dwight: If you can snap two chicken necks with a single motion, why use two motions to slaughter those chickens.

Henry: Anyone mention her height? Land size?

Dwight: We decided to make sure that our dead were completely dead. Out of kindness.

Creed: Numbers? I have a gift. I guess that’s why I’m an accountant.

Packer: Sorry for calling you a fat little runt earlier.
Clark: You didn’t actually say that.

Jeb: Turns out, “worm” means something else out there.

Jeb: I am now in the business of… pain management. Or the smoking of pain management.

Dwight: He used to talk about growing a peanut/grape hybrid. One plant, one sandwich.

Fanny: If a man is interested in courting a woman, he may throw the beaks of a crow at her, and then if she’s interested in accepting the courtship, she has to destroy the beaks.

Fanny: “A Willing Ignorance,” by Fanny Schrute.

Dwight: You will say yes on 1. 5, 4, 3, 2, get ready to say yes, 1!

Zeke: Growing up with Dwight and Mose was not easy. Dwight was obviously the cool one, and Mose was the visionary, which left me to be the comedian.

Dwight: People underestimate the power of nostalgia.

Dwight: Nostalgia is truly one of the great human weaknesses. Second only to the neck.

Kevin: James Bond was the office cupcake.

Packer: You don’t fire the Pack Man and expect to get away with it.

Dwight: You really need to stand back because these are killer chickens.

Dwight: Did you just ask me if this was a cow?

Clark: I went Christmas caroling… in March, and I fertilized some bushes along the way. Not my best night. But not my worst night.

Jeb: This is no nine acre worm farm. This is a beast.

Dwight: If the kid doesn’t put in some farm time, he’s going to stay like that.


  1. could it be the senator?!?!? is that why oscar is going…him and dwight are close but not that close.

  2. I’m torn: part of me thinks it’s Mose, because it was mentioned he’d be on the first episode of “The Farm” series, but not after. But because of Oscar’s involvment, and the fact that they mentioned tweaking the episode since it didn’t go to series, I wonder if it might not be the Senator, so Angela and Dwight can end up together. Glad we don’t have to wait a month to find out!

  3. Interestingly short summary. There’s clearly gonna be something else they are keeping secret.

  4. Maybe it is the senator’s funeral and he and Dwight are secretly related. Maybe they are brothers and the senator was sent off to be adopted. They only find out after the death, when he requests to be buried with his biological family. It would explain why the baby is so Schrute-like.

  5. It’s definitely the Senator.

    After some time, Dwight is going to find out that Phillip is actually his son. He and Angela finally get married, and that’ll be the end of their long journey as Dwangela.

  6. But, wait, errr…. why would a U.S. senator, within any realm of feasibility, be honored in death on Dwight’s farm? I’m saying it’s either Mose or Dwight’s old babysitter.

  7. Oh no! The death of Mose?!?!?! But… why is Oscar there??? Aunt Shirley wouldn’t be shocking, she is old and we barely know her.

  8. Could be gill, him Oscar and Dwight did have a movie night when we discovered Oscar was gay but Dwight was too naive to tell

  9. I seem to remember dwight saying people got married in their graves in the schrute family but maybe I’m wrong

  10. it does not make sense to be the senator. Why would his funeral be at Schrute farms? My guess is Mose or Aunt Shirley

  11. It can’t be Mose’s funeral, since we see him in the graveyard in the promo clip posted recently. I don’t have any guesses who it is, though. Aunt Shirley seems too obvious.

  12. Could it be one of Angela’s cats? They are her children and with Oscar trying to make amends to her I could see her making him attend. I know I would have a nice funeral for one of my cats if they passed away.

  13. I am also thinking it’s the senator. Oscar would obviously go since he loves him. Dwight would go to support Angela. She may love Dwight but she clearly did have feelings for the senator as well. :)

  14. So at least now we know that it’s Aunt Shirley (as per the sneak peek). I suspect Mose will somehow still play into the plot though.

  15. Hmm…really stoked about tomorrow’s episode! The fact that they don’t mention Angela attending makes me wonder if the senator really is the one that passed away. Yet, if Mose is in the promo, who could it be? And yes, I believe Aunt Shirley would be too obvious.

  16. Let’s see if Packer really deserves forgiveness from his Scranton frenemies, because 2 years ago he didn’t, and the next year, he got fired. I couldn’t hate him, but he should become a real good guy, I hope he does.

  17. What if Dwight talks to Oscar about getting the senator to end things with Angela so she can be with Dwight? Does that sound crazy?

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